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Chapter 1

The forest creaked and moaned as the wind blew through its branches tossing leaves and pine needles down to the earth below. Deer, elk, bear, and mountain lion trod through their ears twisting and turning towards every whisper that peaked their interest. Watching all this through lime green eyes was a young man stood leaning against a large oak tree the sound of the river not too far off from his position.

He stood as if nothing in the world would be able to move him his arms folded across his chest the loose folds of his tunic hanging lazily in the wind. He wore jean pants that half covered a pair of black hiking sneakers that looked brand new. It was a strange combination of old style meeting new style of clothing almost as if he had stepped out from the past and was trying to blend in with the current. His hair was black and long stopping at his chin line except for a chunk tied together with a blood red ribbon hanging down his left side and hooked behind his ear.

A crash echoed in the distance catching he attention as he pushed off of the oak tree and slowly walked in the direction of the sound. The sound of water falling became louder and louder until the tree line opened up to a magnificent waterfall. The water was crashing down onto a large, moss covered bolder that had been dislodged from the top. The young man looked up at the indent where the bolder had once been dividing the water into two halves, dancing and jumping down.

"It has been a long time coming since we've seen the falls as a single whole hasn't it my lord, Kite?"

Kite looked back to ground level as a tattoo crawled up from under his sweater twisting up his neck to his cheek finally splitting off one end arching under his eye stopping at the bridge of his nose. The other half of the mark arching over his brow stopping right before it touched the other end of the eye brow. Blinking his once lime green left eye had changed to a crimson color and seemed to glow. His eyes stopped on a hooded figure hunched by the waterfall, silver eyes gleaming out from the shadows.

"Indeed it has old man. Still haven't retired from your guard I see."

The elder man bowed his head pulling back the brown hood to show a head of thinning white hair and a mouth full of yellow crooked teeth. As soon as the sunlight touched his pale skin he closed his silver eyes, tears streaming as he moved back a bit into the shade. A thin stream of steam came up from his eyes as little black burn marks crept out from under his eye lids. Kite just looked at the old man who licked his lips as if he was tasting his next words before speaking.

"I'm sorry to say my lord but the day I retire from door guardian is the day you retire as master of the underground. Although we both know very well that, that is something that won't happen any time soon. Especially since you have yet to find a worthy candidate to inherit your position as king."

Kite shrugged a relaxed smile on his face as he stared at the water cutting into the most on the fallen bolder. The old man fidgeted, nervous to hear what his master had to say.

"How would you react if I said that I have found a worthy candidate for my position? Would you agree to start training your son in your art or would you continue with your stubborn pride as Terrence the wise door guardian to the underground?"

Terrence recoiled slightly offended by the t one in Kites voice as he spoke of his title. He had been door guardian for as long as he could remember and took great pride in his title. He couldn't help but to puff up with annoyance at his kings words.

"I'd say you are a fool for trying to trick me out of my position! Just like you were raised during my training thus shall my son be raised during the new heads training. Those are the laws of the underground that even you must follow my lord. They are the laws placed long before you or I obtained our positions and will remain as such even after we go to meet our maker or tormentor."

Terrence pointed a boney finger towards Kite who just stood there, relaxed as the old man's words went in one ear and out the other. Balling his hands into fists Terrence calmed and bowed once more his eyes continuing to remain closed.

"Listen to me well Terrence, I have found my successor but that is where the troubles begin for the one who is perfect for my position is a child from the law. We had entered the child's home to obtain what the father owed the underground only to have her wrath unleashed upon our men. A young child of five was able to best four full grown men in a matter of minutes. Does that not warrant a good dragon?"

Terrence swallowed hard as he curled his lips over his teeth, biting down hard as a small shiver vibrated his body. Many of the beings from the underground circuit had come to detest the idea of allowing someone born to the world of the law to enter into the world of the lawless. Yet here was their leader thinking to not only allow one to enter but to be trained to inherit his position.

"I-indeed it does warrant a perfect dragon my lord but our world will not be so kind as to accept the child if you are to bring her in. Might you speak of this with your seven lords before you bring the child here?"

Kite gave his friend a gently yet sad smile as he folded his arms once more and closed his eyes taking a deep breath. The only man flinched feeling the difference in the air as Kite stood there, proud.

"The child is already on her way here. My men and I had to personally deal with her when she went ballistic on the grunts. They are currently escorting her here to the door, I will personally raise her down below and if anyone has anything to say on the subject they will have to answer to me."

Terrence quickly stepped forward opening his eyes only to have them be scorched by the blazing sun. He instantly recoiled as the heat burned the flesh around his eyes turning them black and crusting on his closed eye lids. His right eye had gotten the worst of it having the light reflect off of the water turning a small portion of his cheek the black color of over cooked meat. Tenderly touching the damaged skin Terrence could hear the faint sound of movement in the distance coming their way. The sound became louder and louder until finally a group of two men and two women broke through the wall of trees a glaring little girl with long mousey brown hair and burning sky blue eyes in tow.

The ever so familiar smell of blood wafted to Terrence nose along with sweat and mud. It was evident that the girl was still wearing the blood soaked clothes from her slaughter. Slowly he opened he left eye to look at the girl, his eye taking a few moments to focus on her. She had mud caked on her somewhat baggy pants and the lower part of her shirt that was once white but now more red then anything. Her hair was disheveled yet somehow slicked back away from her face which was covered an scrapes from her fight. She kept looking from person to person her arms folded in annoyance. She was barefoot but it didn't seem to bother her in the least bit as she scooted the twigs and pine needles around with her big toe.

