This is the only Volumoire in existence.
A book which holds the answers to any and all questions.
A book that absorbs knowledge from the world around it.
Keep it safe, use it well.

What will follow is a sort of guide-book to the world of Neo-Neon. Here you will learn about the locations, history, technologies, cultures and people of this world, along with many other useful things. The information disclosed is mostly accurate, but keep in mind that not all information given is true. Some entries may be based on false claims or the result of malicious tampering. Errors will be corrected and revisions will be made as is deemed appropriate.

Entries will be sorted into various categories, but the listed order will not appear to have any significant order. A helpful index has been provided to allow you to search for information as needed. The information displayed will come in a variety of formats depending on the nature of the content. Once again, revisions will be made when necessary to maintain absolute clarity.

Without further ado, please enjoy your access to all the information in the world.