He lays perfectly still as he scans the horizon

Looking for movement of any kind

The scenery magnified through the scope of his gun

While he pushes visions of home from his mind

His children at home, it's Christmas morn

While he is thousands of miles away

His wife and kids, pictures in his pocket

He carries them every day

A glint of sunlight flashes to his left

Like a reflection of sun on glass

He holds his breath and focuses his lens

And spots him lying in the grass

He watches this man, his enemy, his foe

And wonders if he has family too

Clearing his mind, putting emotions away

He has an important job to do

He hears his convoy as it nears

And knows what this man will try

Wether by gun or bomb, he seeks to damage

And in the process, is himself, willing to die

The soldier aims, refocusing his lens

His job, to protect his mates

He wont let the enemy get close to the trucks

He steadily lines up for the shot

One bullet is discharged, his convoy is safe

For this trip they are, anyway

He lays there searching until they've gone past

And wishes there was another way

But his job is to serve and protect

Which he does with pride and honor

These men & women deserve our gratitude

Every time they go on tour

So we thank them as they lay in the scrub

Missing their families and friends

We pray that they come home safely

And one day the fighting ends