A bright light exploded right in front of Ryuusei's eyes, immediately blinding and disorientating him.

A huge blasting force threw Ryuusei to his left, sending him flying off like a rag doll.


A masculine voice called out amidst the screams and shouts.

That voice... so familiar...

"Everyone calm down! Someone get Ryuusei to the nurse! I'll handle this! GO!"

Ah, the voice was Aleks-sensei. What was happening? Why was he on the ground? Why was his right side hurting so much?

Ryuusei took a look around. It was as if the world froze in its motion and what he was seeing was a picture of that moment.

Students screaming and running in various directions, all running away from a certain spot to his right. There on his right stood Aleks-sensei with an all too familiar set of gauntlets fit on his arms.

What the heck was that in front of Aleks-sensei? A shining white silhouette floated above that Third Year's body.

Just then, Ryuusei's vision went blurry as his eyelids grew heavier and heavier.


A beastly and guttural voice shouted out from deep in Ryuusei's mind. Ryuusei recognised that voice! No! No! No! It couldn't come back now! Not after sealing it away for so many years! NO!

That was Ryuusei's last coherent thought before his vision was stained a deep shade of red. Ryuusei's consciousness was roughly pushed to the back of his mind, only allowed to watch on without any control over his body. Such was the price to pay for his slip in mental fortitude.

Ryuusei's body slowly stood up, hunched over and arms drooping. Aleksander turned to face Ryuusei, face showing an expression of shock and horror.

"Ryuusei... no! It can't be!"


"But Ryuusei sealed you away and controlled you for so long..."


Ryuusei's body shot forward, past Aleksander and towards the silhouette at extreme speeds. Ryuusei's eyes turned red and bestial, leaving blood red trails behind whenever they moved. In the short moment Ryuusei's body was passing Aleksander, a sadistic whisper made it to Aleksander's ears.

"I'll spare you this time, blondie..."

Aleksander couldn't suppress a shiver that traveled down his spine.


A bone-chilling, sadistic laugh echoed through the air as Ryuusei's body was enveloped with a reddish-black aura, leaking out murderous intent.


A loud, piercing roar rippled through the air, violently shaking the ground. With a burst of speed, Ryuusei's body pounced onto the silhouette. Halfway through the jump, Ryuusei's left arm started glowing.


A small dimensional rip formed in the space next to Ryuusei's body, and his left arm shot in.


There was yet another ripping sound as the arm pulled out a white object with a quick motion. This white object was a sword. The blade itself was relatively wide, with a single edge. The back, which was flat, went straight from the cross-guard to the point, while the bladed side was straight up until it neared the tip, where it curved inward to meet the flat side, forming a sharp point. The sharp edges glowed an eerie red colour, while anything else was coloured white.

The cross-guard was a unique shape, with the front and back of it protruding at different heights and angles. The one in front was angled slightly downwards, and the top of it was a sharp edge that glowed red. This edge rounded downwards to a sharp point and had a sharp 'C'-shaped curve upwards, which then connected to the area secured to the handle.

The back end protruded upwards and ended in a sharp point, looking somewhat like the wing of an airplane. This also connected to the handle.

The handle itself was bare bones, with a thin white sheet of rubber as the grip. This connected to the pommel, which was shaped like an upside-down 'D', ending in a sharp point. The pommel also had a circular hole in the middle just like the letter 'D'.

This blade glowed both red and white, giving off an eerie presence that seemed to give even the silhouette pause. Aleksander slowly backed away as memories of that very blade flashed across his mind. He could only utter a single word softly in his fear,



The laughter never ceased as [Dawnbringer]'s spirit, which was in control of Ryuusei's body, plunged the blade straight into the silhouette, which from close up, was in the shape of a big tiger.

The tiger silhouette, ever silent, wouldn't let out a single sound in its pain and agony. Its jaws opened wide, baring its fangs, in a futile effort of fighting back against its foe.


Repeated stabs were thrust into the tiger silhouette's torsoin random spots, inflicting incredible amounts of pain to the four-legged beast. Yet, no sound came from its mighty jaws. Utter silence. The only sound in the area came from [Dawnbringer]'s insane laughter. The students had all passed out from the unimaginable amounts of power that [Dawnbringer] emitted. Aleksander was watching on in morbid fascination and terror as he slowly backed away even further with each passing moment.

Stab. Stab. Stab. Stab. Stab.


Stab. Stab. Stab.


A soft, guttural growling escaped from the tiger silhouette's throat. It was soft, but loud enough for [Dawnbringer] to pick up. At this, [Dawnbringer] grinned in a maniacal way, its smile threatened to break Ryuusei's face as his facial expressions distorted into an unsightly view highly unlike his normal demeanor. [Dawnbringer]'s red eyes glowed even brighter than before in its terrifying glee.

"Ah, so you can make sounds of pain, after all... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS GOOD! I'M SO GLAD I GOT TO COME OUT TODAY! C'MON, WE'LL HAVE SOME MORE FUN!"

Stab. Twist. Slash.


The tiger broke and let out a fierce roar of pain, terror and fear evident in its desperate cry for help. It wanted to survive, as did all living beings. Alas, its plea was left unheard as its life slowly ebbed away, fading into white particles that were carried off by the wind.

Krak krak krak krak!

