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Jacob's Dilemma

"Wait! What?"

Jacob sits across from me with a look of pure bewilderment strewn across his pretty face. Sighing heavily for what seems like the millionth time today, I plonk my head in my hands in pure frustration and stare at the square tiles that litter the wall in a disorderly manner. Each, worn over time, with corners chipping away and missing. They don't collate evenly together, to create an ornate mosaic like the one in Jacobs kitchen. His kitchen, like everything else in the house, is magnificent, with its pristine marble work tops and trendy modern d├ęcor. I'd found myself comparing our houses, ever since I stepped foot in the Wilde household. It's hard not to, everything in his life is perfect.

"Hey, hey! Earth to Kitty!" Jacob snaps his fingers in front of my face in order to bring my attention back to him. It works, and with an unintelligible grunt, I turn my head to face him.

"Sorry," I apologise grimly, hyper aware that I'd trailed off while explaining my situation to him.

I hate to talk about my past with anyone. It always feels like I should be in one of those stupid sitcoms on TV, or one of the really awful reality shows that plague the airtime nowadays. And I'll avoid it at all costs.

"So you changed your name.." Jacob continues, relentlessly, carrying on my sentence from where I left off.

"Correct," I confirm with a small nod, "Well, actually dad changed my name. I wasn't old enough at the time," I correct myself whilst thinking back.

"And he just agreed?" He questions dubiously, with a raised eyebrow.

"I think dad would have agreed to anything for an easy life, to be honest. After everything that happened with the divorce he was never the same," Even as I speak, I feel my voice wobbling towards the end of my sentence, as an image of my father sat on his own in a dull room flickers across my mind. I cough to hide my obvious distress, feeling anxious at the thought of seeing him again, "But he knew how much hate I had for mum, and she was the one who chose my name. I didn't want anything to do with her."

"Right," He responds, his voice taking on an even, more sombre tone, "And you never told anyone about the abuse?"

"Other than mum, no. I didn't. Until you came along," I answer bluntly, staring daggers into his eyes.

A hint of a smile tugs at the corners of Jacob's lips, he's clearly not intimidated in the slightest.

"How did you meet him?" The way in which Jacob pronounces 'him' clearly shows how much hatred he has for Hugo. And he never even knew the guy.

I meet his eyes in a momentary glance, " It was shortly after mum had left. Hugo approached me while I was out walking in the park near our house, " I explain, the facts and figures coming back to me as if it happened yesterday, "He said he found me attractive, we went on a couple of dates, one thing led to another and we started dating from there. He was an older man, and he was giving me attention. Who was I to question it?"

Jacob's eyes narrow ever so slightly, "So when did everything start, you know, going bad?"

I sigh again, not wanting to talk about this subject with him,"Jacob, I really don't want to-"

"Kitty. This is serious," He shoots back interrupting me and completely disregarding my reluctance, "Come on, talk to me."

My eyes narrow of their own accord at the persistence of the man in front of me. I watch as his dark brows furrow together and he stares back at me with irrefutable confidence. He exhales heavily, leaning back into the wooden chair, before reaching behind his head to lean on his hands. He looks way too comfortable for my liking.

"I'm not leaving until you start talking," He announces, with an arrogant smile to match his demeanour.

At that current moment in time, my mind can't comprehend the thought of Jacob staying overnight in my house. In fact just thinking about him and me alone in the house makes me squirm uncomfortably in my seat.

"It started a couple of months from then. He started acting funny around me," I glance at Jacob, who nods for me to continue, "He started changing, becoming controlling. I guess the first thing was when he deleted all my music from my IPod."

Jacob raises an eyebrow, looking a little confused, but remains silent nether the less.

"Yeah," I continue, "I used to walk every morning to school. Only the one day I plugged in my headphones and half of my playlist had disappeared. I never really thought much of it at the time. I mean, it's not the first conclusion you come to right? But it did happen to be all of the male artists, which was odd, to say the least."

"The next incident was my phone. Every male contact vanished from my phone's memory. He even went as far as to delete my brother."


I could tell from the tone of Jacob's voice that he was outraged at that. And saying it out loud now did hit home that it was totally out of order. Even if I was pretty oblivious to it back then.

"Yeah," I reply sheepishly, trying my best to hide behind my overgrown fringe.

"And you didn't think that was wrong?" Jacob questions in disbelief.

