ok since no one remembers, your not going to believe me. No one ever beleives me. But I remember they didn't wipe my brain like the others. I know its true. I do. The pail ones. Or the zukah as their alternativly called are a race of aliens. Don't walk away! I knew you wouldn't believe me. But in all honesty, its true, a while ago the earth was invaded. This is how I remember

"Yuki" "yuki" my brother Sasukae called he was given a nuri nuri name. "comming" I yelled towards him. I strolled my wheelchair down the hall, and examined it, today we would be heading to a meeting. A merae meeting. It's my brother's thing, something I think is kind of silly to be honest. But maybe that's because I'm a third wave feminist I don't know. We walked into the building only to see tons and tons of doors and people consistently walking in and out of them. I thought nothing of it. "theirs entertainment rooms there" he pointed to one door. "educational rooms there" "what about over there?" I asked pointing to a door locked and sealed shut. It even had chains. "thats not important" "it looks important" I smirked. "well its not" he continued walking with me. No one paid attention to the obviously strange door. Hmm it seemed like something out of a cheesy YA novel. I continued walking to see a room titled "Convert" nope no cheese going on here. Totally normal. Absoulutly fuking normal. Nope not a weird thing in site. Then again I'm in site and I'm an aromantic asexual autistic. So maybe me.

I continued down the halls then stopped back at that door. I entered. Inside I saw three tubes holding what seemed to be humans. They had bright white pail skin, large eyes either dilated or pitch black, and they seemed to be floating. They just floated, with their eyes watching wide open yet not awake, covered in a mist of white smoke. I went up to a tube. I examined it. Then one of the staff members for mens rights entered. "what are you doing here?" I looked around trying to come up with words but i just sat there motionless. he made a high pitched screech and several of the people with dilated eyes and pitch black ones attacked me. They grabbed me and forced me out of my chair. then they forced me into a tube, shit. I thought. shit, i thought again. This was not going in my favor. I looked around the room. In a smoke ridden tube, ready for "conversion"

I stood there covered in mist. A white man approached me. "what is your name?" he asked turning a nob on the tube. I responded in Japanese a language he did not seem to know. " 私は英語を話さない " "pardon?" "私は英語を話さない" I repeated. I know Japanese though I'm an American it is my first language. "Someone who speaks gibberish get in here" he screeched and another being entered the room. He aproached me avoiding eye contact. "あなたは英語を話しませんか" he asked. "dammit" I thought. Someone who knows my native toung. I told him I did not speak japanese. He laughed. "あなたは明らかに日本語と英語の両方を知っている" I decided, not to waist my time pretending anymore. "how did you know?" "because your Japanese is flawless as well as your pronunciation" he spoke suddenly. "how did you know I spoke English"

"you were thinking in it" he came close to the tank now looking at my eyes with his dilated ones. "But don't worry soon enough you'll be able to read minds too." he oponed his mouth revealing pointed fangs and and evil grin. "fuk you" I remarked. "that will all come later" I started banging at the tube as more mist filled. Suddenly my eyes began to hurt. They begun to throb and throb and throb. Suddenly everything was out of focus. I looked at my hands my skin was now pail white, whiter then caucasion, whiter then the moon, snow white. My memory begun fading when I heard a screech. Suddenly the mist stopped flowing. I couldn't remember my name.

A giant women apeared, she had long sharp claws pail white skin and pitch black eyes. "who's the girl?" she remarked? (i'm agender) i stated in my thoughts "so you are" she smiled her fangs glowing in the light. "come now your name" "i..." "name!" "i...i don't know" "do you know what species you are?" I quickly glanced I decided to lie. "no" "do you remember anything" "no" I lied once more. This must be apart of the conditioning. Or the converting. Either way i thought in spanish in hopes they woudn't recognize the thoughts. Yes I am bilingual and I weren't I'd be a drone right now

"come come now out of the tube" "but commander!" a man spoke "I want her out!" she screeched in the yell they had been using which I now understood. She looked up at me with kind darkness, "your safe now 愛" "love?" I asked, "is that my name?" "it is now, your one us now, please come with me" she took a claw and in a heartbeat cracked the glass open. I shuddered and fell out with green ooze arising. she spoke in her language "get this 新生児 some water" her Japanese was less then perfect.

Now they believed me to be one of them, now it was time to escape. I looked around and finally forced myself up and into my chair with strength which was newly found. They took me to a room. Inside was a green oozed pond. I looked within my reflection. Dilated eyes, pail white skin and claws leaving me only with disgust. I staggered out. Worrying about sasuke. My brother for whom I could remember...but only but a faint smile. I wheeled to the queen of this hive whatever it be, and forced myself to talk to her. "Get in the water" she stated forcefully. They pushed my head and it was a feeling of Nevada, it felt blessed. Though I knew it was my new form taking advantage of my senses I couldn't help but enjoy. "That's enough" the queen stated as I arose the pond. "We have work to do" she stated with a smirk.

She led me back to her room and showed me to seven glass plates each showed rooms for conversions. "These are the newborns like you my dear" her claw stroked my cheek. "I need you to monitor them for today" she fondled my ear. "Have fun" she walked away. Grossed upon my treatment from the queen I stared and watched as others,

Who were forced to be converted only unlike myself they lost all memory and were drones. I had no idea how long this could have gone on and how long it could've been, without possibly being discovered. I knew one thing though this was upsetting.

I went up to the tank and examined one of the beings.

"元気ですか " the being stated from behind. He was the obnoxious one from earlier.

"just checking on the new recruits"

"oh is that so…"


Though you don't know he was suspicious of my activity.

"its funny":

"what is?"

"that you can't remember your species but you can remember Japanese."

"what is Japanese?" I asked with a blank face.

"what you were just speaking" his words were slow.

"I thought every one spoke that?" I asked confused.

"hmph st#pid drone" He slapped my face, and walked away. I sat down and examined the bright green mark left upon my skin from his hand…or claws….There were 3 marks carved within my skin. I took to one of the tanks. A young boy, Hispanic in ethnicity, his skin was slowly turning white he was covered in smoke.

I quickly turned off the damned machine. I turned the nob off. He quickly fell out of the tank. I caught him.

"¿Dónde estoy?" He asked grasping my arm before he collapsed. Dammit I thought. I picked him up and put him in the corner of the room. 3 hours later he finally awoke.

"¿Estás bien?" my pronouciation was off. No doubt he knew Spanish was my third language.

" yes, who are you?" I heard his mind speak.

"I'm a friend"

"what place is this?"

"It's your home"

Before I could finish explaining the situation to the boy, a being entered the room. He screaked which was how they asked questions. He asked me what he was doing here.

"pardon me sir it was a malfunction in his tank, I shall take care of it at once"

I grabbed the boy by the arm and carried him out of the room.

"Your lucky I was here"

"am I ?"

"yes. What is your name?"

"I can't remember"

Of course…figures.

I spoke to the boy in Spanish some more. I told him every thing about his situation, how I saved him, as I had saved myself. He was upset nearly crying. Given he was 5 I guess that was understandable.