Greetings, Young Heroes! To the beginning of a brave, bold new world!

Our story begins in Las Vegas, the burning, buzzing, bright beacon of big buys, bigger sells, and the biggest losses! Underneath one of the many shimmering casinos was the underground hideout of local crimeboss, Abraham 'The Boss' Adams and his gang of supercrooks and meta-human miscreants! One such miscreant was his right hand stooge and personal bodyguard, the muscular mammoth of a man, Douglas The Thug (or just Thug to his friends).

A bruiser more loyal to Boss couldn't be found! Thug/Douglas was infamous for being Boss' top enforcer and dumb muscle for years. Strong enough to tear a car apart, but with childlike comprehension; as far as the Boss was concerned, Doug was a model henchmen.

But the muscle bound neanderthal was in mourning this night. Hidden away from the lights and music that filled the more partycentric and boisterous parts of the underground base, Thug cried, crushing something in his meaty digits, sobbing uncontrollably. The door to his room opened, basking the dark room with light and making the giant of a man cry out in surprise. The silhouette of one of his fellow criminals glared at him with utter contempt.

"Hey, retard. Boss wants you in his office, now." Thug let out a pathetic whimper, hiding his face and his secret companion from the light outside his room. The goon cared little for Douglass' woes, and grabbed his arm. While in most cases Thug would overpower his captor and push them away, the Boss had given him very clear orders. After the messy deaths of several of new henchmen, Douglas was on strict orders to never raise his hands against his fellow gang members. Not even to hug them. He let out a sad whimper, before dropping his friend and following the smaller man.

Douglas was led through the halls of the underground hideout, pounding techno music and sensual moans pounding his eardrums, before he was pushed into a lavish room that muted the roaring techno-screams outside. Behind a desk, a woman on each arm, sat the one and only Boss of Crime, Abraham Adams. Douglas wiped the tears from his eyes. Boss always told him to be strong in front of the ladies. Never let them see ya cry, or as he put it 'blubberin.' He gave a toothy smile for his Boss, oblivious to the looks of contempt from either pretty lady.

"Y-you call-" But Douglas was interrupted by the goon that had brought him in.

"Found the retard touching himself with some big rat, boss," he laughed.

Boss raised a hairy brow up and shooed the ladies off of him. They pouted, but left with the lower class henchmen. "Another dead rat, Thug? You know I don't like you bringing those things into my establishment. They stink up the joint."

Thug whimpered loudly, and rubbed his bloodied hands together. "I don't mean to, Boss! Ain't ma fault, Boss! They...they're just too tiny, and I'm too big, and they go squish too easily, and-"

"Can it. I didn't call you up to hear your blubberin'"

Told you he said that, Young Heroes.

"A business associate of mine has asked me to go grocery shopping for him. I'm going to need your help to get it all, understood, Thug?" The brute nodded, despite not really understanding. He knew how much the Boss hated repeating himself. All the same, loyal Douglas the Doug was eager to prove himself for his Boss.

Boss sat in the back of the truck in his work clothes, a simple bulletproof vest and jeans. He scratched at his short, black hair as the metal trailer rocked and quaked. Thug was beside him, wearing similar clothing to his Boss. He stared quizzically at the smaller man, raising a hand to prod his shoulder, only to stop as Boss' glare fell upon him.


"Can I have a dog?"

"Fuck off, idiot."

"I know you think I'll end up squishing it, but I swear I won't, Boss! Dogs are like...big rats! That means they're tougher, Boss! So," Thug shrugged his shoulders, hugging his legs against his chest. "They won't go squish so easy."

"Even if I did get you one, and even if you didn't crush, you'd still have to feed it, and Lord knows you'd forget to."

"I-I would not, Boss! I promise, I wouldn't!"

"You also promised to kill that superhero last week, but you proved how much of a failure you were then, too." Poor Thug felt his big, soft heart break and he didn't say another word to his Boss. That look of disgust in his eyes was worse than any superhero beating...

But for all of Boss' abuse to Thug, the bruiser was nothing but eager to please him. For you see, Young Heroes, Thug wouldn't be around without him! He remembered his past well, too well for his taste. A lost soul on the streets, ignored by (what Boss calls) a crapsack of a world. Then came the young boy with a thirst for power, and a need for an enforcer.

And that's how Douglass became Thug, loyal servant to Abraham 'the Boss' Adams.

But if Douglas was being a bad servant, than he was being a bad Thug. Then what was he? A nobody? These were the questions that plagued Thug's mind as their ride came to a stop.

"Look alive, Thug." Boss stood up and walked towards the door, his hands crackling with a red glow. That's right, Young heroes! One doesn't become the crimeboss of several supercriminals without having a few tricks up their metaphorical sleeves. Boss' best trick was his arsenal of superpowers.

The door to the truck was pushed open by a pair of workers, coming face to face with the vile villain. The poor duo didn't even have the time to plead for mercy before Boss blasted them both, frying them with a pair of scarlet energy bolts. The brutal baddie grinned at their roasted remains, his black heart tingling with joy.

