Arachne (Musings from the underworld)

I used to be beautiful. I used to be normal. Well, extraordinary, exceptional and immensely talented, but still normal. I used to be human. Now I'm a monster.

Don't thwart the gods. Whatever you do, do not provoke them and become the victim of their fury. They do not like to be beaten. I learned that the hard way.

I used to be the best weaver in the world. I still am, in a certain way, but you won't hear me brag about it anymore. I've learned my lesson.

It doesn't matter if you're right or not, if you're truly the best. The gods always have the final say. No matter what. They'll make sure of that. Even if they can't win properly, they'll end on top. Trickery, brutal force, they'll use whatever means necessary. As long as no human ever exceeds them.

I depicted them as they are. Deceptive, dishonest and misleading. Using humans as their pawns to satiate their lusts and desires, to quench their thirst for dominance and power. Animals. Monsters.

And that's what they made me. A monster. They didn't even allow me the right to choose my own ending. Athena disgraced me. She discredited and humiliated me by destroying my beautiful art. And then she refused to let me die.

The chord I used to hang myself has become part of me. I still hang by that silk thread, and I always will. Yet my art was never easier to make. My extra hands never drop a stitch.

My art now has become my home, my life.

It has become me.