"No, I did!" I cry quickly, in protest, "I was upfront with him, asked him if it was him. He was completely honest with me and had no shame in admitting that he was in fact, the culprit," My voice breaking forces me to a halt. I hadn't realised just how quickly I'd been speaking until I became breathless.

"I got angry, told him never to touch my phone again. I said he was out of order."

"And?" Jacob demands after an elongated silence between the two of us.

My voice is tiny when I speak again, "He hit me."

Out of the corner of my vision, Jacobs body visibly stiffens. I half expect him to growl like a wolf protecting its cub from harm but he doesn't. If anything, his silence unnerves me so much more.

"Don't look at me like that!" I retort back, seeing the doubt in his gaze "Yes he hit me, on numerous occasions. And then he raped me and-!"

"Whoa, calm down," Jacob responds immediately to my sudden outburst, by grabbing my flailing hands in his own, "We're just talking."

"No, I believe it's called an interrogation," I snap back haughtily, whilst wrenching my hands from his, unable to ignore how perfectly they fit together.

Glaring into his eyes, I witness them change, taking on a more severe, stern appearance. The deep ring of colour becomes evident in his eyes, shifting easily to surround those jet black pupils.

"Why didn't you go to the police? Why did you keep going back? You lived in different houses right?"

"I didn't go to the police because my own mother wouldn't believe me, Jacob! Why would I think that anyone else would? I lost every ounce of confidence I had in the human race! Besides, he said if I told anyone he'd kill me!"

"Sweetheart! Just calm down, It really doesn't do you any good to get worked up like this," Jacob tries to reason with me, but I'm way beyond that stage now.

In one swift move, I spring off my chair like I've suddenly realised I'm sat on a bed of needles, "How do you know what helps me?!" I demand angrily, "You have no idea what it's like. To go through something like that. And don't call me Sweetheart! My name is Kitty, not Kitten, not Princess! Get it right!"

"You're wrong Kitty," Jacob stands tall, instantly defending himself, "I knew what was going on with Emma. I knew in my head that something was seriously wrong. And I didn't do a fucking thing!" He shakes his head towards the floor, clearly fuming with himself "And now she's gone forever," He pauses to take a long breath, "I knew before you even told me. I recognised the way you reacted around me, the signs you were showing, probably without even realising. I'm not letting it happen again."

Jacob stops to run a frustrated hand through his fashionably messy hair, before entrapping me in his vibrant blue gaze once more, "That's why we have to go to the police about this."

And that's when I flip. At the mention of police involvement I freak, striding over to Jacob, genuinely intent on causing damage. He shuffles ever so slightly but surprisingly holds his ground. Reaching out with toned, muscular arms, he stops me in my tracks before I can get any closer to him.

"That's not your decision to make!" I sneer angrily, pointing an accusatory finger at his chest to emphasise my point, "I've gotten over this! I'm not going to bring it all back from the past!"

"Clearly you haven't Kitty," Jacob argues back, "Why are you protecting him?"

I avert my eyes from his own, sheepishly staring off into the distance, "Because, because I loved him," I reply honestly, feeling myself beginning to tear up,"Well, I thought I loved him," I add hastily, as I see the scowl materialise on Jacobs face.

"Are you crazy Kitty?" Jacob snaps, roughly grabbing my shoulders to put my attention back on him, "You can't love someone who treated you like that! That is not love Kitty, it's fear and manipulation!"

"Oh and I suppose you would know, wouldn't you," I growl furiously, "How many serious relationships have you had, Jacob? Just so you know that doesn't count drunken one night stands!"

The words fly from my mouth before I can seriously think about what I was saying. Almost instantly, I regret it, even though I know it to be true. Jacob is a player, and everyone knows that. I watch his expression change in front of me, from complete shock to one of anguish and hurt. He releases his hold on me at once, dropping his arms by his side defeatedly.

"It's lovely to know what you really think of me," He mumbles back in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, the truth hurts," I retort snottily, "I suggest you leave now Jacob. I'm done talking with you."

"You're an idiot if you think this is just going to go away. If you think I'll just drop it!" Jacobs tone rises with each word, "This needs to be dealt with once and for all! It's a police matter!"

"What's a police matter?"

Jacob and I both turn simultaneously to face the direction in which the new voice has come from. To my utter horror, my brother stands in the doorway to our kitchen with an incredibly bewildered expression across his face. I hadn't even heard him enter the house, I hadn't heard the front door like I often did when he returned from work. I stare at him like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, dumb founded and completely speechless. How much of our argument had he actually heard?

