I'm dying

by Sielouch-06

I'm dying

Can't you see it?

It's in the bruises covering my skin.

I'm dying

Can't you hear it?

It's my cry of hopelessness echoing.

I'm dying

Can't you smell it?

It's in the sickly odor of the antiseptic

I'm dying

Can't you taste it?

It's in what I threw up this morning.

I'm dying

Can't you feel it?

My faint heartbeat, my doom, impending.

I guess you don't know

For you never turn your eyes on me.

And yes, it will show

How little you think of me.

I'm really a fool or should I say, plain crazy.

For I did everything, for you to notice me

And now, I'm paying, slowly dying.

Or maybe you knew it all along?

And you just don't care.

You never cared anyway.

You're neither sad nor feeling remorse

Instead what you felt is so much worse

For my sorrow is your happiness

My love, you always hate.

For your pleasure is my pain

And my death is your chance to live again.