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Basic Summary: A 16 year old girl is taught about adolescence when she meets her ghostly friend. Watch as she experiences typical puberty issues and interacts with the people around her.

Kat stared at the house.

It stared at her back.

That large, two-story, antique, house. It was wrecked, she could easily tell. The front garden was dried, and cut, presumably by the next-door neighbors, though there was still only one way to describe it: trash. The concrete outside of the walls, seemed dark, and worn-off; even the metal of the windows seemed rusted and old. In other words, she didn't like the house.

Kat sighed and walked in, the floor creaked as she stepped on the floor boards of the front porch. The inside was even worse than the outside. The once creamed walls, were now a dirty yellow. Kat felt like barfing. She put her messenger bag over her shoulder and started walking to the living room. It was simple, and it still looked like junk. There was a large sofa in front of a chimney, and a small tv in the corner. Kat wondered if the tv even got cable, she doubted it. There was a few dusty paintings hanged over the walls, they seemed to be from the previous owners. Which were presumable from ancient times.

"Worst house yet," she muttered in disgust and walked upstairs. The steps were screechy and spoiled. They looked like they would fall to pieces any second then. She explored a little part of the upstairs rooms. The house, if you would even call it a house, consisted of one main bedroom, another bedroom, two restrooms, a kitchen, dinning room, living room, laundry room, basement, and an attic.

Kat's mom, being as nice as she was, gave her the attic, and her sister, Lilly, the second bedroom.

"So fair..." she murmured, and walked back downstairs, into the kitchen.

"Well, Catherine, what do you think of the house?" her mother asked excitedly as she came in with another box.

"Hmm... Let me think... Oh yeah! It's a piece of junk," Kat rudely replied.

Sydney put the box on the kitchen table and looked her straight in the eye, "I know you didn't want to move, but you know how your father's job works."

Kat rolled her eyes, "Yeah. Moving from company to company, blah, blah, making new friends, blah, blah. How nice of him to move us halfway across the country every month."

Sydney sighed, "Appreciate the food in your mouth, and the clothes you wear young lady. And don't talk about your father's job that way, he works his hardest." She walked outside to pick up some more boxes.

Kat crossed her arms and rolled her eyes again then walked towards her room in the attic. She sat in the middle of the room and turned on her laptop. As the screen loaded, she took some time to actually examine the room. It didn't have that big of a ceiling, but it was bigger in space than her sister's room. There was a built-in closet in the wall, and an old mirror in the corner. If she wasn't a realist, she would actually consider the place as haunted. Too bad it was all made-up urban legends.

Kat looked back at the screen and found that it had already loaded. As presumed, the internet was already working. By luck, she thought as she surfed her emails.

From: Cupcake_gurl (Sally Aaron)

To: KittyPaw (Catherine Martin)

Hey gurl, how's it going? Enjoying Boston? You better get on soon so we can video-chat! How's Sparky? He's not eating all the peanut butter right? You know what happened last time... Well, anyways, have you met any cute guys? You know Samuel still misses you, I saw that little spark that you both had in your eyes the day you left XD. You better log on soon! See ya, Jenny's bothering me again, ugh.


Kat laughed. Of course, that's how Sally would greet her after leaving from California to Boston, the first she thought about were guys. Always guys.

To: Cupcake_gurl (Sally Aaron)

From: KittyPaw (Catherine Martin)

Really? A, 'hey kat how are you' would be enough but nooo, you just had to start with, 'any cute guys'? It should be your legacy, Sally Aaron, the searcher of cute guys. You would most likely fit the role properly. No, I haven't even met anyone in town but a dusty old house, presumably home to some spirits, uuuhh. And don't you dare talk about Samuel, you know how the situation is. I'll log on later, maybe, if I feel like talking. Im still pissed off with my parents, cue the eye roll, see ya soon.

No love for you ;)

Sent. There, that works. Kat logged out and closed her laptop, she didn't want any unwanted visitors looking at her emails. She placed her laptop on on of the boxes and slid her phone on her pocket.

"Catherine!" her mother called from downstairs.

"What!?" she screamed.

"Come down here!"

"Ugh..." Kat said and walked towards the kitchen. She looked at her mother, who was unpacking some appliances from the boxes. Her little sister, Lilly, was helping unpack the dishes. "What do you need?"

