I killed her. They were so shocked when they realized it was me. I don't know why. I had been planning it for years after all and they knew it. I suppose they just shrugged it off as just another of my little jokes.

It pays to be the work "joke." No one believes you're telling the truth when you make a threat. It hardly seems to me they couldn't have seen it coming, but they didn't.

She ruined my perfect record! How DARE she!

It was so simple to drag her into the building. I knew they would see it on camera after all. Everyone would just see it as another joke. They didn't even think to question me when I said she was out smoking. They didn't even think to look at the cameras to check, not when everyone knew she smoked and I can't stand the stuff.

Four years! Four years I've worked at that blasted thrice bloodied place. I've been far more loyal than she could ever dream of being and she DARED to think she could besmirch my record!

Everyone always joked like they should be scared of me, because I was "crazy." To them it was just a joke. They never meant it seriously because they didn't know the half of it.

It was easy to slit her throat, once I got past the first resistance. It was easier than cutting a block of cheese. The disbelief in her eyes was hilarious. She didn't expect it all!

I wanted to do more to her body, but I decided that it wasn't the time for it.

The best part? Well, they declared it a psychotic break. I guess all the freaky giggles and sobs did their part. A year or two in here and I'll be out scot-free. Of course I'll have to do the required "I-i-i-I'm s-s-s-so s-s-s-sorry! I d-don't know w-what wa-was wrong w-with m-me." while sobbing to get my job back. And well, who's to say I won't have another psychotic break? After all, it was the big boss who ordered my black mark, not her.