Grey, White, Orange, Violet, Amber, Jade, Cyan, and Crimson, these eight regions each gather five young fighters to fight in a tournament held once a year. This is the tale of the young fighters from Crimson. These young fighters are a part of a new generation that will change the world forever.

Today was the day to pick the representatives for the Red Dragon dojo. Jacob was eager to find out who would be picked. Jacob got out of a fairly comfortable, but simple bed and stretched. Jacob slipped off his pajamas and put on a white fighting robe past his black, somewhat messy hair and over his fit body. Jacob pulled up white pants to go with his fighting robe. In Jacob saw red eyes that burned with a mighty flame of enthusiasm as he looked into the mirror in his room.

Jacob's skills guaranteed him the third position out of five on the team. Kyle, an older boy with hair and eye as red as red can be, was the first and therefore the leader of the team. Ron, a boy about Kyle's age with orange hair and red eyes, was the second. All that remained was to choose the fourth and fifth positions. The buses shortly arrived bringing in young fighters from other divisions of the Crimson region. The boys, all dressed in white fighting robes, began a fighting tournament to determine who the best of the best was on the Red Dragon Dojo's outside arenas. The arenas were all white, hard, and tiled as they glistened in the bright sun between the outer gate and the inner dojo. The tournament was overseen by Master Ryu the headmaster of the Red Dragon dojo and teacher of both Kyle and Jacob. Ryu was an older man with a lean, muscular build with red eyes and hair that was white due to his age. As the tournament began, Kyle, Ron, and Jacob began to observe the fights in the tournament with great interest.

"Do you see those two? Those two will win. I can sense it." said Kyle pointing to two fighters.

The first he pointed to was a blonde boy with red eyes named Leo. Leo was an expert of the Lion fist technique that could easily cut through skin, and was a tenacious fighter.

The second he pointed to was a black haired boy with grey eyes and fairly large muscles for his average height named Daniel. Nicknamed the Bonecrusher, he would break his opponent's bones to win fights.

Healers were on stand-by to heal the fighters in the tournament after matches were over. Daniel gave all of his opponent's healers a lot of work due to their crushed bones.

Eventually the semifinals were reached with the last four contestants remaining. Jacob got to announce the opening for the first semifinal.

"Representing the Jumping Gym we have Max Wise! And representing the Bonejitsu dojo we have Daniel Bleak!" said Jacob loudly.

Max stood about a half an inch taller than Daniel. Max was in a fighting pose with a fierce look in his brown eyes below a head of brown hair. Daniel looked at Max with a smirk on his face.

"FIGHT!" said Jacob.

Max immediately jumped toward Daniel and proceeded to kick him, knocking him over. Before Daniel could get up, Max jumped on him, forcing him to the ground once again. Max jumped really high off of his opponent to land on him one more time, but Daniel managed to roll out of the way. When Max landed Daniel got up and punched Max in the face forcing Max back a bit. Daniel then wound back his elbow.

"Bone Breaker!" thought Daniel.

Max tried to jump out of the way, but his leg was hit by the oncoming elbow. After the severe crack sound, Max landed on his back and was in pain and unable to move.

"Alright twerp, just give up!" said Daniel.

"Do you see me unconscious yet?" asked Max struggling to get up.

Max tried to punch Daniel as he got closer, but Daniel blocked the punch, got on his knees and proceeded to punch Max in the face until Max passed out. Bloodied and bruised Max was taken to the healers' tent for immediate treatment.

"The winner is Daniel Bleak, the Bonecrusher!" said Jacob.

"Well that was an obvious result. I don't even know why we include the Jumping Gym as a candidate to be one of our representatives. They can never win. I am amazed he made it to the semifinals." said Kyle.

The second semifinal was announced by Ron. "Over here representing Feral we have Leo Masters! And over there representing the Multi-Art dojo we have Eugene Bottoms!" said Ron loudly.

"Rock! Call me Rock not Eugene!" shouted Rock.

"Ah! The Multi-Art dojo is a wildcard. Boys and men can learn from a wide variety different super martial arts there. However, all the ones offered there are inferior to the Lion fist that can only be taught at Feral. Fighters from the Multi-Art also tend to lack focus. The outcome of this match is obvious." said Kyle.

Rock was a brown haired boy of average height. Rock's arms remained at his sides as he looked at his opponent with a calm expression emanating from his blue eyes.

"FIGHT!" said Ron.

Leo ran right up to Rock and punched him in the chest with the Lion's fist. However, Leo's fist bounced right off in pain. Rock seemed unaffected.

"What the heck?" said Leo.

Rock proceeded to punch Leo in the jaw knocking him back. From then on it was a slugfest in which both fighters kept punching each other. Rock didn't seem to be hurt at all by any attacks, but Leo kept slowing down as the fight continued. Finally Rock hit Leo with an uppercut that knocked Leo on his back and out cold.

"The winner is Eugene Bottoms, the Rock!" said Ron.

Kyle could hardly believe it. "Impossible. How did this happen?" said Kyle.

Ryu put his hand on Kyle's shoulder and said "Rock is an expert of the Iron Skin technique. That technique renders the users skin nearly impenetrable."

The final match was announced by Kyle "Representing the Bonejitsu dojo we have Daniel Bleak! And representing the Multi-Art dojo we have Eugene Bottoms!" said Kyle loudly.

"Call me Rock!" shouted Rock.

"FIGHT!" said Kyle.

Rock and Daniel proceeded to rush towards each other and grappled for a while. The battle evolved into a wrestling match.

"That Iron Skin kid is going down this time. The Bone Breaker will be able bypass the skin defense and break him from the inside. Then as before Master will let me choose the second winner and I will choose Leo. This is simply destiny." thought Kyle.

Daniel tried to use his elbow to hit Rock, but Rock had a hold on Daniel's arm using his Iron Skin to rigidify his own arm. Rock then pinned Daniel on the ground. Daniel kept hitting Rock, trying to get up, but his efforts were to no avail against the Iron Skin. Then Rock applied the power of his Iron Skin to just his fist and proceed to punch Daniel in the face with the super-hard fist. The impact knocked Daniel out.

Kyle couldn't believe his eyes and just stood there in stupor.

"Uh…Kyle!" said Jacob.

"The winner, the fourth fighter is Dan…I mean Eugene Bottoms of the Multi-Art Dojo." said Kyle.

"Call me Rock!" said Rock.

"And now Master Ryu will choose the fifth fighter!" said Kyle.

Ryu smiled and said "Thank you all young fighters of tomorrow for coming here to fight. Be sure to come back next year! Enjoy the feast while you're all still here! We shall announce the fifth fighter! Kyle I leave that task to you."

"I would be honored, master. I choose Daniel Bleak!" said Kyle.

Daniel went up and took his position with cheers following from everyone except those whom he beat who still hated that he painfully broke their bones.

"Alright the team has been chosen! Let the feast begin!" said Ryu.

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Next Time: Daniel blows his opportunity to be one of the five fighters.

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