Chapter One

"It's not safe."

"It's been over a year since I've seen you."

"People have been attacked and some even taken. No bodies have been found of those taken. They're obviously keeping them. And they're only taken women. Please be reasonable."

"I already have all my stuff packed and I'm ready to come. Nothing will happen to me. You know I'm quick and I'm a shifter. I can just shift into my wolf form and run off. It's not like they can go to the police if they see me shift."

Abby heard Kyra sigh on the other line and knew that she'd won. It'd been ten years since Kyra met her mate Kane and moved to his pack. Ever since then, Abby had been going to visit them. It'd been three long years since Abby had been able to go. First her dad passed away and then her mom had joined him shortly after. Abby had been devastated and heart broken, and hadn't understood how her mom could take her own life. Her mother had definitely become a different person after her dad's death, but could the loss of a mate truly make you kill yourself?

"I want you to call me every hour to tell me how close you are and what's happening. I'll send someone out to meet you in town and then follow you here."

"You don't have to do that. I know the road to turn off on," Abby told her.

"I know, but there is a long stretch of woods and no houses. We don't want to take any chances on them attacking your car. They've been getting braver. The authorities are at a loss because they only see animal prints and no fingerprints at the scene."

"Kyra! I'm going to be fine. I can handle myself. Trey made all of us take self defense classes and had the older males teach us how to fight in wolf form. I'm really fast at shifting and my wolf is one of the fastest in the packs," Abby reminded her.

"I'll see you tomorrow evening," Kyra replied.

"See you then!"

Abby hung up the phone and set it on the kitchen table where she'd been sitting. She tucked a stray strand of brown hair behind her ear and leaned back in the chair. She propped her feet up on the chair next to her and closed her eyes.

Honestly, she was a bit worried about the trip. These attacks and kidnappings had gotten more frequent as of late and she was worried that it was shifters taking females to mate with them. There was no way they'd pass up on a female driving lone and already a shifter. That's if they caught her scent or found her.

She was also worried about telling Trey, her alpha. He was going to be furious. Missy was going to tan her hide too. She'd told them that she was going, but they told her no. She told them that she'd call Kane and Kyra and get their opinion. Apparently Missy and Trey thought that Kane and Kyra could talk her out of it, because they'd dropped it lately.

A smile appeared on Abby's lips as she thought about how easy it was to change Kyra's mind. Looking around at the dirty dishes in the sink and the leftovers on the stove, Abby sighed and got to her feet. She would much rather be lounging around, but she knew that she had to clean up and take a shower before bed. Tomorrow was the day that she would head to Kyra's. She was excited to see everyone.

Quickly loading the dishwasher and then hand washing the rest of the dishes, Abby wiped her arm across her forehead and then dried her hands on the towel. She set the towel down on the counter and then went about getting containers for the leftover food. She'd made enough for two people, but her friend, Sara hadn't shown up. She was pregnant and was always getting sick. Abby didn't blame her for calling off. She was going to pop any day now.

A sense of longing hit her suddenly and she gripped the counter. She wanted a mate and a baby on the way. She was so good with kids, had always been. How come she hadn't found her mate yet? Most of the women her age in the pack were mated and had babies on the way. It was like everyone had someone but her. She was completely alone. No family left alive and no mate. It was a terrible life for a wolf. Yes, Trey had stepped in and acted like her father or an annoying older brother, but he was her alpha. He had other responsibilities. Missy was also getting old and had more important things to do than watch out for her.

After finding several containers, Abby poured the corn, green beans, and steak and gravy into separate ones. She then set the dirty pans in the sink, deciding to wash them in the morning with the dishes from breakfast. She opened the fridge and set the containers inside. Turning to survey her kitchen, she noticed how bare it was. She hadn't lived here in at least four years. She'd moved out as soon as she turned seventeen and graduated high school. She'd been smart and top of her school. She'd also been the youngest in her class. She hadn't minded though.

Now she was living back in her childhood home and every little thing reminded her of her parents. She'd stripped the walls and ripped all the pictures off the fridge in her anger, wanting to forget the people who'd abandoned her. Now she regretted her decision. Most of the pictures were ripped or crumpled and a lot of them were ruined. She didn't have hardly anything left of her parents.

Stretching, she walked into her old bedroom, turning toward the dresser to the right of the door. She opened the top drawer and grabbed a clean shirt. She then opened the second drawer down and grabbed some shorts. Next she walked across the room to the foot of her bed and opened the top drawer of the small dresser and pulled out some clean underwear.

Stripping out of her clothes, she set her clean clothes on the bed. She threw all her dirty clothes in the hamper and then walked naked across the hall and into the bathroom. The air was a little chilly in the house and she knew that winter was fast approaching. The leaves were already completely off the trees and all over her front and back yard. She'd have to rake them and stuff them in bags when she got home.

Closing the bathroom door behind her, she turned on the stereo. The room filled with the sound of music and running water as she turned the shower on. She opened the cabinet and grabbed a clean blue fluffy towel. She closed the toilet seat and set it on top. She stepped around the shower curtain and into the spray of water. She jerked the curtain closed and then let the water soak her hair. She moved out from under the spray and lathered up shampoo on her hands. She then massaged it into her hair and scalp.

