Objectification and Obligation

The meanings have merged

My vision has blurred

No longer understanding what's real and what's not

Once I stepped on stage I forgot

Under the spotlight, my 15 minutes of fame

Overshadowed all the feelings of shame

For the next three songs I feel like a goddess

But when the lights turn off I realize I was just an object

My feelings repressed

Holding it all in while getting undressed

As I walk across the room

Wearing nothing but my skin

Keep telling myself, it'll all be over soon

When the night ends I'll have a little money

That's another day I don't have to go hungry

Like any other job, I work to pay bills

Stereotypes, misjudge like I'm only in it for cheap thrills

When I get home

Replaying everything that's happened

What goes through my head

You couldn't even imagine