Theresa's Mirror

Theresa Finch discovered the mirror when she was a child. She wasn't sure why the attic interested her as much as it did, but she still wanted to visit it and see what forgotten objects were waiting for her to find them. The attic contained many different types of objects. The attic was full of boxes of exciting objects to explore. The attic had boxes of clothes, books, jewelry, and knick-knacks from various time periods and several different occupants of the house. The most interesting one for Theresa was the old trunk in the corner that was always locked and which seemed strange. Theresa had always wondered about the contents of the trunk. The trunk always seemed to call to her and she was never sure why. Theresa was convinced that the trunk contained something that would change her life. Later, after she had opened the trunk and made the discovery, she wished that she had never had anything to do with the trunk and that she had never found the key. She knew that she had found the key for a reason and that the trunk would have been opened eventually but she wished that it had happened to someone else.

Theresa wasn't trying to find the key. She didn't think the key was in the house. She was looking behind the paintings in that hallway because she thought she might find a secret passage way or something interesting taped to the back of the picture. She wouldn't have noticed the brick normally but something about the way that the brick was placed caused Theresa to look closer at it. The brick looked almost exactly like the other bricks in that wall unless she looked closely at it. The brick was larger than the others and had a strange symbol in the top left corner which was placed in a way that caused the brick to seem like the others. When Theresa looked closer, she could see that the brick was placed in a way that would allow her to pull it out of the wall. She carefully removed the brick from the wall and put it on the floor below the painting. Then she pulled her flashlight out of her pocket and carefully shined the light into the hole in a way which allowed her to see inside it. In the back of the hole, a small package was carefully tucked so that it was hard to see without some kind of light.

Theresa carefully reached into the hole and removed the package. It was heavy considering the size and seemed to be very old. Theresa decided that she would open it in the attic later that day because she wanted to see if she could find anything else behind the paintings in the gallery. She suspected that the package in the wall would be the only thing she found but she was wrong. She managed to find a bunch of newspaper clippings behind the picture of the girl in the floral dress and a bunch of sealed envelopes behind a few of the paintings along the southern wall of the gallery.

She decided to take all of her findings upstairs and examine them in one of the dark corners there. Theresa then began to head to the attic but was stopped by her mother who wanted help in the garden. Theresa told her that she would be down to help in a minute and took the various things that she had found and put them in the drawer of her desk in her room. Theresa then went down stairs and helped her mother in the garden until everything had been planted and watered.

Theresa went up to her room after dinner and grabbed all of the things she had found. She then went up to the attic and started with the newspaper clippings. They were all about some little girl named Jenny Miller who died in an accident years before when the town was still a small one. Theresa opened the first sealed envelope and was surprised to see a small piece of paper with a rhyme on it. The rhyme went something like this.

In a dark place I can be found

Only by those who are western bound

Below the stones

Above the earth

Alive but dead and cold as stone

I lie beneath the one unknown.

Theresa wasn't sure what this meant but she was sure that the rhyme was a poem of some kind that could help her to figure out the mysteries of the box upstairs and the girl named Jenny.

Theresa decided that she should open the package she had found in the gallery. She carefully pulled on the strings that were tying it closed and moved the wrappings to the side to find a small key, a rolled up paper, and a small stone heart. She examined the key ad realized that it looked like it would fit the lock on the box. She got up and walked over to the box and carefully put the key in the lock. The key fit perfectly and the lock opened when Theresa turned the key. Inside the box, Theresa found a large old fashioned mirror which looked like it was silver. It had a swirling pattern around it and seemed to have no damage at all despite the fact that it was obviously very old and had traveled a lot.

The mirror also had a small heart-shaped hole on the back which seemed to be about the right size for the heart shaped stone that was wrapped up in the package. Theresa decided not to try the stone in the hole until later because she wanted to look in the envelopes first. Theresa opened most of the envelopes without much of interest but the last envelope was very unusual. The last envelope contained several sheets of paper covered in very antiquated writing and a map. The map seemed to show the details of a place called Anolas but no such place existed, right? Theresa had never heard of anywhere called Anolas and didn't think that it could possibly be a real place. Later, when she looked it up online, Theresa discovered that there was a street in Florida which was called Anolas Way, but it didn't seem to work with the map so she figured it couldn't be right. Theresa went to bed and decided that she would work on her project more the next day.

