8:42 A.M, Denver International Airport, Stairwell Terminal A

They kept coming. One after another. A girl, a boy, a pair. A puddle of bodies

marinating in red sat at the bottom of the stairs. Is there something wrong with me? To

have taken away so many lives and not feel guilt? Or pain? Or any emotion at all?

I leaned back against the cold concrete wall, it was cold for a moment before my

body heat warmed the concrete. I shivered with the contrast of temperatures and let my

heart settle to a steady heart rate...




It was just me here. No sound. It left me with what I had to get over. It left me with

the whispers of long gone memories that contained long gone people. It left me with

last heart beats that sat at the bottom of the stairs. It left me with the image of people

who left me behind. It left me with the thought of pulling the trigger so I could be at the

bottom of the stairs...I couldn't now though. It left me with secrets. Secrets that will

never leave. Secrets I won't divulge.

A soft, yet urgent voice emanated from my Bobby pin telling me to get out of here.

As fast as I could.

I said a prayer for the people I had left behind. The people I didn't know. Then I

sprinted deftly up the stairs, out of the darkness.

8:45 A.M, Denver International Airport, Terminal A

I had walked out the door into the mass of oblivious people. Hearts pounding.

Breath collecting. Damage being done. Pictures being painted. Painted with the hand of

death. Painted with the knife of genesis. Painted with the words of darkness. Painted

with the urgency of shreaks.

Something told me to run. But I can't. It will draw too much attention to myself. I

can't risk that.

Suddenly, a familiar head appeared in the crowd. A familiar face. A familiar

memory of stars and laughter that was now long gone. Mathew. Mathew. My heart

scampered up my throat excitedly.

I squinted. I looked harder. It wasn't him. Just someone else who was oblivious.

Mathew hadn't been oblivious. He was a rare specimen of perfection; alert senses, a

caring heart, a mind that worked as fast as a jack-rabbit. He was the only one for me. He

will always be the only one. But he is gone. And I have wasted another life looking for

one that's already gone.

8:46 A.M , Denver International Airport, Terminal A


It was her. That dark brown hair and the contrite lines of her face that softened

when she smiled. Her name is Breea. She's the only one for me.

She thinks I'm dead. That'd what they told me to make her believe. To make

everyone believe.

Her face brought back memories of stars and laughter. Stolen kisses and revealed

secrets. Those are dead memories. I am dead without Breea. But I can have her. Being

around me risked her life, being with me compromised lives, being with me wad against

the rules.

The secrets I told Breea were against the rules.

Our love was against the rules.

I though I gave out, I thought I was exhausted from hiding from her blue eyes. I

gave up on her.

Something changed. Seeing her. Knowing she was there. It ignited a dying flame

in my heart. It made me want to chase her. It made me realize I can't live without her.

So I won't.

8:46 A.M, Denver International Airport, Entering Terminal B


Cold metal stained my hand as I held onto the rough, unforgiving pole that kept me

grounded on the now slowing train. People on the train shifted gazes and stood in

awkward silence.

Out the window concrete walls decorated with silver, rotating fans that were lit by

blue light. Unnatural light filled the car. Behind me were people. Running, hiding, waiting

people. I wasn't waiting.

I have no on to wait for.

I am not running.

I have no where to run.

I am not hiding.

I do not fear others power.

The lights and numbing sounds released my mind to other subjects. My mother, my sister, Mathew. The life that was taken for me.

I remember it clearly, like I'm still living in that nightmare. I'm not even sure it was


There had been a banging on the door. Mom, Laura, and Mathew were there. I

peeked through the peep hole. I didn't see anyone. I didn't hear anyone. Until a crashing

sound bolted into my ear.

A gunshot.

A panicked cry.

A whisper of reassurance.

A tortured last breath.

Suddenly, the train stopped. I looked left. I looked right. There wasn't anywhere to

get off. We were in the middle of the concrete tunnels. There was no where to go.

People all around me gasped and so did I. For a split second I was stunned. Then

instincts kicked in.

"Everyone, please move away from the door!" I shouted over urgent words.

I picked up an old man's cane and used it to crack the class that incased the red

fire extinguisher. It shattered into a million helpless shards.

Extinguisher in hand I rotated my body weight towards the closed train door. The

dire extinguisher belted open as it tore through the thick glass.

I turned to face the other people, "Everyone, DIA train I'd having an emergency

lock down. Please get to the ground and hold your bag over your head."

"Why should we listen to you?"shouted an old, cranky man sporadically.

I pulled my gun out of my bootleg and pointed at the man's chest, my finger

lightly touching the trigger.

"If I were going to kill you all, I would've already done it."