Wife of a King

Iolcos, Thessaly

I am often asked how it is to be the wife of, not a king, but an older man. Or, if not that, I am asked if I am honored that my husband should be none other than my father's brother, King Cretheus. He is the founder and first ruler of a kingdom, after all, and I am given the rare chance to purify the bloodlines of our forefathers.

They ask me these questions, and my answer is always the same…

"Words cannot describe my joy to be one with my king. I love and respect him immensely. I am proud to be his wife."

Of course, for him having his young, beautiful niece for a wife is prize enough. I am not sure if it is love he felt for me, but it helped me rest at night when, in the large chambers of the castle of Iolcos, he willingly came to my bed. It happened every night, without fail. He would first inspect my body thoroughly to make sure no other man tainted it, which none other would… and then we would make love.

Afterwards, he would hold me in his arms and tell me stories of his life with my father and other brothers. Was it odd for me to hear such things? Perhaps. My husband and uncle telling me stories of my own father, his brother? Yes, it was rather uncomfortable… but it was a small price to pay for the honor of being his wife.

I was fifteen then, and he was old enough to be my father. Still, that did not bother men, it was common. I was young and ripe, fertile. I could bear him a thousand sons if he wanted, which he did.

"I will take no mistress." He had declared to me on our wedding night, "I will honor my brother, Salmoneus. I will be a faithful and loyal husband to you, Tyro, so long as you remain a faithful and loyal wife to me."

"I would never imagine being unfaithful to you, uncle." I told him with every ounce of truth.

Cretheus was a strong man, a large man. He was powerful beyond words, and his gaze caused grown men to tremble in their armor. When he sat on his throne, he was a majestic king… when he made love to me in our bed, he was majestic lover, and I reveled in the whirlwind of pleasure he gave me every night.

It was after the night's feast when he took me to the very top of the palace, overlooking the growing kingdom of Iolcos. He spoke with me about his plans of expansion, and how his sons with me would rule the greatest kingdom the world had ever known.

Then we christened the view by making love right there, at the top of the palace. Only this time, it wasn't like the sex we had before, no… this time the pleasure was overwhelming.

Cretheus held me down with his strong hands and drove into me with a force that made it feel like the whole castle was shaking. The ground underneath my body was cold, but I didn't feel it. I heard his grunts mixed with my screams and moans of pleasure. He roared and growled all sorts of demands to me, that I never lie with another man so long as I live, or he would punish me gravely for it. I don't know if I responded or not, but somewhere between the lovemaking, I made some sort of oath to him.

My climax came like a tempest, and when he shot forth his seed in me for what felt like the thousandth time, I let out a scream that was laced with all sorts of emotions and feelings. Cretheus roared above me, arching his back and, for a moment between our gasping and panting, he let go of my hands and collapsed on top of me.

He remained buried deep inside of me after that, as I stroked his hair and back, muttering soothing words to him while he caught his breath. He wasn't a young man anymore, so such lovemaking tired him immensely. It was my duty to comfort him while he recovered.

Still not removing himself from my body, he rolled over to his side and took me in his arms. I wrapped my legs around his and we began to immerse ourselves in kisses and touches. His hands were strong on my body, and his touches sent sparks through me like nothing else I had ever felt before.

It would have not shocked me if all of Iolcos heard us, and it would not have bothered me.

"I have sent for jewels for you to wear when we honor Hera in a fortnight." He whispered to me, stroking my face, "You will wear them well, Tyro, for you are a beautiful woman."

"Thank you, uncle." I smiled.

"You do not need to call me that," he chided gently, nuzzling himself deeper inside of me, causing me to moan slightly, "I am your husband now, Tyro, and have been for a while now."

That's right, he was my husband. Calling him 'uncle' meant that I was holding on to my past, and it was something I had to let go of if I wanted to move forward.

"What would you wish for me to call you, then?"

"Cretheus will do, so long as you stay a faithful wife." He kissed me deeply as I ran my leg over his, "Now, would you like to take over?"

"Take over?" I frowned.

"Pleasure me, wife." He rolled onto his back and sat me up and put his hands on my thighs, "Go ahead, don't be afraid. We are married, after all."

So I pleasured him. I started off slow, because I didn't know how to keep my balance. Then, when he started to groan with pleasure, I went faster, riding him as hard as I could. He was so large inside me, I thought I wouldn't be able to take it and, not long after, when his warmth shot through me, I lost all strength and collapsed on top of him.

Cretheus then wrapped his arms around me, and we spent the rest of the night on top of the palace, deep in each other's embrace.

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