A butterfly flew over my grave today,

And as it flitted and fluttered

I admired the color

That had decided to grace my melancholy world of gray.

Leaping, dipping and spinning, happy and without care

This exotic dancer of Sunlight's troupe

Had made this twilight alley her stage,

blazing gossamer trails of scarlet through the cold and empty air.

Humbled and in awe of the beauty, I felt great sobs begin to heave

And became so busy

Trying to halt my broken melody,

That I noticed too late my visitor had turned to leave.

Wait! Don't go!

I begged in silence

But bereft of voice and lacking essence,

I could do nothing to make the star stay after the end of the show.

A butterfly flew over my grave today.

As it drifted out of sight,

I tried not to cry.

Oh, how I wish it had taken a moment to stay.

I'd like to take a moment here and thank all of you who read and enjoy my work. A special thanks goes to Woedin. Your reviews always bring a smile to my face.