It is freezing as they wait for the bus, and both of them are wishing they had some form of jacket-or at least a hat and scarf. But their school uniform is so bulky, it's almost impossible to do that. That, and their bags. The amount of textbooks they have to carry is almost ridiculous. At some point each day, it is something that they will complain about.

But, once the end of the school day arrives, all is forgotten. All that the girls at their school-the two of them included- think of is escape. Of freedom and TV shows and warm blankets. And homework, unfortunately, but once that's over and done with all is good. It's certainly better than being in school. Although, sometimes school is good. It's where they met each other, and where they became good friends.

However, it's good to escape, to be waiting for the bus and share gossip while doing so, knowing that it is time to go home. And, it's even better to remember that it is a Friday, and that they won't have to wake up early the next day and have another long day. It is the weekend, and for two whole days they can relax, rest easy-and maybe do some work. After all, Monday will come around eventually.

Or maybe not. It is the weekend, after all.