Theresa woke up the next morning after a night filled with the strangest dreams. She dreamed about a strange land filled with the most unusual creatures. The dreams seemed to be real which was strange considering that they had involved creatures that were only seen in fantasy novels. The strangest part was the fact that Theresa had never read any novel with all of the creatures in the same place and had never dreamed about anything quite like it. She wondered why she had had that dream and why it had been as vivid as it was. She also couldn't help but wonder if the mirror was connected to the dream in some way. She had found the mirror the day before and the dream had seemed to depict the place that the mirror was from.

Theresa then got up, got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. When she had finished breakfast, she went up to the attic so that she could examine the mirror and the clues related to the package again. She realized that the clues could mean the basement of the house or the old cemetery in the woods behind the house. If the rhyme meant the basement, it would mean that there was something living in the basement which seemed creepy but if it was in the cemetery she would have to look for a crypt that was dark and in the western corner of the cemetery with some kind of living thing in it. Theresa didn't like that idea because anything that could be alive and dead at the same time didn't seem like something she would want to meet anywhere, especially not somewhere that was dark.

As Theresa walked to the graveyard in an attempt to find out whether or not she was right about the rhyme, she wondered what the rhyme had meant by "the one unknown". It might be someone that was buried in the wrong place but that didn't seem right because the rhyme had said alive but dead. Then Theresa had an idea. She decided to stop at the library before she went to the graveyard and discovered the truth.

When Theresa reached the library, she wasn't sure what to look for because she didn't know anything except for the girl's name and the fact that she had lived in the house 20 years before. The newspaper clippings had hinted at the girl's death which made her the most likely candidate for the creator of the rhyme and the owner of the mirror. It also implied that she probably knew something about Anolas.

Theresa started her search for knowledge with a conversation. The librarian that Theresa found hadn't lived in the town for very long and had no idea about Jenny, but she did direct Jenny to the oldest librarian who did know about the town's history and had lived in the town for the past 40 years. This made it highly likely that she would be able to tell Theresa something about Jenny.

The oldest librarian was not necessarily old but she was certainly not young either. She looked like she was in her late forties with long brown hair which was turning gray. Her eyes were the most interesting thing about her though. They were green with a gold ring around the pupil and had little flecks of brown. They reminded Theresa of Jenny's eyes in the painting for some unknown reason.

Theresa talked to the librarian for over an hour and discovered that Jenny had mysteriously appeared one day and had seemed strange. Jenny had been a very nice girl and was well liked by the people in the town despite the fact that she was very strange. The librarian was unclear as to how Jenny was strange but Jenny's death was the most interesting part of the conversation. Jenny's body had never been found. Everyone in the town had looked everywhere but Jenny had disappeared as mysteriously as she had appeared. The town had placed a grave in the old graveyard to remember Jenny but they didn't know her name so they had put Jenny on the stone because the girl looked like the one in the painting in the gallery. They had also made a shrine in the corner of the basement of the old house and put Jenny's belongings in the basement with the shrine. Theresa decided that the basement seemed more likely than the graveyard so she thanked the librarian and began to walk home.

When she finally got home, Theresa went to her room and got a flashlight from her desk drawer. Then she went down stairs and began to look for the entrance to the basement. She couldn't find the door anywhere so finally she asked her mother for the location of the door. Theresa's mother didn't know where the door was because no one had been able to find it for the past 20 years. That meant that the basement had disappeared around the time that Jenny had disappeared.

Theresa studied the old plans of the house and realized that the entrance to the basement had been near the library in the old house. Theresa went to the library and began to study the shelves in the hope of finding a secret door or passageway and noticed that the library was smaller compared to the house in the plans from 20 years before. She started to tap on the wall and look for a hollow place that would help her figure out where the basement door was. She knocked on the wall and found a space that sounded hollow. Then she began to look for a way into the space behind the wall and found a symbol in the wood that matched the one in the brick behind Jenny's picture.

Theresa began to examine the symbol and realized that the wood the symbol was carved into was surrounded by a raised part of the wood which she could push into the wall. She pushed the symbol as watched as a part of the wall moved slightly back and to the side. She walked into the space behind the wall and saw a flight of stairs leading down into the deep, dark depths of basement in the house she was living in.

Theresa reached the bottom of the stairs and was glad that she had her flashlight with her. The flashlight's beam traveled around the room and landed on a large ornate mirror on the other side of the room. The mirror looked similar to the one that Theresa had seen in the attic but this mirror seemed darker and more menacing. Theresa bravely walked up to the mirror and looked at it in the hope that it would help her to understand the rhyme and the story the librarian had told her.

