Sorry- not an update!

I know it's been a while (almost four years since this story was originally published, and almost 2 since it was last updated! What?), but I wanted to keep you guys up to date on some updates concerning Essa and her beloved K.

1. No, alas, it is nowhere near publication. I think it's pretty obvious that my writing is far from professional, it's fun- although, as shown by some of my melodramatic author's notes, I tend to let things get away from me.

2. I'm publishing a new draft of this story! It will not be in the same format as Letters, though. It will be in third person, and ironically, Essa isn't even a POV character, which is the first draft of this story where this is a thing. I'm excited to experiment with explaining her struggles through the eyes of the people in her life.

3. It's on a new account! I know, I'm the worst. However, last night I forgot the password for this account so I made a new one I plan to post the first chapter there under the nom-de-plume "aggressivelymediocre". If you're also a fan of Bella and Connor, I'm also posting a new draft of that story as well!

4. Okay, I lied in the point above. I actually made a new account so I can get over my fear of being judged and allow people I know in real life to read my works. While I'm proud of it, the writing on here consists of some things I think I'd feel uncomfortable with friends and family reading. Mainly... my author's notes. That's mainly it.

If you're interested in more of Essa and K, head over to aggressivelymediocre!

(yes, I will be posting this same update on "Unexpected" and "Bella and Connor", so if you get notifications for those, feel free to ignore)