I had left my hometown and was on the hunt for a new residence to live in. The price of the house didn't matter to me as long as it was live able. After staying with my mother for around 2-4 months, I had finally found a house out in the country. It's last owner was from around 45 years ago, and it was never bought because the owner died of "Natural Causes", as stated in the newspaper. After asking around several local shops and gas stations, and hearing that everyone thought it was haunted, I coughed up enough money to finally buy the house. I never really thought ghosts were real, so the fact that people said it was haunted didn't really bother me.

It was Sunday afternoon that the broker had finally called me back. She came to my house and we sorted out the paper work and she gave me the keys and the deed to the house and left without saying another word. I gathered all my things and said goodbye to my mother. By the time I arrived at my new home it was around 9 o'clock in the evening. I opened the door and was instantly hit with a cool breeze. After bringing all of the boxes from the moving truck in, I paid the movers and went to bed. It was then that I heard the sound. It sounded like nails being pulled out and two pieces of wood rubbing against each other. As it was around 2 am I blew it off and fell back asleep. I woke up around 8 am and made myself a cup of coffee. I turned around and instantly questioned what I was seeing.

A crooked door frame was dead smack in the center of my front wall. I put my mug down and walked over to door. I opened the door to find a staircase going down to a cellar that I didn't even know was part of the house. I got a flashlight and went down into the cellar. I felt a chilling breeze hit my neck, but not anywhere else, and the door slammed behind me. I kept going down the stairs and finally found a light switch. I hit the switch but nothing. I followed the power line from the light switch and found an old un-used generator. After a few, quick shakes, I got the generator to turn on. I went back to the light switch to flip it on. When I flipped my finger up to hit the switch, it wasn't there. I turned to look if I had accidently missed it, but it wasn't even on the wall. I turned back towards where the generator was but when I turned the lights came on and I was standing in the middle of my kitchen. The door was gone.

I called the broker straight away and asked about the cellar. "Ma'am you didn't tell me there was a cellar." I spoke. "What are you talking about sir? There's no cellar there." She replied. "No, there's definitely a cellar here…" silence. There was a slight humming noise for around 15 seconds then the phone cut off. I tried calling again but my phone line must have got cut. It was a long day so I might have been hallucinating. I put the phone down and went up to my bed to sleep. When I woke up the next day my room was covered in blood. I didn't know whose blood it was though, no one lives anywhere near me. I grabbed my phone and called the police. It took a while for the police to arrive, but when they did I was still sitting in my bed.

My bedroom door flung open. The police pointed their guns at me. "Sir, put your hands up!" They shouted at me. "It wasn't me." I replied. The police put their guns down. They didn't enter the room due to the fact that the whole floor was covered in blood. Some other people came in and started taking samples of the blood. After several samples were taken someone came in and cleaned the blood up. The police came up to me and put handcuffs on me. They escorted me to the police car and put me in the back. It took what seemed like hours to get to the police center. Upon arriving there were several news reporters and people staring at me. With all the loud shouts I couldn't really make out anything that anyone was saying.

After several questions from a man in a suit, a woman came in with a very worried look on her face. She looked at me and then at the man. "Sir… the blood test came back…" she paused several times, taking heavy breathes, and shaking slightly. "The blood is from him…" as she pointed at me.
"But the amount of blood that was in the room is almost triple the amount in the human body." I passed out.

When I awoke I was in the hospital. There were at least ten doctors in the room, standing around my bed. I looked to my right to find a crooked door standing in the middle of the room. I pointed at it but no one even looked. I confusedly looked at one of the nurses. I looked her in the eyes and she didn't respond to it. I waved my hands in her face but still, nothing. I pushed myself up from the bed and started walking around. The nurses acted like nothing happened and I was still in the… I turned around to find myself lying in the bed. I screamed. Nothing happened though, even though I tried screaming nothing came out. I looked to my left to find the crooked door frame still there. I walked over to it and grabbed the door handle.

"Hehehehe," "hahahah." Several pitched laughs came from the backside of the door. I turned the door handle and walked through. I found myself in the middle of a dark room. The laughing continued. I dug through my pocket to find a box of matches. I found two left over. "Hehehe" the laughing sounded to be closer. I struck the match and rose it to the level of my face and pushed it in front of me. The laughing stopped. The match died out. I struck the last match. Once again I held it at eye level. I squinted to see more clearly. "Do you want to play a game?" A childish voice said. Once again I looked forward. A small child-like figure in hood appeared in my view. When the child rose is face I blacked out.

When I woke up I was back in my bed. Thinking it was just a dream, I walked down to my kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I picked up a mug and put coffee into the mug. "Do you like your eyesight?" A creepy, childish, voice said to me. I dropped my mug and spun around. "Who's there?"

I shouted. What stood in front of me would put you out cold. It was the child from the dark room in my dream. Except this time there were three of them, all in different colored hoodies. One blue, one white, and one green. Their hoods were up and I couldn't see their faces. "You're going to be just like us" the voice muttered. At once they pulled their hoods down and what I saw terrified me. Their faces were very white, almost as white as paper. Where their eyes should have been there was nothing but dark, black holes as if their eyes had been gouged out. And from their eyes oozed black blood.