In the depths of the mirror, Theresa saw the image of a girl. Th girl looked like she was only a few years older than Theresa and had a heart-shaped stone on a chain around her neck. Theresa recognized the girl almost immediately. The girl was Jenny and seemed to be looking at a place on the floor a few inches away from the spot that Theresa was standing in. Theresa looked at the spot on the floor and noticed that the spot Jenny was staring at was different from the rest of the floor somehow.

Theresa went over to the spot that Jenny was looking at and began examining it. Then she realized that the floor boards in that area were not nailed down completely and that she could easily move them to see what was under them. Theresa began to remove the loose floor boards and wondered what she would find under them. As she set the last board aside, she realized that the space under the floorboards appeared to be darker than the rest of the room.

Theresa shone her flashlight into the dark, deep hole and gasped as she saw the terrifying sight of bones in the hole. They were Jenny's bones, Theresa realized suddenly and Jenny had obviously been murdered because her remains were under the floorboards in the hidden basement. Theresa then realized that Jenny's ghost was trapped in the mirror and that Jenny probably wanted someone to help her find peace.

Theresa saw the heart necklace around Jenny's skeletal neck and carefully reached down to grab it. The chain of the necklace was caught on one of the vertebrae from Jenny's neck. As Theresa pulled at it, the chain on the necklace broke and the heart came free from its chain. Theresa carefully stood up and began moving quickly out of the room. The heart was safely in her hand and she was shaken from the terrible thing that she had just seen. As soon as she got away from the room, Theresa began to run.

She ran up the stairs as quickly as she could and didn't look back. When she got to the top, she went through the door into the library and went upstairs to her room. She hid the heart in the drawer with the rest of the things that she had found and carefully went downstairs to the kitchen. When she got there, her mother was lying on the floor with the shattered remains of a bowl surrounding her. Theresa gasped and rushed over to her but it was too late. Her mother was already dead. Suddenly, Theresa heard a noise from behind her. When she looked, she saw the librarian from earlier holding a bloody knife in her gloved hand and looking rather proud of herself.

Theresa looked shocked and asked in a quivering voice "Why did you kill my mother?" the librarian looked calm and answered "because she would have gotten in the way. She would have tried to protect you and stop me from achieving my goal. I can't have that, I've been waiting so long. That little girl's bones had to be completely dried before I could use them. She never saw it coming when I killed her but she struggled so much. Even though she knew the mirror's secret."

Theresa looked startled "You know about the mirror?" "Of course I do! I am the one that created the rhyme and the clues. I lead you to her grave and now, with the heart, Jenny's bones, and your blood I can finally go back to Anolas once again!" Theresa looked surprised and asked "Why do you need her bones and my blood? I don't understand." "I need your blood and her bones for the spell, of course. The spell to return needs the heart- shaped stone, the blood of someone who has never been to Anolas and the bones of someone that came from Anolas. I need your blood because you're young enough that your blood is still pure and can make the portal stronger. I'll be able to return finally and no one can stop me!" "Wait a minute," said Theresa, "Why does the blood have to be pure? What does that even mean?" "Your blood is pure because you are still young and haven't got many toxins in you yet. Pure blood works the best because it will make the portal appear long enough for me to bring my belongings with me when I go through the portal." "Wait, so adult blood would work as well?" "Of course it would but I wouldn't be able to get my cat through with me."

Suddenly, Theresa had an idea. She rushed over to the older woman and grabbed the knife out of her hand. Then she ran out of the room as quickly as she could. It took the librarian a minute to figure out what had happened but it was too late. Theresa had already rushed up the stairs and was in her room. She grabbed the heart from her drawer and quickly got to the library, only to find the librarian waiting for her in the hall. The older woman was panting but she still managed to take the knife that Theresa was holding and shove it into Theresa's chest. Theresa slowly fell to the ground with a shocked expression on her face.

Theresa died in that hallway and the townspeople never actually figured out exactly what had happened that night. The only thing that anyone could come up with was some kind of ritual sacrifice because of the blood and bones found in front of a darkened mirror in the attic. The bones were thought to be the remains of Jenny Miller, a young orphan who had disappeared from the town 20 years before. The murderer remained a mystery but the town did notice that the librarian had disappeared around the same time and couldn't be found anywhere. The house remained abandoned for many years until it was torn down for an apartment complex. Although the mystery was never solved, there were many stories written about it later by various people and several conspiracy theories from it but the only people that knew the truth were the librarian, Jenny, and Theresa.

The mirror that Jenny was haunting was sent to a museum where people look at o this day. Jenny doesn't mind being on display, especially since she's no longer lonely because Theresa joined her there and they will remain there forever or at least until they finally find a way to rest.