"First of all, don't talk to me with that attitude. Second of all, I need you to go buy yourself and your sister some lunch," Sydney stated in a strict voice.

"And if I don't want to?" Kat threatened.

"Uuuhh..." Lilly murmured, secretly smiling.

Sydney stared at Kat, "I'm not giving you a choice. Go buy your sister some Mc Donalds. Now."

Kat rolled her eyes. If she could count how many eye rolls she made a day, she would have the largest record in the world. She grabbed the money on the counter without a word, and exited the house.

Sparky ran freely through the front garden, as hyper and energetic as usual. Kat wished she could be as happy as that dog, no matter where they went, he was always excited. Unlike her. Sparky was a 4 year old, energetic, Jack Rusell. I don't think Kat could even compare him to a dog, he was more like a child the day after Halloween. Every day.

Sparky's ears instantly stood up as she walked down the steps. He stared her down and then ran towards Kat.

"Woah boy," she smiled as the dog jumped almost to her stomach. He was an excited monkey who had just been released into the jungle. "You seem pretty happy."

Kat leaned down and petted the dog's head. Sparky licked her hand and ran around him. His eyes instantly snapped inside as Sydney grabbed a bowl of dog food. Without a hesitate, he disappeared into the house. Kat let out a chuckle and started walked towards a near Mc Donalds she had seen on the way to their new house.

The town was as bad as the house. A wreck. The buildings were rusted, the sidewalks were cracked, the streets were almost dirt. There wasn't too many people around, other than some homeless, and mothers doing their shopping. Who buys grocery during the weekends?

As Kat walked out of the Mc Donalds with her sister's happy meal, she observed the town she was going to be staying at for those few months. The only thing that stood out was a new-looking coffee shop down the corner, next to a large park. It wasn't anything too fancy, it actually seemed like a place she could enjoyed.

She shrugged it off, "Might as well."

Kat walked towards the coffee shop and went in, a small bell dinged as she did. It was a small place, with cushioned seats in the corners, and small tables. There wasn't too many costumers, an old couple, a single mother, some weird dude eyeing her, a group of teenagers in the corner, and a guy that kind of stood out in the place.

He seemed to be sitting in one of the small tables alone. He was wearing a simple jacket, with a t-shirt, jeans, some sneakers, and some sun-glasses. His hair was jet-black, and he had brown eyes. Kat wasn't sure in what way he stood out to her, sure he was cute, but not her type; maybe it was the fact that no one wears sun-glasses during fall, or that he was reading a book.

A book. She didn't expect that.

Her instincts took over, which was a bad sign. It always was. She walked towards him, and sat in the chair in front of him. She didn't know if he hadn't noticed her, or if he was just plain careless. Finally, she cleared her throat.

His eyes wondered from the book to her. "Yes?"

"Hello," she simply greeted.

He raised an eyebrow, "Do you need something?"

"Nope, just saying hi," she said.

Once again, he looked a little puzzled. "Alright..." He closed the book and examined Kat. "I haven't seen you around." (1443 words)

"That's because I'm new," she quickly responded. "I'm Kat, you are?"

"Steven," he plainly said. "You seem different."

"What do you mean by 'different'?" Kat questioned a little insulted.

"Well... most girls don't just approach a guy randomly. Much less me," he admitted.

"Well I'm not like those little fake girls."

He smirked, "I noticed."


"Well first of all, you approached me like we're old friends or something. Second of all, in media, girls would usually feel good when someone says their different. And third of all, you have a happy meal and your not trying to hide it," he stated.

"Do you want me to hide it?" she rolled her eyes.

"Nope," he said.

"Then why did you say it?" she restated.

Steven grinned wider, "Most girls would try to hide it."

"Not me."

"And that's something that makes you different." He nodded and took a drink of his water, "Have you met anyone else?"

"Nope," she raised an eyebrow. "Who drinks water in a coffee shop?"

"I do," he said. "Just like you say 'plastic dolls'."

"That has no relation, whatsoever," she replied.

"Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't," he smirked again. His watch beeped. "Ah, I have to go now. See you around?"

"You have eyes," Kat smirked.

"Then I guess I will. See ya kitten," he said and walked away. Just like that.

"Alright then..." Kat muttered to herself. She was about to stand up when a hispanic-looking girl bumped into her, and she fell back into her chair.

