"Twelve o'clock, girl look at that!" Kim tapped me on the butt.

"Stop, I'm jiggling. What?" I reluctantly rolled over onto my back to see what she was looking at. If divinity is here on Earth it was wrapped around that man's waist. Jaw-dropping is too cliché. More like Panty-dropping.

"I thought you could only have a six pack." We both took off our sunglasses and watched him emerge from the water like Poseidon himself. We were both wondering if he could show us his trident.

"I would be happy to hike that trail to the deepest darkest forest." I suddenly needed to eat those chips in my beach bag. "Here," I offered Kim the bag and she absently dug in.

He smiled and flipped his hair to get the water off it. I think my brain automatically went into High def slow mo. Each droplet on his rugged chest was taking its time dripping down his tight body. He must have been form outside the country because he wore the most flattering pair of tiny swim shorts imaginable. They bulged in all the right places.

"That all him?"

"Girl, I hope so."

I fixed my bikini top as he came closer. It looked like we were in his path. He started to jog. Kim and I looked at each other. "He's coming this way."

"Yeah, high speed too. What do we do?"

"Look normal. I mean, he probably won't look twice at us." Some of Kim's self-consciousness with her body had crept into that last statement. We aren't tiny girls according to the majority of American society. My rolls were out. Kim's were hidden behind an unflattering one-piece she hated.

"Speak for yourself, sister, I'mma find a way to conquer that sea serpent." I smiled at her before throwing the chips back in the bag.

He was three meters way. Look at me using meters like the rest of the world.

It looked like he was going to jog right pass us when he suddenly back peddled. He looked at Kim and I with the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen. Feather duster eyelashes and all! I think I busted several ovaries.

"Excuse me, but is that KFC?" His accent was Australian. Yes, he's an Aussie. Hallelujah!

"Sure is," I played it cool. Kim hit me on the arm.

"You bring KFC to the beach?" His tone was teasing. That gave me permission to pick up the bucket, which still had a few pieces in it, and try to concentrate on his face. Believe me, it is hard when there are SO many other places to look.

"Yep. Never know when you might want to nibble on a Leg or a… thigh." I crossed my legs then.

"Sorry, my friend is…embarrassing." Kim jumped in. But by then Mr. Hugh Jackman had already sat down in the sand next to our towels.

He laughed heartily before shaking his head. "I think your friend is offering me lunch."

"I'm offering something," I said more loudly then I intended. He just laughed some more before offering his hand.

"I'm Luke." We shook and introduced ourselves. "Kim and Flo. Beautiful names."

"So Luke, you in a hurry or do you want some of this?" I gestured to the bucket of chicken. It was sitting on my thighs at just the right angle. He looked at me and smirked.

"I'll take all you have for me, Flo."

And that is how Kim and Luke met and fell in love.