I woke up next to Darien and stared at the big blue pond. A few minutes later he woke up and sat next to me. He whispered in a cold tone "Can you do me a favor, s-w-e-e-t-i-e?" Then he whispered something terrible and inhumane. I should of known what he really wanted, but I didn't care. I did it once, a second time couldn't be much harder.

After I returned home my parents asked where I was all night. I said in an innocent voice that I was at an over night study session with a friend. A good thing about being a good daughter is that your parents will believe all of your twisted lies. After I freshened up, I went to school to see Zoe.

"Hey Zoe!" I said " Oh my God! I have found my soulmate, Alice! Aron is totally the one!" She said in a peppy innocent voice. " Really? Hey can I interview him to see if he is worth my angel of a best friend?" I said in a friendly tone. "Sure thing! Here's his number!bye Alice!" She replied. Darien walked passed me in the hallway and said "Do it." My face frozen in a cold smile I was giving to my best friend.

I told Aron to meet me at a secret cliff in the woods. When he came I spoke to him in a friendly manner. As I spoke I got closer and closer, then I pushed him off. Darien came up behind me and said good job. He chuckled in a dark and cold tone and said " Thats what you get for rejecting me. Now your second beloved ended up like your first, swimming with fishes." My skin in the back of my neck crawled. He was truly a monster, but I am no better. Killing my best friend's love for my own. I looked at my black ring and said "I'm ready." I opened a secret compartment in the ring's black diamond. I took the the minerals inside. Then my vision went blurry and it became difficult to breath. I felt my body fall on the ground.

When I came to, I was on a bed with Darien at my side. Her started to speak " The drug I gave you 4 years ago worked. I guess working in an experiential lab paid off, huh?" That's right Darien was not a high school student. He was 8 years my senior, he was a 26 year old that looked 17 years old. 4 years ago he was a college student and fell in love with Zoe, but Zoe rejected him. He became a mad man and devised a plan to kill her boyfriend and soulmate. Of course like this time, I was also a pawn he used. I did the dirty work and killed my best friend's love. I loved him so much at the time too that I didn't care what I did as long as I was of use to him. He is a genius and he used his college's chemistry lab to create a new drug that couldn't be traced and stopped all signs of life. Before he left he gave me the black ring and told me to use it after he had come back for his full revenge on Zoe. Beginning a genius was hard, it left him sensitive to people's reaction of him. He began to speak again " your friends, parents, and even your doctors think you are dead. I guess I am a genius." He chuckled and said in a low voice "Do you regret it? Falling in love with me. I mean I made you kill your best friend's two soul mates. " I wrapped my arms around him and started crying no. "Darien it was my choice to give you everything of mine! I love you no matter what you do to me!" I screamed. His voice returned to his confident voice and said " Good, here, this is your new identity your name is Eliza Baron, 17 years old currently going to school and living with her adult boyfriend/fiancé, Simon Oswald in Washington." I asked in a baffled tone " Fiancé?" He replied in a comforting tone for the first time "How can I let go of a girl who would kill for me? Oh, and here your engagement ring." He handed me a fiery red stoned ring. I was really happy that my love was returned. I sorry Zoe for killing your love, but I couldn't let go of him. I said " I love you, Simon." And kissed my husband-to-be.