"Sorry," the girl apologized and then examined Kat. "You're new," she instantly said. The girl seemed friendly, and didn't seem like a slut, which was a good sign, there were too many hormonal teenagers in the world, and girls getting pregnant at 16. She had dark brown eyes, and black hair braided over her shoulder. She wore a yellow, winter dress, along with a hat, some tights, and a pair of plan boots. She was pretty, but not the rich type, which was a good sign.

"And you're a genius," Kat replied sarcastically.

The girl laughed, "I'm Amy. Sorry, it's just that I know everyone, and I mean everyone around here."

"And that's a contrast we have, you know everyone, I know nobody," said Kat.

"Oh, then what are you waiting for, why don't you join my friends and I?" she asked kindly.

Kat looked at the Mc Donalds happy meal in her hand, her sister could wait a little more, "Sure, I guess."

"Great! Then follow me!" Amy grabbed her arm and led her to the group of friends who were laughing together. She pulled her in front of their view, and the laughing quickly turned into staring. The group only looked at Kat, she felt like a defenseless prey in front of a lion eyeing her down.

"Guys! This is... Err... What's your name?" Amy asked her. Wow, the vain of the girl.

"Kat," she snapped.

"Yeah!" Amy didn't see anything abnormal about her tone. "Kat, she's new around here!"

"Hi," a golden-haired girl smiled at her. She wore a grey sweater over a black t-shirt, some jeans, and some sneakers. Her hair was up in a messy bun, yet it still made her look like a guy-magnet. Her brown eyes seem to bear into her soul, deciding whether she was a good of bad influence. "I'm Zoey, and these are, Logan, Peter, and Nathan."

"Hey," the guys said. One of these, presumably Logan, seemed kind of like the hot guy type. He had blue eyes, with blonde straight hair, and bangs. The second one, Peter, who was sitting next to Logan, had a mischievous smirk on his face; he had blue eyes as well, with dirty blonde hair. The third one seemed a little more rebellious, he had bright green, beautiful eyes, in Kat's opinion, and he had messy black hair.

"Hello..." Kat repeated awkwardly.

"You can hang out with us if you'd like," Zoey smiled.

"And we would like that," Peter muttered smirking. Zoey glared at him, while Logan and Nathan laughed.

"Yeah, come on, maybe you're in the same school we are!" Amy insisted.

Kat smiled, "Sorry, but I have to go take this to my sister," she raised the happy meal.

"I guess it's alright, but we'll see if we meet each other again soon," Zoey kindly replied.

Kat nodded, "Well, it was nice meeting you all. See ya." She started to walk away forgetting what she was there for. She looked at the front cashier deciding wether to buy something or not. The coffee shop seemed a lot more crowded than when she had arrived, so she decided not to. She walked out and towards her house.

As Kat was about to turn to her street, her phone rang.

"Yeah?" she answered.

"Where are you! You're sister is starving!" her mother's voice rang so loud, she had to remove it from her ear.

"I'm going Sydney, calm your nerves down, I'm about to turn to the street," she said.

"You better be here young lady or else-"

Her mother didn't finish her sentence as a car almost ran over Kat. "Hey watch it!" she screamed angrily, putting her phone back on her pocket.

There were two girls in the car, presumably rich. The one in the driver's seat had her honey-blonde hair down, with a dress too short for winter. She looked at the Kat like she was trash and said, "You watch it."

Kat's temper grew high. How did the girl even dare to answer her that way, "Well Missy, next time you try running over me, I might as well call the police."

The girl seemed obviously surprised that Kat had answered her back, she glared at her. "You wouldn't want to do that. My daddy has some contacts with the police, and can easily get you a ticket for not walking in the pedestrians place."

Kat looked down at the street, the white line where pedestrians were supposed to walk, was a worn out, and flat out ugly. You couldn't even tell where the lines went. "Like you can even tell."

"Watch your tone street-brat," the girl said.

"You watch your bitchy mouth," Kat retorted.

The girl's mouth formed a perfect 'o'. "How dare you-"

"Olivia, let her go, she's just a loser, let's just go," the second girl, who sea-green eyes, and blonde hair, muttered.

"You're right," the girl, Olivia, looked away and proceeded to drive away.

Kat rolled her eyes, "Always like that." She knew she was going to hate her time in the new town, little did she know it would soon change her life.

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