I played with my toy bear. My father was busy chopping firewood. My sister was complaining about something. My family and I are simple villagers. I'm a Spazina that's an opposite sex clone if you're wondering. So we still have the blood of Zachary's. Just we're women. "This is hide keck mom" My sister pouted about not being aloud to go to the Drunk Archer and Headsmen Inn. I put down my toy bear then grabbed my crossbow.

I pointed it around my dad hit the ground fast. "Spazina this is not a toy" my father said grabbing my arm. I sniffled his gaze softened. "Come on down to cellar". I smiled. We went down the stairs. A wooden dummy was down there for me to train. Being six I can join the city watch. "Look down the sight then fire". I nodded steading my aim. "Hells of a shot" my dad laughed. I hit the dummy right in the middle.

My mom was busy making rabbit soup. She and my family do whatever they can to make ends meet. My father used to be a soldier. So he gets pay from the society of veterans. Me I hunt with my bow of course. Though I prefer the crossbow. I flung my hair back as it was covering my eyes. My sister was still ranting. Finally my mom got tired and slapped her. They both cried my mom saying she didn't mean it. Our house has basic furniture. A fire pit to keep warm and cook food, a giant bear skin we all sleep on, and chairs and tables in poor shape.

Yet even then when my father carries his iron dagger. Everyone thanks him for his service. My sisters a song arrow. That's basically a bard whose a terrible singer and worse bard. My sisters in denial she's been thrown out of many taverns. However she's a really good archer something song arrows are famous for. "Wait I forgot Emma's coming over". "Oh keck not that scatter brain" my father said. Just as my sister talked about her friend there was a knock on the door.

There was Emma a forest elf. Well half-elf he dad was a sailor. She greeted everybody. She always grins and twirls her black hair. She pulled out her lute. Oh keck there going to sing together. They sounded like a bunch of dying animals. Singing about heroes they made up. They finished after three minutes. Emma talked about how she was loved by her fans so much they threw her in the mud. My sister laughed and said that's happened to her too. Song arrows pay to go to classes and after ten lessons they are given a lute.

In this city it's now against the law to teach song arrow classes. Unfortunately Emma and my sister graduated before that law. All of us sat at the table and ate the rabbit soup. My sister said her and Emma were going to practice more. "For the love of the original Zachary make them go to the tavern" My dad roared. My mom reluctantly agreed. Emma and my sister squealed with delight. Just another day for us common people.