I was help captive by Bonnie and Clyde once and almost killed multiple times. This is my story...

I walk into my bank. I was just depositing my check from work. I was standing there in line, next to come to the counter. It was a nice spring day. Everyone and everything was perfect. Next thing you know a group of people bust through the door. Gun fires are heard and everyone ducks to the ground.

"Everyone, shut up!" Some man said, while all the other ran to get money in their bags.

"Please, don't shoot." I whispered. I guess one of them heard because they yelled for everyone to shut up another grabbed me and pulled me to my feet and shoved a gun to my temple.

"If anyone says another word, she gets it." A man yelled in my ear. I heard the sound of police cars faintly in the distance and I'm assuming they did to because they all scrambled out of the door and got in their vehicles, taking me with them. "You're coming with us. Don't say a word or I will kill you." The gun still on my temple. The shove into a car. I didn't struggle at all. I have to much to live for and I don't particularly want to get shot. There was two people oin the car with me. A woman and a man, which is driving. We speed off. I sit quietly in the back because I have no way to talk since they taped my mouth shut and my hands together before we left.

"Clyde, what are we going to do? We can't have her with us when we do other places. This plan wasn't very thought through. " The girl said calmly.

"SHUT UP BONNIE! I'm trying to drive. I need to concentrate. I don't want the police spotting us because we don't look normal." Clyde yelled.

"It's totally not normal to have a random girl in the back of our car with tape over her mouth." Bonnie said sarcastically. Clyde turned to her and shot her a glare.

"Rip it off then, but if I hear a word from her, I swear I will shoot her." He said angrily, but quietly. Bonnie gave me a smirk and ripped the tape off. All I wanted to do was scream, but I didn't want to get shot. These people are scary.

"Do you know if they got Jones back there?" Bonnie asked.

"God I hope not. We all know he can't keep a secret a secret to save his life. He will rat us out in a heartbeat if it gives him a shorter sentence." Clyde said.

We drove all day and into the next town. They didn't fed me or given me anything to drink or even stopped for me to use the bathroom. It was morning when we got to the next time. I heard them plan to do another bank by themselves since their partners abandoned them. Once we stopped, I seen a newspaper. It said, 'One caught in string of robberies. Warrants out for two more.' I assumed they seen it to since they threw me back into the car. They drove and drove again. We were in the middle of no where. Nothing but dirt roads. It was still light out when we stopped. They got out of the car, but left me in the car. suddenly, I heard people approaching but cars. I didn't hear any sirens so i didn't think much of it. I figured it was the rest of their crew. Suddenly yhey jumped into the car and floored it. I seen people coming behind us and in front of us.

"Please pull over and surrender peacefully." I heard over a megaphone, then gunshots started to happen, coming from all directions. Bonnie screamed and clyde clutched his side. The car stopped. I ducked because I didn't want to die.

"I love you Clyde." I heard bonnie say as she took her last breath. Clyde was already dead by that time. Eventually the gunfire stopped. The police came up to the car, guns drawn.

"Help." I said quietly. They put the guns down and pulled me out.

I was lucky to live. They almost killed me and so did the police. I went through brutal questions because they believed that i was working with them, but eventually they let me go. And with that, I left and never looked back.