Screams and ringing alarms echoed through the Nevada nightsky as Boss flew out of the trailer, Thug running out after him. Boss hovered in the air, grinning as guards ran to try and stop the two supercriminals. They held up their weapons and opened fire, shooting the flying supervillain with blue laser bolts. Those that hit their mark showed no sign of hurting the ganglord.

In fact, quite the opposite! He was feasting on the laser blasts, absorbing them into his own evil self. "You're going to need something with a bit more boom to take me out, kids," the villain laughed. The guards quickly moved out of the way as another came forward with an RPG, firing it at the murderer. "Well, shit. That'll do it," he deadpanned.

The rocket flew through the air with a loud hiss, aimed right at the gangster's chest, but one timely jump from Thug put himself between it and his Boss. He took the shot for his Boss and flew back, crushing the truck they had arrived in, burned, but very much still in the fight.

"Boss! You okay?!"

"I'm fine, Thug. Good work." Douglas couldn't help but smile. "Now, help me clean house!"

"What exactly does our partner want with these thingys anyway, Boss?" Thug inquired, wiping his bloody hands against his vest. The powerhouse minion had just finished beating some guards to death for his Boss, who proudly patted him on the back for a job well done!

"One: Falcon is my business partner, not yours. Two: Hell if I know, and hell if I care. He pays good money for this junk." Boss kicked down the doors between them and entered the advance laboratory.

"S-stay back, monster!" An elderly woman screamed, swinging a chair at Boss, only to be burned to a crisp. Stepping over the corpse, Neon walked over to the prize. A large, glowing topaz-like jewel atop an equally glowy pedestal.

"Bingo! Falcon will pay top dollar for this baby!"

Thug was happy that Boss was happy, but the big, badass bonehead noticed a computer screen showing the outside area. A light blue figure was entering the base following the trail of bodies and debris he and his Boss had left behind them. "B-Boss! Its that guy again!"

"Huh?" Boss flew over to his enforcer and looked at the video screen. A superhero was on the way to stop them! Dressed in the cool, cyan spandex came the cold chiller known as Ice Sickle! Russian superhero, famed for wielding his magical sickle into battle against evil, his ice powers were spoken through the scared whispers of various villains and ne'er do wells alike!

But not for Boss. He grinned at the challenge and looked at Thug. "Looks like you'll be getting a second chance on bringing this hero down, Thuggy."

The Ice Sickle was a well built man, bred by Mother Russia to be a hero. His skintight blue and white outfit showed off his mighty muscles, and a white snowflake centered his chest. The stylized letters IS were in the center of the snowflake. Ice Sickle slid into the room on a road of ice. He looked around, wielding the sharp instrument in his right hand, his other hand was pulsing with a magical, cyan aura. He scanned the room from behind his mask, finding none there.

"Coume out, covards!" He demanded.

"Right here, comrade!" Boss walked out from behind a large computer console, tossing the jewel into the air and catching it. "Looking for this pretty little thing? Then come and get it, BITCH!" He laughed, slipping the rather large stone into his pocket.

"You should know better, little mon. I crush you before. I crush you again..." He threatened, his accent reminiscent of his homeland.

"Yeah...Say, how's the sidekick?" Boss' smile spoke volumes. "Still visiting hell with his parents?" A bolt of arcane, ice magic shot through the air, but it was reduced to steam before it could even touch Boss' body. "Please. You know I can turn up the heat more than you can turn it down."

"Ve'll see aboot that!" More bolts of ice magic shot out of Ice Sickle's hand. SHING SHING SHING! But with each 'SHING!' the sound of them hissing away into steam followed. PSSS PSSS PSSS!

Boss took flight, dodging the bolts from down below, before flying directly at the superhero. The bigger man dodged him and grabbed his foot as he passed by. The supervillain felt the painful whiplash, before he was swung around and smashed into the wall, cracking the quickly freezing stone. Ice Sickle ran towards the stunned villain, who raised his head and yelled.

"Thug! Now!" With a boom and crash, Thug charged through the wall. The big bruiser let out a roar, pounding his fists against his chest! He picked up chunk of the wall he had broken and threw it at Ice Sickle, followed by several others.

Ice Sickle growled and held his ground, slicing the stones with his enchanted weapon. His eyes glowed an etheral blue as he fired an arcane bolt of ice magic from his sickle! The blue blast consumed Thug, freezing him in a prison of ice.

"...Fucking idiot," Boss sighed.

"You are finished, thief." Ice Sickle roared as the room was flash frozen, each wall now covered in ice. Only a small silhouette around Boss was left warm, thanks to his own powers. The superhero fired a magical torrent of ice at Boss, and the gangster fired his own beam, but it was being pushed back by the freezing magic as soon as they met. He could feel the ice crawling up his legs, down his spine, over every inch of his skin as his red light began to fade...

