Chapter 39 - My seventh autumn

The rest of my seventh summer passed by. Johan and me made a few daytrips and one or two camping trips during the remaining two weeks of vacation. On top of that, he met Maria very often. At a couple of occations she even came over to our house for lunch.
I still didn't like her, or rather the fact that Johan wanted to spend so much time with her. According to Johan he had many talks with me, trying to convince me to give her a chance. But I refused, even if I kept quite polite to avoid Johan getting angry with me.
Before school started, I had to stay a few weeks at a summer care. It was a different one than the one I had been to before, and I kind of liked this one since they did many fun things like going to swimming pools and also one time to the cinema.

Eventually, the summer was over and I started second grade in school. According to Johan I seemed to be a bit down during the early fall this year, but he tried to cheer me up with doing fun things. He kept up with the super-surprise-saturdays and also made sure I got the chance to do things on the weekday evenings sometimes.
One of the main reasons for me being in this mood was Maria. Because, during this time, Johan and Maria became a couple. Johan tells me he had very mixed feelings. Not about Maria, but about me. He says he kind of felt that he let me down, that he didn't give me the time I deserved, even if he did. He got bad feelings, which I guess he actually shouldn't have gotten. Because he really did spend a lot of time with me, even after meeting Maria. He never ignored me, he always made sure to give me as much time as he could. But it was so hard for me to accept that this person, Maria, was spending time with Johan as well.

I remember the first time Maria visited us on an evening. She wasn't going to stay overnight, but she stayed quite late in the evening, which made me frustraded and I guess I got a bad attitude because of it. I think Johan must have warned me at least a couple of times, but I just remember the spanking he gave me, because it was with Maria still there in the flat. Johan took me to the bathroom to spank me there, but Maria must have heard everything more than well. And when the spanking was over, Johan took me out from the bathroom still with a bare bum to get me into my pajamas. I remember feeling so embarrassed that Maria could see my spanked bottom. Because I was sure she did, even if she seemingly was watching the television.

Still in November I didn't accept Maria. I remember complaining about her and I once made up very bad stories about her to my friends. The result of this was of course a spanking, which Johan gave me the first one the very moment he found out about the stories I had told. He was picking me up from school when Miss Anderson told him about it. Quite furious he took me to the bathrooms where he went into a stall and closed the door, sitting down on the toilet chair.
"Listen, Amanda" he said. "I've been very understanding. I accept that you don't really like Maria. I can't force you to like someone. But what you have been doing... that is just mean. And lies. How do you think Maria would feel if she found out what you had been telling about her?"
I didn't reply.
"How would you feel if someone told such stories about you?"
"Sad" I whispered.
"So do you think it's fair to tell such things about someone else?"
I shook my head.
Johan lectured me a bit more, and after that my pants and panties came down and he gave me a quite a bit longer spanking than usual. I remember the sounds of smacks and my own crying echoing in the bathroom and wondering if any of my friends did hear he stood me up, my bottom was hurting quite bad.
I remember the mix of feelings inside as we left the school. Fortunately, none of my friends had been close and they didn't seem to have noticed the spanking.

The same evening I remember Johan once again having a long talk with me. And this was when he told me something unexpected: that he was going to be away for one night and that Maria was going to babysit me.
I became furious over this, but Johan just said: "She is the only one. I already talked to your friends parents, none of them have the possibility to have you there. So Maria will help. And, listen to me, Amanda: I expect you to listen to her, to be polite and do as you are told. If I hear that you have not been, you are going to be very sorry. Am I clear?"
Unwillingly I nodded.
"I trust you, Amanda" Johan said. "I know you can do this. I know you don't like her very much, but she is a good person and I like her very much. So please do this without struggling, okay?"
I mumbled something.
"Come on now, let's have a bath" Johan said.
When we were in the bathtub I remember asking my brother: "Why do you like her so much?"
It took some time before Johan replied. "Well" he then said "You will get an honest answer. Maria is fun, she is kind, she cares about others... she have many fun ideas and on top of that she is very pretty."
"Just like you, then" I said.
This made Johan laugh and pull me close to him, hugging me tight. I returned the hug.