Chapter 5

"Stay back!" I pointed the sharp dagger at him, my hand trembling slightly.

"Easy there, love." He cracked a pearly white smile, his two canines retracting once again. "I'm only here to help you."

I shook my head. "Really? Didn't look like it before!" I moved the dagger closer when he tried to step forward. He growled in frustration and I lifted my head and chin high, unintimidated. "You tried to kill me!"

He chuckled. "But I didn't."

"You almost did! Y-You tried to bite me!"

"Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart."

I scoffed,but soon realized I still had the upper hand against him. For a while, we just stood there, as I pointed his own weapon towards his throat. An hour ago, it had been quite the opposite positions. If this man knew the woods more than I did, there was a chance he could lead me to the next village up North. But then again, he was not man.

My eyes shifted down his facial features to his small yet sharp fangs. He was definitely not man.

Last time I checked, humans did not have such animalistic features or teeth, for that matter.

My heart thumped in my throat as I imagined his canines piercing my soft skin. I shuddered, taking a step back.

"Take me to civilization." I threatened, my grip on the dagger becoming stronger. I expected a growl or a flirtatious comeback, but he only looked back at me, his irises slightly changing from a dull yellow to a bright sunset orange. Aggravated, I stomped my foot. "I said, take me to the Northern Village!"

"No can do, sweetheart." He whispered, leaning forward on the tree beside him, shaking his head.

"I'm the one with the weapon to your throat. Do as I say or I'll carve out those pretty eyes of yours!" I yelled back, happy with the fact I did not stutter nor trembled with my words.

He let his hooded eyes roll down my body, a slight purr of approval coming from his chest. "Intriguing one you are." He paused, pondering at my request. "What's in it for me?


"Where are you headed?" The stranger repeated, stepping closer as I pressed my back against the boulder, feeling the urge to bring space between us.

"None of your concern." I turned my head to the side, ignoring his hot breath on my cheek. We were so close his body was practically crushing mine against the hard, ragged surface of the giant rock behind me. I looked down, desperately hoping this man was not a criminal of any sort. He sure had the matching attitude of a dangerous man.

"I want to know." His voice grew serious and stern, just when I thought he couldn't get any scarier.

"What so you can follow me again?" I lifted my gaze to meet his, angry. "So you can stalk your way into my bed one night and kill me in my sleep? Surprised you haven't done it yet!" I lifted my hands, gesturing to our surroundings. "I mean look at this place, no one around, right?"

My shifted my eyes to the small pointy dagger strapped in his brown leather belt. If I could reach it, I could scare him into leaving, and hopefully, I wouldn't have to hurt him.

Perfect. Now all I needed was a distraction.

The handsome man growled lowly, growing impatient. I hadn't noticed his relaxed, 'ready to attack' posture.

Fight or flight?

One second I was standing on my two feet on the ground right behind the angered man, the next I was flung down on the ground, the breath leaving my lungs. I whimpered as I watched the dark stranger above me caged me between his arms, a sudden burst of adrenaline surging within him. I gasped, the heavy weight of his body crushing my feeble one. He leaned on his elbows, his nose millimeters from mine.

His canines slowly grew to two perfectly pointed fangs. He grinned showing off his knife-like teeth. I could no longer hear the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the river. My insides were turning mushy, the simple act of breathing impossible.

Without any other train of thoughts, I reached a finger and gently pressed it against the canine of his teeth, my eyes wide with amazement. Was this even possible? I had never seen teeth grow so fast, nor so pointy before. I did not dare look into his compelling yellow orbs, in fear he would catch the terror within my own. I continued to trace my finger down his fang, gradually distracting him.

As quick as I could be, I reached my unoccupied hand around his back, grabbing the dagger from his leather belt, and rolled my body to the left, escaping from the monster's grasp. I stood to my wobbly feet and abruptly pointed the weapon towards the strange man.

Men were too easy to fool.

Chuckling, he watched my every move as I slowly observed his dangerous canines disappear, leaving perfect human-like pearly whites. He took a step onward, and I took two steps back.

It had been minutes of back and forth arguing and threatening. I had used the dagger as my only advantage, forcing the handsome young man to take me to the Northern Village. So far, my small formalized plan was working well for me.

