Birth Stone.

I've always found them weird. You know, that they're just in our bodies. That they just exist. It's weird isn't it? I mean I know everybody's born with them, but I wasn't…I wasn't born with a stone or a crystal.. Everybody else has them, placed somewhere upon there skin, whether it be on the for head, belly ,or even back but not me…I wonder why I have to be so different from everybody else…I do wonder…Hi my names Akio... I hate my name. I feel like my parents were hoping I'd do something with my life by giving it to me, but despite my names meaning I am no hero. I wish I had a different one. Anyways my story starts on the day of the festival.

"Akio" My mother yelled for me "ここにお出で" "coming!" I yelled back to her in our language. We speak Japanese in our house, my parents were persistent upon me learning the language, even if it is not used in our village. In fact the only language used in our village is COLINI. I do not speak it very well. So I write and take notes in English, another language forbidden to be used. I realize that is it dangerous to use forbidden languages, especially in a town effected like ours, but I do so anyways, in mere hopes that I am never caught. If I were to be it would be disastrous. Even still I have no idea why English and Japanese are forbidden, I'm aware the COLINI is the language of the elders but still uncertain.

I got up ate food "いただきます" and was quickly on my way. I adjusted my binder as I ran. I was late for the ceremony something uncommon for someone of my families status after all, my family generally has crystal's, and crystals are held in high regard here. Stones such as rocks, or coral are considered to be low rank. My parents keep my lack of a crystal a secret for if anyone were to find out I may be sent to exile. They make up excuse after excuse as to why I shan't show my "crystal" to anyone, often saying its in improper places. However it gets me by, without having to die. I ran up to my friend, Chin. Chin is very special to me. I like him more then I should.

It's forbidden that kind of love in my village, yet it doesn't keep the feelings away.

"hey, what's up?" He asked in COLINI. He knows I'm not very good at speaking it so he often asks simple questions to help me get by.

"good" I responded.

"cool" He replied. He has no idea of my thoughts towards him, nor any idea of my wishes for him, however even if I wished to let him know, its not as if I'd be able to communicate that with him.

"are you exited about the ceremony?"

"yes" I was exited true, but not in the positive sense. I was weary of such coordination. It's when they decide what our profession will be. Based on our stone's status. I'm assumed to have a sapphire making me worthy of noble positions, while other's like Chin who have rocks, will be placed in lower raking positions such as farmer, or bar tender. Chin has a rock in the palm of his hand known only as Syenite. It's a grey color with many different speckles and rough to the touch. Sometimes I wonder if Chin knows English, normally that rock is only given to English speakers. Which is why its of a low position. I don't speak English very well, I barley speak it at all. My grammar and spelling is pore. But I still try to write in it as much as possible, in hopes of improving this. I traveled with Chin, to the place, where the festival is held. I waited as patiently as I could, and held the sapphire, within, my stomach. People here are very gullible, they will believe anything usually with a lack of proof. It's easy to lie to those who are here, and they will never know the wiser. I was finally called upon. I walked up to the stage. Before hand I put the small sapphire within my stomach, and sucked in, creating the illusion of having a gem, well. An illusion for the unwise. I stood upon the stage with the gem inside my stomach. I watched as the man, who was assigning positions ordered me to reveal my gem. I watched with eager faces within the crowd. No one had seem my gem, mostly because I didn't have one to show. The man examined it. With eager and anticipation.

"well my dear boy, luckily for you we have had a death."

I looked at the crowd's faces.

"you shall be king"

I examined my parents they were smiling with glee, Chin was in awe, and the crowd was cheering like no other. If I hadn't faked having a sapphire, I probably would've been sent as a hunter, or a gardener, high ranking positions but never could I have imagined that I shall be king. I froze upon the stage. In the land where I live, Sealine, as the world is called, the King's previous gem as soon as discovered upon another, will become king. Regardless of Race, Gender, Ethnicity, or even Identity, you shall be King. Guess It was time for me then…time to be king. I didn't quite know how to feel about this. I faked something that got me into royal status. If they found out I'd be executed. You see the king assigns who receives what gem. What each families gem shall be. If the king does not assign his chosen gem, then the second highest ranking gem and the family that posses that gem's heir, shall be the next king. I know it's a lot to take in. It was a lot for me to. Point of the matter is, I am assigned to be King now. Because I am the heir to my family of Sapphires. Even though my gem is not real. They do not know that, thus I am a king without a gem…If they knew of my birth assignment they wouldn't have been so quick to assigned the title of King to my name. I'd rather not discuss my identity. For even though there is nothing against it, I fear rejection for it.