The sound of many footsteps came as a surprise to even [Dawnbringer]. The new arrivals were all dressed in black and had various layers of vests and armour fitted on them.


There was no response from the masked newcomers. All of them wordlessly equipped batons and charged at [Dawnbringer]. Even with [Dawnbringer]'s feral instincts and raw power, these enemies were too great in number for it to fight off without tiring.

As the fighting went on, [Dawnbringer]'s grin started to grow wider and wider, as if responding to the challenge.


What followed would only be the sounds of metal hitting against flesh and various roars of pain from [Dawnbringer]. Slowly but surely, it was tiring out. It welcomed the challenge, but didn't want to risk being sealed away again, so, letting out a huge amount of murderous intent, [Dawnbringer] fought on.

Soon, however, the beast that was [Dawnbringer] started to tire, getting hit more and more often, slowing down as a result.


The resounding echo of someone clicking their fingers floated in the air. All of a sudden, all the warriors donned gas masks, triggering a sense of danger in [Dawnbringer]. It started to leap away, only to find that its strength was slowly seeping away, leaving it weak and vulnerable.

"No... nooooo... not again... never... again..."

[Dawnbringer] fell to the ground with a resounding thud and Ryuusei's world went black.

Ryuusei groggily opened his eyes to see that he was in a completely white room, on a bed, worst of all, he was hooked up to around three different machines. He had a splitting headache and his right side ached a little, which was overall not a good feeling for the black-haired teen.

Just then, there was a hissing sound as a part of the wall revealed itself to be an automatic sliding door. A tall and intimidating man walked in, heading straight for the bed Ryuusei was currently on. The man had shaggy black hair and broad shoulders, but his facial expression seemed to be locked on a stern one, all the more adding to his intimidation factor.

"You caused us a lot of trouble, young man."

"Ugh... where am I?"

Ryuusei asked his questions short and straight to the point due to his head throbbing every time he spoke.

"Well, you're in Cross's medical facility right now. You've been out for a full day already."

"WHAT?! Ah crap, Aki's gonna kill me!"

"Don't worry, that idiot Aleksander's already told your sister that you're helping him do field research overnight."

Ryuusei relaxed on his weirdly comfortable bed.

"Well that's one problem solved, at least. Where's the sealing team? I think I need their help."

"They were waiting for you to get up. After all, they haven't improved so much that you can be unconscious for the sealing process."

"Ahhhh, I'll get to that later, then... Yamamoto Saiga."

"Oi. Call me Yamamoto-taicho or you're gonna drop and give me fifty."

"But I'm injured and recovering."

The man, now identified as Yamamoto Saiga, raised his left eyebrow.

"Young man, do you really think I care?"

"True. Seems you haven't changed, you uptight prick."

"I could say the same for you, you dumb kid."


A moment of silence passed before...


Both man and teen burst out in synchronised laughter.

"Ahhh, it's been too long, Saiga."

"Yeah, it has. It's been at least a year? Jeez, I just come back from the London branch and already hear about you fainting like a sissy."

Ryuusei's right eye twitched at the reminder of his little incident, but recognised that Saiga was trying to cheer him up.

"Oi. It's not like I can control it. Besides, I heard that some idiot in the London branch managed to destroy a lab while testing out a new weapon prototype."

Saiga shuddered at the memory.

"Errrr- Um, w-w-well... the weapon was definitely spoilt from the start, alright? It wasn't my fault!"

A sly smirk found its way onto Ryuusei's face.

"Who said anything about you? Hmmm?"

"Tch, you got me this time, you dumb kid."

Saiga was a man in his mid twenties who entered training at the same time as Ryuusei did, which was at least 10 years ago. The both of them were in the same training squadron and made fast friends, being an inseparable duo. A weird duo they were, a 6-year old and a scrawny teenager, but it worked for them.

By the end of their basic training, the both of them moved on to captain training, since their trainer saw potential in them. At the end, however, only Saiga moved on to be a full-fledged captain while Ryuusei refused to take up a squadron, leading to Saiga now outranking Ryuusei, in more ways than one. Saiga was also listed as a Rank S Holder, but he was one of the few who achieved the Rank via hard work and lots of physical training.

The once scrawny little teen now wore form-fitting muscle shirts due to his constant training. Ryuusei still kept his thin and lean body shape, though. He was also authorised as a field-captain when no other captain was around or when he was given permission to lead by either the captain on site or a higher up.

"Shouldn't you be looking for the sealing team about now? Wouldn't want to keep your sister waiting, after all."

"You're right. Well, I'll be going now, I'll see you around?"

Ryuusei got off his bed and walked over to the sliding door.

"Sure man, give me a call whenever and we can catch up. Take care."

"Thanks, you too, prick."

"Dumb kid."

That was the last words Ryuusei heard before he walked out the door. It was also at that moment that Ryuusei's brain decided to remember everything he missed because he was out for a day.

Firstly would be his lunch with Haruto. Next up would be going to the Science Division for answers. Even worse, he missed his slot for archive access, meaning he had to do all that paperwork again, what a joy. Perhaps worst of all, he missed Aki's practice match, which might not seem like a big deal, but Ryuusei prided himself as Akiko's biggest fan, much to her embarrassment, and only missed a handful of her games, practice or not.

Ryuusei walked through the hallways of the medical facility with a heavy sigh.

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