I spent the next few weeks running away with Salma. I kept experiencing visions like the one of myself in Ice. One day I decided to tell her.

"Salma" I spoke in English.

"yes my king?"

"I have been having strange dreams…"


"In my wake, I dream of odd things"

"what of my king?"

She hadn't told me to stop talking in English. This was odd for her.

"of a separate life, where stones….are separate from human beings"

"My king you mustn't worry with such silly thoughts"

I slept that night, on the floore of grass. I looked up at the stars...then I heard a voice…

"Akio, AkiO AKIO"

It was in Japanese a forbidden language to be spoken.

I rubbedmy eyes to see Salma asleep. I wondered what the voice was. Why it had called out to me. I continued my rest.

That morning we decided to make our way towards tissfim. When I came across something odd. It was a round sphere. with multiple colers of orange and black. And a silver top that apeared like a capsole.

It had tiny crosses on it. I picked it up.

"My king!?"

Salma rushed towards me. She must've woken up. You musn't touch objects of magick. I was not aware that this item was of power.

" ButiIt is small"

"yes my king but powerfull now put it down"

I sighed. I dropped it in the pond near by as she instructed.

"wake up!?" I turned around.

"Salma?" no...it wasn't her voice.

"Akio, Akio….Akio" the voice turned sad and whithering.

I followed it, as if guided by a star. Until I came to a knife.

"My king where are you...my king we must leave at once!"

"Salma, what is this blade doing here"

"I don't know my king but I have the worst feeling!"

"I don't."

I continued towards the cresent item.

"And placed my hands along it"

"I took the blade and it felt cold, but familer"

"King put it down at once!"

Salma screamed at me. She had been acting odd lately. Referring to me as "my king" is not a common trait she possesses.

As I picked up the blade I slit my finger by chance. Suddenly I was in a white room. I was in a strange place. "Salma?" "Salma?" where had she gone? I tried to move but my arms were restrained within a coat of strings.


I screamed. Suddenly I was back. Pain has given me yet another dream.

"I do wonder…"

I took the blade and slit my hand intentionally. Blue water began to pour as always with wounds.

Suddenly I was with a girl. "Akio, put that stupid book down"

"No it's my favorite"

"Its fantasy"

"but it is also much more intriguing then here"


she bit her lip…

"Are you ready?"

"for what?"

"The test?"

I was back again.


I looked at my hand completly pierced with blue.

"I remember…."

I stubbed my foot with the blade and was in the memory once more.

"c'mon you really are going with that setting?"

"what? I am a diamond user?"

"Your hearts a diamond its not that impressive"

"Shut up"

I laughed as I pushed her on her side.

"Sanda I have don't much time left…before-"

"But why not live it here...I'm real...that stupid book isn't"

"it's apart of training."

"But Akio-"

"I love you...but I can't survive out here much longer. Better in a dream from a book then in pain out here"

"Akio I love you...please don't…"

I kissed her.

I looked at Salma.

"my king"

"Don't lie to me…"

"but King Akio!"

I dripped blue once more.

"I got inside the pod, of wires, and electricity, and wiped the tear from her eye"

"Goodbye AKIO"

She whimpered and like that I was here, in my village getting ready, thinking of my freind worrying about not having a stone and-.

A dream. It was a simulation. It was all a dream. I was dying so I….so I escaped into a dream…

I looked at Salma.

"Goodbye salma"

And like that I pushed the blade into my side and awoke.

I was gone and in the pod.

Awake and I could never go back.

(Authors note: welp that was abrupt. I've always been bad at endings. Oh well. regardless I had this ending planned from the start and I forshadowed it quite often. Their may or may not be a sequel depending on how well this is received. I don't know. Regardless its over. Thanks for reading! -Amanda)