Chapter 0 Part 1: The Delusional Hero

The chill of the stone floor stung her body. To her, it felt more like she was sitting on a bed of needles; their sharp, icy tips piercing her flesh and spreading their cold touch throughout her very being. The scent of dead and tainted flesh burned her nostrils. Three times now, she's forced herself to contain the bile that threatened to exit her stomach. Aside from the soft crackling of the burning torches that decorated the walls, the only sound that could be heard was the constant murmurs or laughs from the large audience of seven foot tall Ogres gathered around her.

She was currently seated-if you could call it that-at the center of this horrendous place. Her long white hair just flowing down like an icy river, the dim light of the torches seemed to almost complement the creamy tone of her skin and she was using her arms and legs to cover up as much of herself as she could. It probably didn't help that the rather skimpy dress she don only helped to show off every curve on her slender body. However, the most prominent feature on this young woman had to have been her eyes; a pair of ocean-blue eyes that shined like the sea, eyes that burned with nothing short of pure rage and power at the man in front of her.

"Ah, Princess Elizabeth such a pleasure to see you again. Welcome to my humble little castle," he said, a sinisterly lecherous smile creeping on his face.

"Silva...I never thought I would see your traitorous face again. Exactly how long has it been since my father banished you," she replied, her words carrying the same emotions as her eyes. Though this only seemed to give Silva even more pleasure, as his sick smirk widened. He was a round man, like a pumpkin in terms of his build with brownish-toned skin. He had head of shaggy brown hair as well as olive-black eyes. He was dressed in an emerald robe which wrapped around his large body somewhat snugly. His fat fingers were heavily decorated, as each finger had been adorned with at least one lavish ring. And resting atop of Silva's head sat a crown, a crown of pure white...made of what appeared to be small bones.

"Far too long my dear princess. Last I saw you, you had just become a child, and now look at you. You've grown into such a fine and beautiful woman. Yes, such beauty and elegance radiates from you, just like, Cassandra."

"You fiend! Don't you dare speak my mother's name from that filthy mouth of yours!" Coming to her feet, she then started to march towards him, yet found herself stopped from doing much of anything. Someone had grabbed her hair and was yanking it back with great force. Trying to bring some air into her lungs, she felt the sharp sting of a blade tickling her throat. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Now now, princess I would suggest you try to control your emotions. As you can see here, my men are quite restless. You're safe because you've been behaving like a good girl, but if you were to make the wrong move around them, who knows what they might do." Even though the words he spoke sounded like sound advice, there was something else layered into them. Humor? Contempt? Malice?

"Ngh...S-Silva...just what have you brought me here for," Elizabeth struggled to make out, as with each breath she took she felt the blade of her binder threatening to slit her throat.

"Ah yes, right down to the matter. As you are aware, my army has been stationed near your kingdom for quite some time now, and they have been more than prepared to destroy it at any given time. However, I am a generous man you see. And I have allowed your kingdom an extended time of peace, granted…that they must pay my army a standard fee at the end of every month. Well, last month your fool of a father didn't pay the kingdom's fee, yet because we were such close friends, I decided to pardon his little mistake. However…just recently, I received word from one of my scouts that not only has he not paid this month's fee…but he is also planning on gathering his people together in a futile effort to rebel against me." Elizabeth was now shaking. With each word he spoke, she could feel more and more anger and hatred seething out of him. However, this wasn't what had her shaking, it was that after he had finished, he started laughing madly.

"Wha…what's so funny," she asked, her voice still holding some of its strength, yet it was clear that there was a bit of forcing done on her part.

"Elizabeth, you were raised to be a good girl. So please tell me…if one does not uphold by the rules that are set out for them, what happens?" Even though she obviously knew what he wanted her to say, she would not say it, as she had a dark feeling creeping up her spine. Though this didn't seem to bother him in the least, as he simply continued on. "They're punished. Charles-no-your entire kingdom has broken the rules, and for that, they will all be punished." This fit well with the beasts gathered around them, as they all let loose a roar of cheers. "We shall invade the kingdom by sunset, tomorrow. We will plunder all that they have to offer, and then we will burn that wretched place to the ground! We shall slaughter all of the men, devour the sweet flesh of the children, and defile the women to our hearts' content!" Again, they let out another thunderous roar of applause. "And while his precious kingdom is burning, while his people are dying and suffering in the streets beneath him, we shall make that foolish king witness ever agonizing minute of it! And then, when all that is precious to him has been taken, only then shall we give him the sweet mercy of death!" If one had been in the room when he had finished that final sentence, they would've sworn that thunder was literally blasting throughout the room, as it felt like it was trembling. The ecstatic way Silva had just described the slaughter of her people, his army of monsters gleefully overflowing with bloodlust and the desire for battle, Elizabeth had had enough.

