Dear Teachers: A Poem

Dear teachers,

Our lives are schedules

Not to be tampered with,

Already busy with the responsibilities

Of my home life.

So when you assign us the

Pointless busy work

Imagine how I feel

You don't have to go home and

Do countless hours of homework

Every single night.

Dear teachers,

I am exhausted

To the point of sleeping in class,

And you blame "laziness"

On my predicament,

You say that,

"These tests are worth 60 percent

Of your grade"

I study all day, all week,

All night,

For these tests

I put in so much hard work

And I end up failing.

Dear teachers,

Your job is to help students

To learn

Not to criticize harshly

Not to humiliate

So why do you do these things?

Dear teachers,

You say "It looks good on college applications."

You say, "I'm preparing you for real life",

As if the first 18 years

Are a free trial;

Education is a competition

I never agreed to enter;

Now I think in test dates

Instead of weeks.

Dear teachers,

I'm losing sleep,

Losing weight,

And losing my mind;

Even as I write this poem,

Nothing I have to say

Matters in the slightest;

Unless it is typed

In 12pt Times New Roman.