"What's in it for me?" He asked again, sweeping my thoughts from my mind.

"What do you mean what's in it for you!? You know the woods, and I'm demanding you to take me to the Northern Village." Confidently, I stepped forward, motioning with the dagger. He didn't seem afraid, though he did nothing to stop me. Did he find this amusing?!

"I mean," He lowered his head, the boyish smirk crawling back upon his lips. "What will be my reward."

I blinked. "Nothing."


"I will part from you, and I will not tell a soul about you or your strange…" I gazed down to his lips. "Dental conditions."

The nameless man studied me for a while longer, pondering my request. Perhaps more like demand. Volunteered or forced, I had ten days to travel to Lake Jaune, in hope to finding my Grandmother by the dock. He was my only chance at finding civilization.

"You have yourself a deal, Little Hood."

I frowned at the nickname, and silently dropping my tired arm to the side, I made my way to my small black leather and fur boots sitting by the log. I tied the lace strings tightly and without hesitation, stored the dagger within my left boot. I was still shocked by the unexplainable fangs, but decided to drop the subject and focus on the journey ahead.

"What is your name?" I straightened, adjusting my cloak as I watched the man leaning against the tree casually.

His smirk widened. "Wouldn't you want to know."

"Yes, that's why I asked." I added, face expressionless.

He chuckled deeply, "Julien."

We both fell silent for a moment, letting the afternoon forest sounds surround us in bliss. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I shifted feet, playing with the edge of my hood nervously. When Julien began to move, I lifted my gaze to watch him walking off into the woods. I chased after him.

"Wait! Where are you going?!"

"We made a deal and it's going to be a long walk. Follow, I'm not stopping for you, princess." He replied, taking large strides as I practically jogged behind him. Lord, was he fast.

I stayed silent, gazing at his muscular back as we navigated through the trees. After what seemed like hours of walking, I could make out a small clearing not too far away. The sky was losing it's light, slowly mixing into vibrant colors of orange and pink. Sighing, I followed Julien close behind, matching his every step.

"We'll rest here for the night." He stopped to examine the small clearing, slowly raking his eyes over its peaceful surroundings. I nodded, passing him confidently as I made my way to the middle of the clearing. Swiftly, I took off my cloak, placing it on the soiled ground. I turned around to make sure Julien was still there and had not abandoned me. There he was, slowly advancing towards me but kept his eyes on something else, avoiding mine.

I lay down on my cloak, watching the orange sky turn into a deep violet. As breathtaking as it was, it felt all too surreal. Everything just felt abnormal, unnatural. My gaze shifted to Julien, who sat leaned against a tall tree, his head tipped up as he too, watched the passing night sky. Suddenly I felt a small tingling, cold touch on my right cheek. Frowning, I sat up and raised my hand to touch my cheek. Was it raining?

A small puffy white crystal gently fell down to touch my knee. Snow. It was snowing.

At first, my reaction was amazement. Snow was so delicate, beautifully structured crystals. Then, the fear kicked in. Snow was the confirmation of the beginning of a new season. Wolf season. My train of thoughts immediately pictured the black wolf, its teeth snapping, its eyes hooded and dangerously glowing.

"Scared of a little snow, beautiful?" Julien smirked, but kept his head leaning against the tree trunk, looking up to the sky.

"No. It is just…" I trailed off, looking off into the distance. Why was I so scared? I was never afraid of wolf season before. I never cowered in fear before, so why now? Was it because I had seen the wolf in front of my very own eyes?

Soon enough, I let the white flakes cover my body as I watched them fall from above, nothing but the buzzing sound of silence ringing through my ears. What had I gotten myself into?

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I wasn't always like this. I wasn't always this empty. My past has made me who I am, but sometimes I refer back to the times I wish I could have made it different. If it was, would I be the same? Would I have been the person I am now?

What is the point of asking impossible questions if they cannot be answered? Yet we still find the need to figure our doubts. Somethings cannot be changed. Somethings are just made the way they are supposed to.

And that was my worst mistake. Asking questions. At least, it was for the first half of my life.

I, Skylar Wells, have been through the darkest tunnels of life. I have seen betrayal, tears, disregardment. It was only up to a point that the summer after my high school graduation, I did the most dangerous, most life-experiencing journey possible.

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