"YOU MONSTER! MY PEOPLE HAVE DONE NOTHING TO YOU! YOU HAVE NEITHER THE RIGHT NOR REASON TO PUNISH ANYONE!" As she screamed at him, her body fought furiously against her binder's hold, the fear of the blade threatening to end her right then and there, gone.

"Oh, you need not fret, my dear. For your eyes will never bear witness to such a horrible sight," he chuckled darkly.

"What are you implying, Silva!?"

"What I am telling you, my beautiful little Elizabeth, is that you have been brought here for one purpose and one purpose only; to be an example of what's to come." And with those final words, Elizabeth's blood literally went ice cold. It was as if all of the warmth in both her body and the room itself had been sucked out, and what was left was only a dark, empty abyss.

"A-an example..."

"Yes, before my men enjoy the glory of this slaughter, I decided that I would allow them a night of celebration. And what better way to celebrate, than with the company of the young princess herself." It was at this point that Elizabeth could literally feel all of their eyes now focused completely on her. It wasn't like before when she was first thrown in here. Before, their eyes held a bit of curiosity or mostly amusement in them. Now their eyes shined with lust, hunger, or-even more horrifyingly-both. "My glorious Ogre army! Here before stands the lovely, Princess Elizabeth Wilhelm! Tomorrow you shall taste the agony and despair of her people. But tonight, you may have your fill with her! Use and abuse her as you see fit! Defile her! Torture her! Devour her! I do not care! All I ask is that each and every one of you does to her as you please! Consider this girl a mere taste of the carnage that you will ensue tomorrow!" Seeing that their leader was done speaking, Elizabeth's binder threw her onto the floor and within no more than a second, the others were upon her as well.

"No! Stop this! Let me go," she screamed and fought back with everything she had, but it took them little to no effort to hold her down, as the first hands made their way onto her body. No! Please…someone…anyone…please stop this, she thought desperately, as tears began to flood her eyes.


The loud sound of an explosion rung through the entire castle, as the floor beneath all of the soldiers began to shake violently. Needless to say, this had thrown every one of them off.

"What the hell was that?!"

"It sounded like it came from the first floor!"


A second-and much stronger-explosion shot through. This time, the force behind it was so powerful that many found it hard to stand on their own feet, and for the ones who couldn't even do that; they found themselves greeting the floor with a hard kiss.

"A-another one!"

"What's going on!? Are we under attack!?"

"Is it the kingdom!?" These were but a few of the many voices that flooded the room, as the soldiers were quickly starting to become a little more than agitated. Seeing his troops in such a panic, Silva quickly turned to a sapphire orb near his throne and leaned into it.

"What's going on down there!? Report," he ordered into the orb. Upon his command, a small flash of light lit up the orb and once it hide died down, the faded image of a soldier suddenly appeared on its surface. Even though the picture itself was distorted, Silva could still easily tell that the soldier was in a fierce panic.

"L-lord Silva! We're under attack, sir! T-the enemy! The enemy is annihilating us without mercy! Sire please, we need reinforcements, we can't hold them off much longer!" As he listened to his report, Silva would have to inch himself closer in order to hear him, as the screams and cries of battle could be heard behind him.

"Calm down, man! Just who is attacking us!? Is it Charles's forces!?"

"S-sir, the enemy is-." However, he wasn't able to finish his sentence, as Silva saw something flash across the screen one second, and then the reporting Ogre was gone the next.

"Hello? HELLO!? IS ANYONE THERE!? REPORT!" Yet no matter how much he shouted, no answer came. Out of pure frustration, he struck the orb and sent it flying into the wall. It shattered like glass the minute it hit. The sound of the orb breaking caused all eyes and focus to return on him, as Silva found himself panting hard from his frustrating situation.

"Lord Silva, what are your commands, sire," a random soldier called forth from the crowd. Trying to regain his composure, Silva rubbed his forehead in a desperate attempt to relieve the pain, as he then looked upon his men.

"Half of you go down there and support the others, we need to deal with the enemy immediately. Also, the rest of you will stand guard outside the throne room. I will not allow anyone to get the better of us, especially not on the eve of such an important day! Now gather your weapons and go!" With their orders given, the soldiers all filed out, ready to meet the enemy foolish enough to attack them in their own domain.

