This story was Beta and edited by the wonderful WildVix aka Pikpixie03, she made this possible.


The story started like most do; in a large dark room with walls of stone and old wooden floors. The only light came from candles that ware placed in a circle around a throne made of black rock; and sitting upon it was a misshapen woman. She had long brown hair and a curvy body but her legs, right arm and lower half of her face were missing all skin and muscle leaving the bone exposed. The woman waited patiently in silence until finally the door to her throne room opened, revealing a monster on the other side. It was covered in fur and had two wolf-like heads and four arms but stranger still, was the fact the monster looked more like an oversize stuffed doll then a real creature ; lacking eyes, mouth or nose.

She broke the silence, "So are my guests safe and sound?"

Before answering the wolf-thing knelt before, bowing its heads in respect. "Yes... but we fail to see why... you would kidnap... such lowly things..." The woman seemed to smirk and rose from her throne standing on her skeletal legs with ease.

"Oh, I'm not kidnapping them. I am adopting them."


Down below the throne room, exiting from one of the many bedrooms and into the twisting halls was the first of the woman's guests. He was a pale man, standing at 5ft 11in with short brown hair; all he had on was a pair of glasses with a white dress shirt and a pair black pants. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I called out into the dark, the only answer I got in return was my own voice as it echoed. Nervous, I looked around where I stood, hoping something would show me how and why I was here. "I guess I'm alone here... but why?" It was the question I asked myself as I started walking down the hall, in search of other people that could help me or at least tell me where I was.

I peeked in every door for anyone or anything in my search but every room I came across was empty, save for a single bed in the center of each room. After walking for what felt like hours, the silence was broken not with a whisper but a bang as someone yelled angrily in the dark.


Startled, I turned toward the source to see who or what it was that spoke. "What?" The only question that escaped my mouth before I was slammed against the wall, my breath knocked out of me. I looked up to see a woman with dark brown hair and creamy skin as she held me to the wall with both hands on my neck.

"OKAY ASSHOLE! WHERE ARE WE AND WHY DID YOU TAKE US?!" she demanded angrily, glaring at me as her hands kept a tight grip. Just as I got my breath to answer, one of her hands let go only to return as a balled up fist and punched me right in the face. HARD.

The pain was sharp and burned from where she struck, stars dancing at the edge of my vision as she repeated herself. I saw impatience and frustration cross her face when I didn't answer right away, knowing well what that meant. "I don't know!" I cried out as she pulled her fist back for another hit from lack of answers.


The new voice stopped the woman from landing the next blow. She kept her fist raised to me but looked back at the one that called out to her. "Why?" she growled, turning her head slightly to give me an accusing look from the corner of her eyes, "He's got to be in on it!"

Curious about what was going on, I leaned over to the side a little, peeking around my attacker to look as the new person came to us. The new comer was another woman with light tanned skin and long strawberry blonde hair; her bright green eyes seemed to cut through the dark hall like a knife.

"You don't know that." she retorted before looking me over for injuries then sent her friend a sharp look after seeing the bruise forming. "Why did you hit him? You can't go running around, punching people like that!"

"He kidnapped us..."

"We don't know that for sure, let him go."

"No way, are you crazy?"

"Let him go."

Both girls glared at each other but the stand off only lasted about a minute before my attacker let go, muttering a "Fine." toward her friend; after which we tried to introduce one another. The one that hit me was named Rally, she had a fiery temper, quick to anger that I learned first hand. I tried hard not to look but she had a impressive bust, big and seemed so soft. And the one that saved me was Jasmine, she was the calmer one of the two and much friendlier. Again I tried not to stare as she apologized for Rally's behavior, she had an amazing rear with great hips. It made it difficult to think clearly but just like me, they both wore the same outfit; a short sleeve white top and black pants yet the clothes did little to hide their bodies.

"So you came from one end... and we came from the other, then how do we get out?" Rally asked, hands on her hips as she glared at one of the many doors in the hall.

I looked around the seemingly endless hall before answering, "No idea. Maybe we can't... leave... " Nothing here seemed out of place or show any form of exit compared to the bedroom doors. My former Attacker glared at me in answer to my words.

"Bullshit, if we got in we can get out, it's just that simple."

We started off as a group back to the end I came from in hopes that I missed the exit in my panic. "So are you really okay?" Jasmine asked again, worried about the beating Rally gave me.

"Yes, I'm okay. Thank you... for asking." I never really got to talk to that many girls before, so to have two near me had my mind thinking dirty things that ended up making me feeling more and more guilty as Jasmine showed me compassion.

A short time later we got to the end of the hall and the only thing greeting us there was a blank stone wall. We looked closer, searched and pressed the hard stone bricks for anything that could reveal a hidden passage. But we turned up with nothing but a barren wall. "So what now? Do we head back?" Jasmine asked as she looked at me and Rally with worried eyes.

"Why? There is nothing there either." Rally griped, glaring at the wall as if it was mocking her, "All we're doing is nothing but wasting time doing this." She kicked the wall lightly out of spite and frustration, half wishing the wall would crumble and they could escape so easily.

I lowered my head in dismay at the news of there being no way out then asked. "I guess we wait... right?" This only pissed Rally off more but she didn't say anything more as I sat down with my back to the wall and Jazz sat across from me. We only just began to get use to the silence again... when it was broken by a new voice.

"We are ready now, you may join us... please enter the red door."

I looked around in surprise, the voice seemed quiet but it was clear as day despite the fact that no one seemed to have spoken it. "What Red door?" Jasmine questioned in confusion, being the first to ask before I did and as if on cue, the hall around us faded away and left us alone in a sea of darkness.

"Welcome to my home, I'm sorry about the wait. The first two gave me a hard time but I'm ready to help you now."