When she was done washing and shaving her legs, she turned the water off and then stepped back into the bathroom. She wrapped up in the towel and stood there a moment to adjust to the cool temperatures. She might have to turn her heat on tonight. Even for a wolf, temperatures could get cold.

Abby dried off and then wrapped the towel around her hair and left it on her head. She brushed her teeth and placed moisturizer on her face. Then she put lotion on her legs and arms. After applying deodorant, she opened the bathroom door. And walked right into someone's chest.

Abby gave a cry and jerked backwards. Trey's eyes widened and then he quickly averted his eyes. "Where are your clothes?" he asked.

"In my room. What the hell Trey? Why are you in my house and why didn't you announce yourself?"

"You should have sensed that I was in the house. You're slacking," Trey told her.

"What do you want?" Abby pushed past him and walked into her room. She dressed quickly, feeling his eyes on her. "You could give me some privacy."

"Wolves are used to nudity."

"It's still polite," she pressed.

"What's this I hear about you leaving tomorrow? I thought we talked about this?"

Abby turned to find him standing in her doorway, his large frame leaning against the door frame. He had his arms crossed and looked stern.

"I called Kyra and Kane. They agreed that I can come," Abby shrugged. "I leave tomorrow."

"You're not going. It's too dangerous."

"I told you that I am. I'm an adult now, Trey. You can't keep babying me."

"I'm your alpha. I make the rules around here," Trey growled. Abby had the audacity to look him in the eye and hold his gaze.

"And I can make the decision to leave your pack and join Kane's."

Trey moved forward so fast Abby didn't have time to blink. Trey's hand wrapped around her throat, cutting off her breath. Her eyes widened and she clawed at his hand. "Are you pushing me on purpose, pup? Do you want me to kick you out of your pack?"

Abby fought a moment longer before going limp and submitting to her alpha. Trey held on a moment longer before dropping her. Abby crumbled to the floor, gently holding her neck and sucking in a breath. She coughed and then stared at his feet. Trey was barefoot, which was normal even in this weather.

"I'm going tomorrow," Abby said quietly.

"No you're not. And if you leave, don't bother coming back."

"Why?" she asked.

"You'd be disobeying a direct order from your alpha and placing yourself at risk. I won't have wolves in my pack that don't obey me and would put their entire pack at risk for selfish reasons."

"Selfish reasons? How am I putting the pack at risk?"

"People in this pack care about you, Abby. Do you seriously think that if you went missing they wouldn't look? No. They would hunt to the ends of the earth for you. Men would leave their women behind and mothers their pups. We care about you. They could be going to their deaths. They would fight for every member of this pack. You included."

"I didn't ask for that," Abby muttered.

"That's what a pack is. I mean it Abby. If you leave tomorrow I'll make the announcement that you are no longer a member of this pack. You will be disowned and no one will welcome you back."

"Fine," Abby snapped. Trey remained a moment more before turning and disappearing out of her room and house. She stayed on the floor, thinking about what he said. Getting to her feet, she turned to the bag she had packed on the end of her bed. She grabbed it and opened it. She looked at the clothes she had packed and then around at her room.

With a growl, Abby spun and walked out of her room. She went to the hall closet and ripped the door open. It almost flew off the hinges and she realized that her wolf was closer to the surface than she first assumed. She took a calmly breath and then dug out two more duffel bags out of the closet. Turning back to her room, she got started on packing up every bit of clothing she owned.

Abby glanced several times in the rear view mirror. Was someone following her? Would Trey really let her leave? She'd been on the road less than an hour and was paranoid that Trey would send someone after her to drag her back. Surely he wasn't serious about kicking her out. Glancing over her shoulder at everything she owned, Abby sighed. She'd brought everything just in case. She hadn't even warned Kyra and hoped that if Trey was serious they'd take her in.

It wasn't even light outside. She glanced at the clock and turned up the radio at the same time. It was just a little after three in the morning. She yawned and took a drink of the coffee in the travel mug she made herself.

She had to stay awake and alert. Now that she was on the road, her wolf was pacing in her mind and nervous. It made her nervous and even her hands were shaking on the wheel. She could do this. There was no going back now. She was leaving everything she knew behind her and moving on to a new future. There were no potential mates in her pack anyway. Everyone was either mated or too old. Maybe someone in Kyra's pack would find her attractive or be her mate. She wanted the kind of love that she'd seen in her own parents and in Kyra and Kane.

She glanced at her cell, glad that she'd thought to bring her car charger. She'd almost forgotten it on the table. It was almost fully charged and she planned on keeping it on charge the whole way so that she could call Kyra when she got closer.