"Hunter- I- nothing. Jacob was just leaving," I answer with hesitation, narrowing my eyes at the infuriating man standing beside me.

Jacob looks at me deadpan, "You should tell him, Kitty."

The rage that had gradually been building within me erupted in that very moment, like an out of control volcano erupting to cause destruction. And In a matter of seconds, I've lunged at Jacob, flooring him in one swift motion like a lion going in for a kill. He obviously doesn't realise, that I too, can only be pushed so far before I break.


My back hits the solid floor with a crack, but thankfully it's not the sound of my spine snapping. I peer up at Kitty from the kitchen floor still stunned and in shock. I should know by now not to underestimate her strength, even though she's tiny she's proved on many occasions how true the statement 'Never judge a book by its cover' really is. In her fit of rage, she strikes me from every angle, managing to make contact a few times, before I finally come to my senses. I squirm beneath her, trying my best to block her wild assault on me. But it's not all that long before Hunter has dragged his sister off of me.

"Kitty!" Hunter addresses his sister, shaking her in an attempt to calm her down, " Tell me what?" Hunter growls, whilst struggling to control the livid teenager in his arms.

I watch as Kitty abandons her struggle to stare at the floor, obviously realising she is easily overpowered by her older sibling. Her brothers face is a mixture of frustration and fear when he turns his eyes upon me expectantly. I shake my head softly, side to side. It isn't my place to tell him.

The awkward silence is unexpectedly cut short when my mobile begins blaring out and vibrating furiously in my pocket. Both Kitty and her brother turn towards the intrusion, as I pull it out quickly, frowning at the name of the callee.

" Mum?" I question, bringing it to my ear with curiosity.

"Jacob. It's good to hear your voice again Sweetie," She replies, and I can sense the smile in her voice.

"You too, " I respond, "What do you want?"

"Can't a mother ring her son for a dignified conversation, without wanting something in return?" She bleats sounding offended.

I scoff, catching Kitty's eye momentarily. She seems to have calmed down a little since our roll on the floor .

"You can, Mum. But you don't. What do you want?" I repeat once again.

An elongated sigh can be heard from the other side of the phone before she speaks again, "You know me too well Sweetie. I thought I'd try to soften the blow first but you saw straight through me," her tone is faster than normal, which immediately indicates to me I'm not going to like what she has to say, "I need you to go and pick up your sister."

My brows furrow together in confusion, as I contemplate her request.

"Isn't she in New York?" I question stonily.

"Yes," Mum confirms, "You can take our private jet at 12:05 tonight."

"What?" I blurt out in outrage, "I'm not doing that"

"I'm sorry Jacob, but you have no choice. Cally has broken up with Mark, and he's thrown her out of the agency. For good," she pauses to sigh again, "She was living with him in his apartment, which was apparently very grand. It overlooked the city and-"

"Mum," I interject, to stop her going off on a tangent. It was something she tended to do often during conversations and It irritated me to no end.

"Sorry Sweetie. To cut the story short, she's being rather stubborn and point blank refusing to come home. But as of tomorrow, she has nowhere to live. I can't imagine my little girl alone on the streets."

"I can't imagine it either," I grumble my reply, even though my reasoning differs greatly to mums. My sister is far too high maintenance for that. The very polar opposite to myself.

"OK Mum," I concede finally, "I'll go drag her home."

"Thank you," she answers sweetly, "I'm hoping to be coming home next weekend, but I won't know for sure until later in the week. I hope you're looking after yourself, Sweetie."

"Yeah," I smile, "And throwing wild house parties every day."

There's an anticipated silence through the line for a couple of seconds before she replies.

"You're a good boy, Jacob. I know you wouldn't do that. Anyway, I must dash, busy, busy."

"Sure Mum. See you soon," I mutter hopefully before the line goes dead.

Once the calls finished, I glance back down at my phone to find that it's coming up to 8:00. My eyes find the angered man stood before me before sliding to lock onto Kitty's.

"I have to go," I announce abruptly running a hand through my hair, "Something has come up."

"What?" She cries, throwing her hands by her side in protest, "You can't just leave in the middle of an argument!"

"Actually, I can," I smile, dropping a chaste and sneaky kiss on her forehead, "See you soon Shortie."

And with that said I make haste for the door, and I don't stop walking until I'm stood beside my car on the road. I look back at the house, through the living room window, feeling guilty for what I'd caused tonight.