Hope you enjoy this! This was my first poem that I'd ever written, that I actually wrote to enter into a contest at my state's public library. It was my first time writing poetry, so at least give me an A for effort. XD )And this poem is one of my actual views that I believe in.

Please share your thoughts and review!


By: Tigerboy101

War… War… Just what is War to humanity, really?

Is it merely sharp, stainless steel clashing, or the sound of magnifying metal piercing the wind, that really makes thou believe that it is the sound of war? Is it the bark of an unnecessary comment that leads to a quarrel, that many of thee may see as war? Or is it the man trying to get through an unforgiving, ruthless, winter storm, struggling to stay alive?

Humanity has had many concepts to describe what we know today, as war.

But still, what is war, in reality? What is war, overall?

The knight, with a sword in his grasp, says it is the sharp, stainless steel clashing… clashing… the clashing which sounds the start of war.

The Musket man, with a rifle in hand, claims it is the sound of magnifying metal piercing the wind… the piercing of the wind, which marks the beginning of war.

The peasants outside the palace, say that it is the sound of the ignorant wealthy, rudely insulting them…. The bark of their voice, which leads to a war between both groups.

The man, walking in the midst of an icy storm, says that it is simply the storm itself… the unforgiving, icy, cold feel of the storm, which commences the man's war with the storm to eternity.

But me? What do I think war is?

War is based on how our human nature interprets it as it is. It is only how we- the human race alone, determine when we wish to believe that it is war that we are facing. It is a word that is used in many different man-made meanings today, and has been used ever sense.

War, my friends, is something that we create. What we, the human race alone, choose to believe.

Therefore, the Knight, the Musket man, the peasants, and even the homeless man in the storm, are all correct. All four of those things are war.