"Meow, here Puss Puss,"

I cringe. And when I say cringe I mean more recoil, in repulsion. The vomit I can feel, rising from the pit of my stomach is about to spew uncontrollably from within me, like a volcano ready to erupt. Having previously felt a sharp tug on my synthetic tail, I had spun round rapidly to see who the culprit was.

A balding, middle-aged man stood before me. Well, not so much as stood, no, to put it correctly he's hanging from the stairwell bannister, like the lobotomised gibbon he is. In the hand that isn't welded to the glossy mahogany wood, is a tall wide glass with, judging from his current state, what I can only guess to be a concoction of strong alcohol. His seedy eyes burrow into mine as if any second now he would be able to strip what little clothes I wore from my body with his telekinesis mind power. From his unkempt beard particles of vomit cling, that unbeknownst to him gradually roll down his chin landing in his drink with a disgusting 'plop 'sound.

Wow. What a charmer.

Suddenly feeling very uneasy clad in just a black leather, halter-neck top and matching mini Ra-ra skirt, I shift awkwardly from one foot to the other. I'm thankful that the majority of my legs are shielded by a pair of fluffy black leg warmers, that the boss had, after much deliberation been kind enough to let me wear. He had only agreed as I was new to the job.

Otherwise, I feel all but naked.

"What can I do for you Sir?" I reply as sweetly as possible, even through gritted teeth.

I hold my tail in my hand, swinging it absently. Maybe I could use it as a weapon if needed. If I was desperate.

Or I could just use the six inch heels...

"Don't you mean what can I do for you Pussy-cat?"

Even in his drunken stupor he manages to emphasise the 'I'..Impressive.

After his hand releases the banister, he clambers awkwardly over to where I'm stood, stopping far too close for my liking. I feel and smell his foul, alcohol and vomit soaked breath on my face and, again I sense the bile rising.

To be honest, I'm just amazed that he stands unaided. Above most things.

Feeling incredibly uncomfortable I look away, in hopes the man would shift his unwanted attention to one of the other girls.

How wrong I was.

Like a starving lion, his paw-like hand reaches out and snakes around my waist, forcing me up against his rigid body. For a man who had drunk as much as him I find myself amazed at his undeniable strength. A gasp escapes my lips as his sharp, filthy fingernails dig into the soft skin of my midriff. I throw my hands hard against his chest, desperately trying to pry myself away from him.

The most horrible high-pitched laugh leaves his mouth in victory

"I love it when you girls put up a fight" he smirks

I glance around me in every direction, quickly realising there's no one around to save me from the brute. I have to do something. Without a second thought for the damage it would undoubtedly cause, I lift my leg high and plunge it back down onto his shoe, the pointed heel pierced cleanly through the thick black leather. His anguish scream is music to my ears, and it causes him to immediately release his hold on me. With my hands still firmly on his chest, I thrust backwards with all my strength, causing him to fall in a clump on the floor. I hastily step away from the figure on the floor, having been in enough situations like this to know never to stay within reach.


A sigh of sheer relief floods over me as the deep voice enters my ears and I'm immediately comforted by Ivan's dominant presence next to me.

"Get him the hell out of here!" he booms hauling the man up from the floor "You do not lay your hands on my girls! You're banned from this establishment!"

He throws the man roughly at two suited men, that proceed to carry him off deeper into the club.

"Kitty. Are you OK?" he places a strong hand on my bare arm and I shudder under his touch

My eyes are still wide, alert and I'm panting hard, struggling to release a steady breath

"Come with me Kitty, I need to talk to you anyway."

I nod and allow him to lead me up the red velvet staircase. I'd be lying if I was to say I was not aware of the number of eyes on my back as we left. Approaching a wooden door on the upper level, Ivan produces a small silver key, which he turns in the rusty lock. The door groans in reply to being opened and he quickly gestures for me to enter the room

I slump down defeated, on a red leather chair that sits behind Ivan's makeshift desk. He places himself on the opposite side.

Is it me or is everything at this place made of leather?

Or covered in animal print.

I guess that makes sense, with a name like 'On Safari'. I must admit I'm warming to the theme of the place. Each of the girls working here has their own animal identity, Victoria Vixen and Rogue Raven happen to be my personal favourites. When I had told Ivan my name during the interview process, he had practically handed the job to me on a plate based on my name alone.

"So," he begins "I promise you that kind of thing doesn't happen very often babes."

Well, that's reassuring to hear isn't it.

"But you did seem pretty shook up. Are you going to be alright?"

I nod in return.

"Wonderful!" he claps his hands together rubbing them as if nothing ever happened "So we need to discuss your debut Sweetie. If you remember, we talked about it at the interview."

" I remember," I reply solemnly

How could I forget it, I've been dreading it every day since. The debut was a sole performance that had to be done by each of the performance team, after a four-week period of working at 'On Safari'. It was basically Ivan's way of testing his employees confidence, to see if we're good enough, and it's also great for publicity apparently, to get ourselves known throughout the club. I had heard from Victoria that Raven had covered herself in whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I guess it's sort of like an initiation into the club. I've heard they do similar things when you go to University.

" Have you had a think about what you want to do for yours?"

I glance back at Ivan.

He's young, well, around early thirties, with very short electric blue hair that sticks up all over the place. It reminds me of a hedgehog.

I have to call him Sonic at least once while I'm here.

Currently, his biceps are attempting to burst out of his short-sleeved vest top, and it's difficult to find an area of his olive skin that isn't inked with tattoos. I find myself staring at the ornate lettering of one located on his left arm, which reads 'Raven.'

"Kitty?" he beckons waving a hand in my face

I shake myself out of my trance

"Can I sing?" I blurt it out before my brain even has the chance to contemplate how stupid the sentence sounds when said aloud

"Sing?" he quips, eyebrows raised, peering up at me under his lashes

I nod in confirmation and watch anxiously as he bites his bottom lip

"Raven turned herself into a human dessert. Victoria put on a burlesque show, and you" he raises a finger at me at this point, "Want to sing?"

I stare down at my hands that are nervously twitching in my lap. I knew it sounded tame in comparison to what the other girls had done. Finally after what seems like hours I hear his chair creak, and he leans back to rub his stubbly chin with the end of a ball-point pen.

"One condition" he replies, his voice is so sharp it makes me jump.

He's watching me out of the corner of his dark eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips

"I get to pick your outfit."

I gulp

"Sure" I reply, forcing a smile onto my lips

It doesn't sound like I actually have a choice

He chews his pen for a moment longer, lost in thought, then rises to his feet

"Fantastic, Princess, now that's sorted we need to arrange the photo shoot."

At this point I also stand, the significant length of my heels allow me to almost reach Ivan's height

"I'll call you when I've arranged it then, until then you're a free woman" he smiles and gives me a wink.

I nod for the final time tonight and flee the room. I run, as best as one possibly can with six inch heels on, down the stairs to the changing rooms. I briskly remove my 'uniform' and am grateful once I've changed back into my own clothes. I exit the building and head out into the chill night. It's a lovely clear evening, and I can see the stars for miles. I feel a smile creep onto my face as I leap into my beat up old hatchback, waiting patiently for me where I left it. The engine kicks into life and I shove my fingers in front of the heater, desperate for the warmth.

Can I really do this?

Sighing heavily, I carefully drive out towards the exit and down the long empty road

I really have no choice.

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