She buys a fish tank.

It wasn't really because she wanted a fish. Well, she did, but what she really desired she could not have; so she bought a fish tank.

She was going to buy a fish, too; but the ones that were two dollars had been bought, so she decided to wait. She was not paying six dollars for something that would die in a couple months. She would buy the fish next week. The salesman had told her they would get more fish in then. They were rather popular, after all.

She wonders how many other people bought fish if more each week was necessary; and how many were buying because - of loneliness.

She rides the bus back to her apartment. She thought it was a pain catching it, and going back; but in the city it was her cheapest means of transportation. She could not catch a ride with - him, anymore.

She pours the rocks and water into the tank. She wants it to sit for a couple of days before she buys the fish.

The fish tank sits in the silent apartment filled with clouded water until someone comes to clean it. She never bought the fish.