As I don't want to have to write author's notes for all the chapters unless a specific, previously unanticipated issue comes up, this one will be a bit long:

First, the explanation. In short, for a couple of weeks every Monday-Friday, whenever I go somewhere, I will observe a commuter, make discreet notes about them, then come up with a story about them, which will then be uploaded here, meaning that you can expect an update daily or every other day. For the interest of being ethical, if I give a 'character' a name, it is made up. I will also change various parts of any conversations to hide identifying details, and chapter titles will simply state gender, a vague age group and where I saw them- for an example, see this chapter's title. This is because these stories are just me practicing my observational skills and using my imagination. In no way am I suggesting anything about the people I observe, or their lives. This isn't an excuse to air prejudices or cause offense. This is a creative exercise. Please bear that in mind.

In any case, the style of each one-shot will vary depending on what ideas I get for each person. So by the end of the two weeks there may be no similarities between the resulting 10 one-shots. As for my other one-shot collection 'The Chain Link Project', I feel as if I will be able to start writing for that again at the beginning of the new year, meaning that I aim to end the temporary hiatus on that in February 2015. For anyone who was following that project, apologies for the long wait. I hope you understand.

On a quick side note in advance for those who may not know-DLR stands for Docklands Light Railway. It's basically a type of driver-less train.

And with that, this author's note ends. I hope you enjoy this little project, and please do leave feedback.

Now she's actually on her way, she's worrying about something else.

When she had got the news, it was lunchtime, and she hadn't even had to think about rushing out. If anyone had noticed, or if anyone had called her, she didn't notice. To be perfectly honest, she didn't want to know. All she could think of was getting there, as fast as possible.

And now, of all the things to be worrying about, she's wondering if she'll get into trouble. Trouble! Given the situation, her school couldn't get too mad at her, could they? She wasn't the type to just skip half the school day on a whim. But it's not like she'd stopped at the office and let them know, was it? But still, of all the things to be worrying about…

She considered pulling out her phone to pass the time as the tram moved, but she didn't want to. Didn't want to read messages from her friends on Facebook or listen to angry voicemails from the school. She didn't even want to hear more about what had happened, not when she was still far away. She just needed to get there. Get there, and things would happen. So instead, she bit her nails, brushed her hair back and looked down at her bag as she gripped it tightly with her other hand.

Her bag. Her new bag, a birthday present. Totally a step up from the childish backpack she'd been carrying for years. She carried it proudly, and liked to think it made her look grown up, along with the make-up she wore without her mother's knowledge. Stupid, that. Just like worrying about getting into trouble. No fancy bag could disguise her school uniform. No make-up could mask her youth. She was out there, clearly there for anyone to see. Especially now.

I'm almost there. I can't get caught now.

But she could still hope, and so as the tram continued to inch towards her destination, she kept her head down and continued to fiddle with her fingers and her bag, making sure that she didn't look at anyone. She might not be able to hide her uniform or her age, but she didn't want her anxiety to be noticed. She didn't want anyone to realise what she was doing or where she was going. And stupidly, she still didn't want to get into trouble. She just wanted to get there, get this day over with. Finish everything, and forget it all.

Please. Don't look at me. Please.