During Egyptian times conspiracies were common, royal heirs die one after another. So to keep the bloodline continuing, Pharaoh Ramses, one of the most feared kings of Egypt that ever lived had a secret child. The child was neither of a wife nor mistress, but of Isis, the moon goddess. The child was as beautiful as the full moon with hair of silver white, eyes of glowing purple, and skin as pale as the moon. Isis had the Pharaoh's child only because she saw Egypt dying and crisis befalling on the Egyptian gods and goddess in the future. Isis had the baby on Sirius, the celebration of the Neil rising due to the moon. On the night the baby was born the Hittite Empire attacked. Blood was shed and the child lost its father to Hittite soldiers and it's mother escaped to the heavens to recover. Before she did, she hid the baby in the mountains of weapons only to be found by general Abubakar the brave. The general could not slaughter the innocent newly born even if it was a Egyptian baby. He decide to raise the little creature, but there was a problem the child was a girl. Her unique characteristics made her a special creature and the girl herself would grow up to be beautiful as a goddess. Afraid of her being forced to be a man's bride, Abubakar decide to raise her to be a boy called Akil, meaning intelligent. For 17 years Akil and "his" father lived not knowing that "he" was the child of Isis and Pharaoh Ramses.

"Akil! Wake up!"

I fell off the bed and groaned in agony. How can Miss Astarte still speak even though she screams so loudly. I began to change quickly and saw my growing body and thought to myself. It was beginning to be a pain hiding my growing female body. The wraps around my chest helped, but it was still a pain to hide. I rushed down stairs to father and Miss Astarte. Miss Astarte began to talk endless about some "important" matter, but I wasn't listening because of lack of sleep. I came to when she shouted for my attention and asked "Well, are you or not?" I answered with confusion "What?" She replied with "Aren't you entering the the Death Match,"and continued to ramble on about "kids today"That question woke my Insomniatic self. The Death Match was an event held every 3 years to find young, prideful soldiers for the Hittite Empire. Of course I wanted to enter. I looked at my father. He asked in a soft and commanding voice for Miss Astarte to leave. She was silent and left for the market. My father gave me a disproving face and I yelled and complained "Why can't I enter?!" He raised his voice equally to mine and yelled" You know why!" In fact, I did know. Every time the discussion of the Death Match came up he'd explained that I am a woman even though I dressed as a man and that my still pale skin and white hair would make me an easy target for bullying. It happened when I was a kid the boys would pick on me because of my weak figure and I couldn't fight back because I was weak. I tried very hard to turn my pale skin and white hair dark by standing in they sun for countless hours, but results did not show. Now I'm grown, I've become strong than the boys despite my looks and me being a woman. I fought against my father and said" I stronger now!" But he immediately shot down my rebellious words with "It's dangerous! I dressed you like a boy to avoid dangerous situations!" Words came flying out my mouth and before I could stop I shouted "I will bring back honor to this family!" He shot me a glance, I touched a sensitive topic. Every time we argue, he wins. Maybe I should give up? No! I will fight his will and enter the Death Match and bring my father's honor back.

Father will be going out this afternoon to join the army as a soldier, no longer as a general. When he's gone I'll sign up for the Death Match. I walked into the market to get to the arena wearing a long cloak to cover my pale skin and white hair. It's best people don't know my "special features". As I passed by, I drowned in the beautiful everyday market, to bad it was not mine. Father explained that he found me on a battlefield between Egypt and the Hittite Empire. I held no resentment, all was fair when in war. I signed in and then enter the arena. A well groomed man, roughly about 20 years of age came out. He looked like a man who never held a sword or tasted bloodshed, a weakling. He had greenish-blue eyes, blonde-brown shoulder length hair, brood body, and was fairly attractive. I realized the last part when the girls in the packed crowed started screaming. It was either of fear or fandom and the first one couldn't possibly be true. The model faced man spoked. "I am King Aswad," meaning dark? Evil? This guy? "This year since my honorable father is dead and my beloved mother is bedridden with a fever, I will be in charge of this year's Death Match." Wow, he even talks like a weak-willed king. I looked around at my rivals, a bunch of rich kids huh? They might had good training, but they don't have a general's skills. I can beat them easy with they training my father taught me out of worry of people coming after me for my rare "beauty", I don't see where he sees the beauty in me. One by one I defeated the so called rivals of mine and won victoriously. Of course others won their battles, but only because they didn't have me as their opponent. When me and 30 others won, the tournament was over. I don't why father was worried, this was easy as breathing. The king all-so-weak or whatever-his–name-was spoke again "The brave warriors who have won are invited to my castle for a congratulatory meal." While the others cheered in celebration I thought that the meal was stupid. What if the "warriors" were spies from other countries? How can he casually invite people he doesn't know? Or is that he want spies to think he's dumb in order to trick them? No, he can't be that smart, just look at him. Wait, I shouldn't judge him by appearance, I mean I look weak, but I'm actually very strong. Underestimating him might be the fault of me. Even if it's charades or not I can't let my guard down, not even one second, I will make you proud father, just wait I will be the power that shapes the world. They king continued to speak "Oh, one more thing, the warriors will be seated from strongest. They most strongest will get a seat next to me at the banquet."

The servants guided the "warriors" to their seats. I got the seat right next to him, not surprising I been working myself to exhaustion to be god strong since I was a kid. This is great opportunity to see if the king is dumb as he looks. When I sat down the king greeted me with a stupid grin "Yes, your majesty? Can I help you?" I said still with the long cloak still on me. "Oh, it's nothing." Ugh. There is nothing that kills me more than to address a dimwit like him as "your majesty". The king ranged a spoon and wine glass together to get everyone's attention. I simply thought it was cheesy. They king began to speak while looking at me. "I would like to congratulate all of you..." Why did he stop? Did he forget the speech his royal servants wrote for him? "I'm sorry, I seem to be distracted by this young lad's attire. Would you mind removing your cloak, young lad."