"Alice!" Zoe called out my name as she traveled through the crowd of students. "Are you coming to the mall with Rach and me tomorrow?" Zoe asked. "Of course! Tomorrow the new D1 album is coming out, like I'd miss that!" I replied. "Great!" See ya tomorrow than!" She said as she ran to catch up with Matthew, her new boyfriend. I swear that girl changes boyfriends faster than she changes her outfit. P.S. She change her clothes three times a day.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" I yelled at the entrance nice way. "Good afternoon darling, tonight we are your mom's famous spaghetti." My dad said. Mom replied with "Honey! It's not that good!" "Are you kidding me?! It's better than heaven!" My dad said with a sweet tone. "I'm going up stairs!" My parents have been married for 25 years and they still have their flam going.

Yup. That's basically my life, loving parents and awesome friends. My life is perfect. Not. I locked the door and slammed on my bed with my face down in order to drown out my silent sobs. I reached for my calendar on my desk near my bed and thought 'Tomorrow, huh? It will be 4 years since then tomorrow, wouldn't it?' I wiped my tears, returned my voice to normal, sat up, and reached for my phone. I dialed Zoe's number. "Hey Zoe! I just remembered I can't make it tomorrow. sorrrrry!" I said with my peppy teenage girl voice. " What! Ugh. Fine I guess it's just gonna be me, Rach, and Aron." She said with a irritated tone. "You got a new bf?" I asked not surprised. " Duh. Matthew is so 2 hours ago. Bye." With that Zoe hanged up.

I put the phone on my desk and began to cry silently again, trying to not let my lovey-dovey parents hear. I was sick of it. This little dance I continued by myself In the sake of my friends and family. I Looked at the black ring on my ring finger on my left hand and I wonder if I made a mistake 4 years ago with Darien. No, I promised myself I wouldn't regret it no matter what. I chuckled. A girl like me is thought to tell my parents and friends everything right? I do tell them everything just not about my other side and it's secrets. Because I promised the secrets that concerned Darien would stay secret and I would keep them even if it meant I would have to die. The day I involved myself with that devil is the day my life was no longer mine. It was his. He didn't have to do anything, I handed him my heart on my own accord. I guess this is what they called dumb blind love, huh?

After dinner I went to sleep at 11:30 after I cried first like I always do. In the morning I got up and went to first period. The teacher came in and announced a new student. "Class, this is..." "Darien." I whispered to myself. I haven't seen him for 4 years, but I would never forget his face. " Darien, you can sit next to Alice." The teacher said pointing him in my direction. Before he sat down he slipped a piece of paper on my desk. The sheet said ' Meet me at our place.' There is no doubt about it now, he is Darien.

After school I bailed on my friends and said nothing to my parents and went to the hidden old willow tree near the big pond. It was past 7 when he showed up. I promised my self I wouldn't cry when I saw him, but I did. Hot tears came rushing down my cheeks. I could only utter a soft " Why?" He stood there, silent. We looked at each other in silence. Then I said screaming and crying "I love you! Do you know that?!" He utter a yes in a deep, low voice and only looking at the ground. It was good our secret spot was isolated, because I cried and screamed. I had enough, did he think bringing me to this beautiful place of the past was going to change my mind? Well, it wasn't. I pushed him down and yelled " I hate you!" He looked up at me with his cold jaded eyes and said in an alluring voice " Do you really?" I was petrified and tears stopped for a second. Then I fell in front of him and continued to crying and whispered "No." That's all he need. He embraced me and said sorry. I quickly took comfort in his arms with my head rested on his broad chest. I should've known that I couldn't escape this cold hearted devil the day I gave him my heart, my soul, my mind, and my life.