Here's the long and drawn out story of a Pharoah, who once chose to grieve

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, when the time had come for those to leave

Ancient Egypt. Yes, God's people had the call from He who always saves,

To depart from where the king (who'd not met Joseph) had long made them slaves.

God called baby Moses (hidden from attack, as infant Jesus would

One day also be) and likewise helped him grow to orchestrate the good

For His people. God empowered adult Moses with a lengthy stick,

Which could turn into a snake, surpassing any modern party trick.

When it came to taking on the king, he wasn't sure he had the stuff,

Just as Gideon would later claim, but God's assurance was no bluff.

God equipped his servant fully, just as He will always do today

With his end-time people. Pharoah had no notion of the power in play.

With miraculous abilities (God-given ones, like Samson's), he

Went out boldly to the people, doing miracles for all to see.

So the people took an attitude of worship then, and humbly bowed,

As a prelude for the Exodus, when they would look to fire and cloud.

Moses asked the king to hear him out and cut the Israelites some slack,

With the Lord's assurance that he'd have the words to face the king's attack;

Just as Jesus told disciples that they'd have the words, when fears confront.

When the king would not be reasonable, a staff turned snake was fast and blunt.

Then, to prove He was omnipotent, God caused a reaching plague of blood,

Changing all the H2O they had there into one great scarlet flood.

When the king refused them, once again, to end God's people's long exile,

God (through Moses) sent a scourge of jumping frogs up from the river Nile.

Slow to learn his lesson, keep his word, and learn from Moses' erstwhile chats,

Pharoah and his court magicians couldn't halt the next plague: loads of gnats.

Still so stubborn, Pharoah thought that in his own strength he could just regroup,

Even when each restaurant patron found a swarm of flies within his soup.

Then, to show the king the folly of continuing with all his pride,

God made sure that only Israel's livestock lived, while all of Egypt's died.

But the point had not been grasped, when Moses' staff had showed a serpent's coils,

Nor with all the plagues that followed, like the latest one: a curse of boils.

While recovering from all their sores, which made the court magicians fail,

They saw God command the elements to drop a lot of icy hail.

Then came locusts, darkness, first-born deaths. And finally the king gave in,

With no change of mind: the total proof that God will triumph over sin.

There's a world out there today that's hostile too, and always seeks to brand

Christians as a small minority, denying God's almighty hand.

But for those who put their trust in Him, deliver'nce won't be dull or vague,

Just as surely as those Israelites were all immune to every plague.