The men passed by Terrence giving him a half-hearted salute with the women right behind them giving a slight bow as they passed. They disappeared behind the waterfall deep into a cavern that echoed with the sound of the crashing water. Once the group was out of sight the girl stiffened as a man came storming out of the cave a clip board with papers in one hand his other at his side clenched in a fist. He was about the same age as Kite an wore a pair of dark shades to that covered his eyes completely to block out the sun. he wore robes that hung loosely on his body and slip on shoes. His hair was brown and short and layered with bangs hanging lazily over his forehead brushing the top of his shades.

"Lord Kite! Where in the underworld have you been hiding! I have been searching high and low for you to no avail. I have told you time and time again to leave collection matters to the grunts, you have the sole duty of managing the seven masters of the underworld."

The young man was very matter of fact as he spoke to Kite who just watched him drone on and on. Looking Kite shaded his eyes with his hand ignoring the young man looking at the position and light casting down on the woodland floor. Closing his eyes he held up his hand to silence the man who looked somewhat wounded by the action.

"That is enough Peter, we have more pressing matters to address first."

Kite moved to the side and motioned for the girl to approach with a smile and a small hand wave. She looked at him apprehensively as she stepped forward her eyes almost never leaving Kite. Once right beside him Kite placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled at Peter who looked at him with utter astonishment. He kept looking from the girl to Kite and back again not knowing what to say.

"This is Trist and I have decided to take her in as my daughter and raise her to be the next King, well in her case Queen, and don't say anything. I know full well that the lawless normally do not take in the law but she has show that she is definitely worthy to be dragon. Now that is something none of us can say anything against."

Peter opened and closed his mouth several times before pushing his free hand up under the shaded goggles rubbing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. He waved the clip board back and forth, shaking his head as he turned back to the cavern grumbling the whole way. Terrence watched Peter as he disappeared into the cavern, glancing between the dark space and Kite.

"You know I feel quite sorry for that boy, stuck being your right hand man."

Kite shrugged and bent down hooking his hands under the girls arms and hoisted Trist up onto his hip giving her a friendly, fatherly smile. Trist just remained quiet tilting her head slightly as if she was weighing his worth in her mind.

"We wouldn't want your little feet getting more cut up then they already are from that trek through the woods now would we? You know it couldn't be helped because you were still going ballistic when we first entered the woods. It's amazing how fast you calmed down once we got deeper in the brush, but let me say this you sure can pack a punch when you want to. See?"

Kite pulled back the sleeve on his left arm to reveal torn skin and dried, crusty blood with gaping wounds from where he had been hit by her attacks. She just looked at him, her eyes become more and more clear and her eye lids became heavier and heavier until finally she leaned against him closing them completely. A small chuckle hummed out from Kite as he wrapped his left arm around her to keep her from falling.

"The child is tired?"

Kite nodded as he shuffled behind the waterfall, Terrence close on his heels.

"Going ballistic is like a double edged sword, indeed it gave her the strength to fight against the grunt and even put a fight against me and my men but since she was on that high for so long. The price for that much protection without being the powers master will be her memories."

Terrence stopped cold letting the sound of their footsteps finish echoing off the walls of the cave looking blindly in Kites direction.

"So you let her continue to go ballistic, you were aiming for her to erase her own memories for your own convenience. That is cold even for you, what are you going to tell her when she awakens or when our world shuns her?"

"She will always know where she is from. I will never fully steal her identity as one from the law, at least not completely. None the less she will be raised as my daughter and as a child of the lawless."

Pushing deeper in Kite left Terrence behind to close off the hidden passages the sound of stone scraping on stone echoing after him as he approached a old lift. The lift was similar to those that the miners use when digging deep within the earth only this one wasn't used to transport goods from the soil but to transport people to the underground.

Although ruff and rusted on the outside, inside the lift was a completely different story. The inside was polished steel with a small green pad hooked into one wall that gave off a light glow. On the green screen flashed a hand as the words "place palm here" flashed above it like a child playing peak-a-boo.

Shifting Trist in his arms Kite reached down and placed his palm on the dimly glowing pad. As soon as his fingers lined up with the outline of the hand the pad light up like a Christmas tree as a white bar slides down the screen scanning his palm. A light ting sounded from the pad as the lift shuttered to life and started screeching downward.

Miles below the earth's surface they went accompanied by the even flashes of light as the lift dropped down father and father. After twenty minutes of standing in one position the lift started to screech even louder as the breaks sounded and the whole lifted rocked to a stop. The gate opened on its own rust falling like dust from the meshing as it moved and scrunched to one side.

Stepping out a young woman bowed never taking her eyes off of the small child in Kites arms. Kite just gave a light chuckle as he gently shook Trist making her stir with a moan. He could feel her tense up in his arms before opening her eyes with a heavy yawn her once sky blue eyes now a even lighter ice blue as the color drained from them.

Blinking Kites eyes adjusted back to the dark underground a steam of colors rising from people and homes as his green eye turned an almost washed out color. He gave a small smile as Trist leaned her head back down on his shoulder watching the colors swirl up disappearing into a mist at the top of the cavern.

"Remember Trist, the people of the lawless are basically human except for some minor differences such as we can see in the dark almost as if it were day. Thus the sunlight burns our eyes and the flesh around the eyes if we do not carefully adapt them to the light. Second those of us who are strong enough can see the aura of the world and its creatures.. This ability will not be just limited to the underground but affect you when the day comes that you go back up to the law. Although for now it seems we should get you home for some clean clothes and a warm bed."

Kite had looked down at Trist who was once again falling asleep against his shoulder. Shaking his head he took a few steps forward dropping down off of a ledge. The sole of his shoe met a flat freshly waxed bar gliding down and into the darkness below. Kite rode the bar down into the depths humming happily to himself as he went.

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