What is he trying to do? Does he think I'm hiding something? Alright you want to dance with me? Then let's dance. " I'm sorry your majesty, but when I was younger I got bullied a lot that it left a scar on my face. I don't think your majesty would want to see it, it's very ugly." " Oh, I see, but I hope that you are not lying to me, the new king." "Believe me your majesty, I wouldn't dare to lie to you." Ugh how dare he use his tittle to threaten me? Anyway I not lying to him, only telling him half the truth. One point for me. The king went on with his speech about how the winners were very honorable and would stay in his palace for the time being. " Well, that's all I want to discuss with you this evening. Oh and my young warriors please feel free to use my royal brothel as you wish. I want to make your time here most pleasurable. Servants, please show the guests to their rooms.

As soon as the servant that showed me to my room left, I quickly took off the wraps on my chest. Oh, how it felt good to breath easy again. Before could relax for 5 minutes a knocking on my door came. " Yes? How many I help you?" A young girl's voice replied " The king wish to see you." " I'll be right there in a minute!" I shouted while trying to get the wraps around my chest and the long cloak around my body as quickly as I can. The young girl seems to be two years younger than me, she looked about 15 years of age. She was flushed from head to toe, her delicate ears were bright red as a newly born baby. " Um sir? C-can you stop look at me like that?" Look at her like what? Hm? Oh my god? Did she think I was flirting with her? Why would she think that I am a... boy. Ugh! How could forget I was a boy right now?! Now I was the one flushed from head to toe. " I'm sorry if I came out wrong. I am not flirting with you young lady. I don't get romantically involved with someone younger than me and I prefer men." I said with my best fake smile. " Oh, I see." She said with the red gone from her face. Oh my GOD what did I just say?! I'm a guy right now! Great, I just made it awkward for both of us! How could I tell her that I liked men, when I'm a boy right now. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I feel like running in the other direction! " Don't worry I have nothing against you preferring guys." She said. " Oh really? Well, thank you." I said calmly when inside I was thinking how much I wanted to tell I was female! For the rest of the way we walked in silence.

" Your majesty, I have brought the person you have requested." She said to the king. " You many leave now, AnneBeth." He replied." Yes, your majesty." With that the girl and her impression of me left. I wanted to explain to her the truth so bad! The stupid king started to speak " Let me guess, you accidentally told her that you like men by mistake?" Huh? How did he know that? " Well, I have nothing against you liking men EVEN IF you were a REAL MALE." What did he just say? H-how did he... " How did know that you were a woman? Even if you hid underneath a cloak I could still see your womanly features. You know that I am a king, right? I could have executed for lying to me, but I won't if you agree to become my woman and marry me. I need a strong and capable woman at my side. So which is it death by execution or marrying a powerful king?" T-this man, I couldn't see any trace of the ignorant king from before. The only thing I see now is darkness and evil in his eyes, the mark of a true tyrant that slaughter hundreds... no thousands of men, women, even children with his bare hands. Father is this what you have tried to protect me from? This kind of evil? Father for first in my life I feel the fear of walking into my enemy's hand.