"BOSS!" The ice prison shattered as Thug freed himself! He gave an animalistic snarl as his feet kicked off of the icing ground. Ice Sickle didn't even have time to say anything as Thug close lined him, knocking him to the ground hard!

Ice Sickle groaned in pain, his head bleeding as Thug picked him up by his collar and slammed his forehead into his face, shattering the man's nose. It exploded in a mess of blood, staining his crisp blue suit. Ice Sickle screamed out in pain. He tried to get enough sense to grab onto Thug's arm to freeze it, but Thug tore his arm away and grabbed onto Sickle's head. His thumbs dug into the hero's eye sockets. Boss watched as the hero dropped the source of his powers, and enjoyed his front row seat to Ice Sickle's head being crushed.

Our villains have returned back to their hideout, celebrating the victory they had over the forces of justice in their own ways. Boss celebrated it with music, food, and women. Douglas celebrated by watching his cartoons in one of the living rooms of the underground facility.

He smiled at the show. The friendly dog and the grumpy cat had just learned to forgive each other, and were now using teamwork to fight the evil Rat King. He liked this show. The dog wasn't really smart, but was super duper loyal! The cat was mean, even hissing and scratching at the bigger dog, but always helped him in the end. He laughed. He was the big, tough dog and Boss was the mean, but cool cat!

The TV suddenly changed channels, turning into a news report. Doug frowned and looked behind him, seeing several other superpowered criminals walking into the room.

"Ice Sickle was found in the ruins of Area 51, murdered by infamous supervillains Abraham Adams. His trademark sickle was not found, and a message was carved into the back of Ice Sickle, warning-"

"Hey! I was watching that!"

"And now you ain't, reta-"

"Hey!" Boss had entered the room. The goons went silent in his presence. "Doug was watching that. Piss off."

"Y-you got it, Boss!" Doug waved goodbye with a smile as the Boss flew over and sat beside his bodyguard on the couch.

"Thanks for standing up for me, Boss!"

"Yeah, well, I owe you after you saved my life today."

Doug moved to hug his Boss, but was met by a glare when he lifted up his arms. He put them down, but didn't stop smiling. "You don't owe me anything, Boss! You always save me!"

"Right. Look, Doug, I got you something."

"A doggy!?"

"No." Boss reached into his pocket.

"A pocket doggy!?"

"Shut up. Here." Boss placed an all too familiar gem in Doug's hands.

"You' me the gem?"

"Not just a gem! You see, Doug, Falcon doesn't want the gem anymore. Not after he found out its alive!"

"ITS ALIVE?!" Doug shook the topaz in his hands. "Hello?! How are you?! I'm Thug! We saved you from the grocery store!"

"Stop that!" Boss sighed, rubbing his head, before recomposing himself. "I'm giving it to to you so you can take care of it."

"You a pet?" Doug thought for a moment, before pouting. "Or did you want me to kill it?"

"Yes. No! As a pet! She eats very little, sleeps a lot, and-" Thug's finger pressed against his lips, silencing him.

"Shhh! Boss, hear that?" He ignored his Boss' glare and held the large gem to the other's face. "Thank you, Boss, for giving me to Doug! Kiss kiss kiss kiss!" He poked the rock against Boss' frowning face, speaking in what was probably meant to be a lady's voice.

"Stop that."


"Look, just...take care of her, okay? Give the rock a name and spend time with it. Okay?"

"I'm gonna call her...Jewely!"


"No! Jewely!"

"Whatever. Just take care of her, okay?"

"Okay, Boss! I'll go feed her right now!" Doug stood up and ran off, leaving Boss alone. The crimelord shook his head, smiling, as he took his cell phone out. Doug suddenly came back and gave his Boss a quick hug. "Thanks, Boss!" He then left for real this time, telling Jewely all about himself.

Even the villain couldn't help but smile as he heard Doug tell Jewely about her grandfather, Grandpa Boss, with much love and praise. "Heh." Boss entered in a number on his phone and while he waited for someone to pick up, he flew off back to his office. By the time he got there, his business partner finally picked up. "Falcon. Look, sorry about losing you that fancy rock...Well, I got a consolation prize, if you're willing to forgive and forget...and pay for it, of course."

Boss listened to Falcon's response as he plucked Ice Sickle's sickle from a drawer. He began to use the dulled tool as a backscratcher, sighing in relief at getting some bad itches. "How much would you pay for, for a slightly used magical weapon from one dead superhero?"

And that's the end of this issue, Young Heroes! Catch the next installment of this bold new world right here! On Fictionpress! Until next time, Young Heroes!


A/N: So this was my first story in a long time, and I won't lie, it was different than what my older stuff was like. As you can tell, I wanted to emulate old, Silver/Golden Age narration commonly found in the comics of those days. Tell me what you thought of that. If I should go farther with it next time, or dial it back.

The main purpose of this story was to portray a villain committing evil acts, but without letting them become pure evil. I hope I accomplished that, and if I didn't, please tell me what I could do to make it better. This was my first real story in a long time, and I know I'm rusty, but I want to give my audience a story it deserves.

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