I continued my way off the stage, and into the crowd. Every one was chanting my name, "Akio, Akio, Akio, Akio" People, gave me pats on the back, people acted as though I was their friend, even if I had never spoken a word to them before.

No one cared that I didn't speak CALANI no one cared that I was dfab, people only cared that I had been crowed king, and it was a nice feeling. I continued my way into the crowd to find Chin. He spoke in CALANI.

"well, it looks as though your king! Akio"

"yes" I responded in the language I barley knew.

"Great! Congratulations. I see now why you ad kept that gem of yours a secret ay?"

"Yes" I responded once more. How I was to be king of a country who's language I barley uttered was astounding to me.

I talked some more with Chin. I finally made my way to my parents.

"why'd you give me a sapphire" I whispered in English.

"we weren't aware of the King's death my son" My mother hushed.

"but how is this to be fair if I lack a stone"

"trust me son everything will work. Your mother and I have assured it"

"but father"

Somone walked by..We were quite for a moment, my father came up to me.

"its okay son, now I must advise you go home, and prepare for your coordination."

I bit my lip. I held my tongue. I didn't want this. I didn't wish to be King. But that was not my decision, nor the decision of the law. It was the decision of my people, and the dead King which I must now abide by. This would not be pleasant. For the duties of a royal are duties of labor, duties or hardmenship and duties unlike that of any other country. I may as well, have been sentenced to death. I went to the stadium the next day. Everyone was cheering. I slipped the sapphire into my stomach, and watched the applause. They gave me the crown and I shed a tear, for I knew I'd be better off dead.

I walked towards the stage yelled the speech that my parents had gave me. For they spoke CALANI better than I. The crowd applauded and their were cheers which meant my first mission would be this evening.

Everyone knows that the duty of a king is merely to serve the people, to go on far and wide quests or royal stature. Not a flattering feature I think to myself. That evening I met my first maid. She had a stone on her forehead. Meaning she was of low status. She introduced herself as Salma. I looked at her.

"nice name"

Only I accidently spoke in English. She looked at me shocked.

"Young King, you mustn't speak that language" she whispered in CALANI.

"why so?" I responded in english.

"because its dangerous" she spoke in English.

I stared at her.

"you know English"

"yes now shh, you mustn't speak of it"

A guard entered the room.

"I hear, muttering in a tone unfamiliar what is it that is going on?"

"nothing sir. I was merely reading out of a poetry book for the young king" she spoke softly, and I was glad people within this country weren't bright. The guard quickly left. Taking with her, her suspicions . Salma went up to me and whispered in Calani. "beware of English and its power" shethen became silent as a stern look grew on her face, and walked away. English has no power, I mumbled to myself. In the afternoon I prepared for the mission ceremony. I got up spoke to my advisers and was handed a scroll. It read

"To the young King worth of adoration, we of the kingdom Columbis, commend you to go on the quest of the chosen jewl. Diamond. You are to find the dimond wielding user and bring them to the palace at once for tribute"

"why am I to find the diamond user, diamond users are a rare site?" I whispered to my mother in English.

"because my son, the kingdom demands it" she whispered back in CALANI.

I got up took the scroll and was given a special gem. It correlates with the heart of the diamond user, when its made close contact with the gem and shall sentence them to eternal slumber. I picked it up, it looked as if an ordinary rock when not lit, but once lit it glows red and changes colors repeatedly. I stuffed it in my pocket and headed out the door. I got on a kingdoms horse and headed out, I took slama with me by request.