Yet not one soul was able to leave that room, as-


Just then, as the first soldier prepared to exit the room, the massive iron door of the throne room suddenly shot out of its holding and literally plowed through a good number of them, before it crashed through the wall. Looking in pure shock at the newly formed gap in their ranks, everyone was completely paralyzed with shock.

Fortunately for them, the soldiers were brought out of their stupor by the sound of slow footsteps from the other side of the now doorless door approaching them. Hearing this, the soldiers all drew their weapons out and prepared themselves, as the footsteps grew closer...and closer...and closer, until a voice shouted.

"So this is where they were keeping you! Thank the Elder, I thought I was going to have to turn this stupid castle upside down." Though her eyes were still closed, the moment that voice hit her ears, Elizabeth's eyes snapped open, as she gazed to the direction of the voice. And when she saw the figure that stood there, her heart nearly skipped a beat. The soldiers however, had a different reaction. Seeing this unfamiliar person standing before them, only one word crossed all of their minds; enemy. Five of the nearest ones immediately sprung forth, weapons branded and closing in on their next kill.

"Out of my way," the person simply said, as with one step they had completely passed through the soldiers. The poor creatures only realized where he was the moment their weapons contacted with the floor or air, as looked back at their evaded target. Preparing to try again, they moved their bodies to strike again, but this turned out to be their greatest mistake, as with the small motion, their bodies were ripped cleanly in two, almost as if they had been sliced through by a blade. Seeing the corpses of their fallen comrades, the others either stopped dead in their tracks, or took a few steps away from them.

"MATTHEW," Elizabeth cried out with joy, as tears ran down her face. Matthew was a fair skinned boy who appeared to be in his mid-teens. He had a hair of short brown hair and light brown eyes to match. His slim build was currently covered from chest to toe in a silver and golden armor. And in his right hand, he held a thin blue sword; one that was covered in blue flames. Though there was no form of protection around his head, the look of pure aggression on his face was more than enough to keep them from trying anything funny.

"No way…i-i-it can't be…"

"That armor…"

"That blade…"

"It's him! It's the legendary knight! MATTHEW ANDERSON!"

"M-M-Matthew Anderson?! Here?! What on earth is such a powerful person doing in a place like this," Silva screamed, desperately trying to grasp hold of the situation.

"Elizabeth," Matthew called, not even paying the slightest attention to him. "Just stay there for a few more minutes…I'll take care of these guys. And then I'm taking you back home." And with that, he propelled himself forward, sword raised and ready to kill.

"Don't just stand there gawking, you fools! KILL HIM," Silva ordered, fiercely as the soldiers resisted at first, but soon found themselves charging towards him as well. And so, on one side was the great hero. On the other, the dark army. Both charging with battle cries ringing through their throats, as they were about to engage in a bloody battle. However, amongst all of the thundering roars hammering into his eardrums, there was one that seemed to stand out more than the others.

"Mr. Anderson...Mr. Anderson," a mysterious voice called out to him, as he tried to just shake it off and focus on the multiple enemies before him. However, he soon learned that this was a mistake, as the voice simply returned and this time it was even stronger than before. "Mr. Anderson! Mr. Anderson! MR. ANDERSON!" Something was happening; as the voice grew stronger, the world around him began to shrink, growing smaller and smaller with each word. No, it wasn't that the world was getting smaller, but that he was being pulled away from it.


"No! No! ELIZABETH," he cried, as he desperately reached out for the world, yet by that point there was nothing left, and he was now in a world of complete darkness. Just then, as he floated in this sea of nothing, a bright circle of light suddenly appeared in front of and engulfed him in its blinding radiance. When the light had finally died out, he found himself no longer in the throne room surrounded by enemies, but a classroom surrounded by snickering or grinning students.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Anderson. I do hope you rested well," he heard the voice from before say to him. Turning his head, he saw its source; a thin middle-aged man staring down at him. He could tell by the look in his eyes that the good wishes were not meant in the least.

"Hahaha...good morning, Mr. Hall," Matthew laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Crap, I fell asleep again...and I was having such an awesome dream too, Matthew mentally sulked, as he prepared himself for what was to come.

Author Notes

This is the first half of my two parter pilot for this series. This will be a series I'll be working hard on, so please, if you can think of anything that I can do to improve on throughout the story, then let me know. I hope you all will enjoy it.