How long had it been? Glancing at the clock and covering a yawn, Abby realized that she'd been driving for three hours now. It was around 6:30 in the morning and she'd only passed a couple people on the road. She was now hours away from her pack and had zero missed calls. Apparently Trey hadn't figured out she'd left, or he didn't care. A part of her was torn that she hadn't said goodbye to Missy or Sara. There was a lot of people she would have liked to say goodbye to, but those were the most important. She was almost positive that Sara would call her against Trey's orders, Missy too.

Seeing a gas station sign, Abby checked her fuel level and realized that she was almost empty. She pulled off the interstate and drove up the off ramp. She turned left and then turned right into the gas station parking lot. She pulled up to a pump and turned off her car. She glanced at her phone and said, "To hell with it."

Grabbing her phone, she dialed the number she knew by heart. It rang three times and then a sleep filled voice came on the phone.


"Kane? This is Abby."

"Abby? What time is it?"

"It's a little past 6:30 in the morning. I'm sorry I woke you."

"What are you doing up this early?"

"Well I actually left around three this morning. I've been driving and just stopped for gas," Abby admitted.

"You did what?" Kane was definitely awake now. Abby winced and moved the phone away from her ear for a moment. "What were you thinking?"

"Well Trey showed up at my house and gave me an ultimatum."

"He did what?"

"He told me that if I left not to come back. I've been kicked out of the pack," Abby felt tears prick her eyes as it started sinking in. She had nowhere to go.

"That ass! I can't believe he did that. Why did he? Did he say?"

"He said that I was putting the pack at risk because if something happened to me they'd search for me and could lose their lives. He told me I was being selfish."

"Man, he was being a dick, but I can see where he's coming from," Kane sighed into the phone. I heard a voice in the background and then he said, "Kyra wants to talk to you."

He must have handed her the phone because Kyra's voice came over the phone. "Abby, honey, are you okay?"

"I don't have anywhere to go," Abby cried. She felt tears prick her eyes and then she was sobbing into the phone.

"Where are you honey?" Kyra asked. "We'll come get you."

"I'm… fine," Abby hiccupped. Taking a deep breath, Abby wiped her eyes with her free hand and looked around. Luckily the gas station was deserted and no one had seen her make a fool of herself.

"Are you sure?"

"Yea. I'm sorry for breaking down on you. This is my fault."

"Trey is being an ass. He should have just sent someone with you to escort you to our place. How far away are you now?"

"I'm about three hours away. I've only been driving three and a half hours. Maybe more."

"Are you sure you don't want us to send someone to you?"

"I'll be fine. I'll call you when I go through the town."

"When you get to town stop," Kane's voice came back over. "I'm sending someone to escort you."

"Kane, I'm fine," Abby told him, all her tears dried up and her voice getting back to normal.

"I don't care. This is for my mate's peace of mind. I won't let anything happen to you. Promise me that you'll let us know when you get to the town," Kane commanded. Abby sighed.

"I promise."

Kane got off the phone and looked at his mate. Kyra smiled sadly at him. He set the phone down on the bedside table and then turned to pull his mate into his arms. He felt her lips kiss his bare chest and his cock rose to attention. Even after all these years he still wanted her every waking moment.

"Is she really going to be okay?" Kyra asked.

"Trey was an ass for giving her that ultimatum. He probably thought she would be afraid to leave. I'm not sure if he's going to follow through, but if he does, she has a place in our pack."

"I can't believe how much Trey's changed since we knew him."

"It's been ten years. That would change anyone. Plus he still hasn't found a mate to help him lead his pack. He's acting solely on his own decisions. He needs someone to guide him." Kane looked down at his mate, glad he'd found her. His pack had fallen in love with her, as he'd known they would. He wouldn't change anything about her and was glad to have her leading at his side.

"Who are you going to send to meet her? I want someone strong but also a gentlemen. Some of your men are desperate for mates. And Abby is of age and a beautiful young unmated wolf," Kyra told her mate. His hand traced her spine up and down and she could feel his cock pressed against her thigh. She smiled at him, wiggling a little. He growled at her and then answered her.

"I was thinking of sending Tig."

"He's older and he won't want to mate her," Kyra nodded.

"Oh crap, I just remembered that Diego and Tig went up to the cabin for a couple weeks. They won't be back till day after tomorrow."

"Who else is there?" Kyra felt a moment of disappointment.

"I could send Gabe."

"He's recently mated and his mate is pregnant. Someone else."

"Who's that leave?" Kane thought a moment.

"What about Travis?" Kyra suggested unwillingly.

"He's definitely strong, but do you think he's the right guy?"

"Our Abby is a strong willed girl. She's going to turn his world upside down. He won't see it coming," Kyra smiled.

"Travis it is."

"Now come here and let me fix your problem," Kyra smiled at him.

"And what problem are you referring to?" Kane asked. He watched as his mate kissed her way down his chest and then her hand wrapped around his cock. "Oh that problem." He groaned as her lips wrapped around his base.


Abby is all grown up and wanting to go visit Kane and Kyra! I had a lot of likes,favs and views of Rapture Untamed and people asked for more! Here it is! The tale of Abby and her mate. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as you enjoyed Kane and Kyra. It's going to be a bumpy ride! That's for sure! But a fun one :)