Here's something I wrote as a weekend story for English class.

It was the night before Halloween. Although Finn didn't have time to go trick-or-treating, his school allowed students to wear costumes during the day of Halloween. Finn was going as the Tenth Doctor from the TV show Doctor Who. His costume wasn't grandiose; he wanted to have only the requirements of the costume. As long as his friends understood whom he was dressed up as, he'd call the costume a success. Now, he stood in front of the bathroom mirror in his full costume, making sure he hadn't forgotten any necessary elements. He had.

"Mom," he called downstairs, "I think I need some hair gel."

"What for?" his mother yelled up.

"My Tenth Doctor costume. You know, David Tennant's hair was really the defining characteristic of his costume."

Looking at himself in the mirror, he felt as if he were desecrating the costume. The correct hairstyle was so important in this case.

"Isn't the exact hairstyle a bit inconsequential? You have more homework you should be doing."

"No, it's absolutely necessary."

"Well, then, you can go over to the Bainbridges' and see if they have any to spare."

Finn's stomach fell, and his face turned cadaverous. The Bainbridges' house was literally next door to Finn's. He could see it out the bathroom window right now. The act of going over there and back, however, was entirely redoubtable.

"No, it's fine. I can just blow-dry my hair or something after I take my shower tomorrow. Also, I don't want to bother the Bainbridges."

"I already called them and they said it's fine for you to come over. They have plenty of hair gel."

Finn was starting to get nervous.

"It's really fine. There's really no need."
"Finn, we've already inconvenienced the Bainbrideges by calling them. You should really go over there and borrow some gel. Where's the downside?"

Finn realized that he wouldn't be able to convince his mother. He'd have to go out the front door to make her think he was actually going next door, then circle back to the side of his house and sneak in the basement door. If he were careful and quick, he figured he could manage that.

"Okay, I'll head over there."

Finn walked out of the bathroom and headed downstairs. As he descended the stairs, he became even more nervous. By the time he arrived on the ground floor, he was visibly shaking. No one else knew that on this particular night, every year, the veil between this dimension and the nether dimension from which Finn had come was very thin. This was of no consequence to humans, but to Finn, if he weren't careful, any wrong movement could cause him to fall into the nether dimension. He might as well be trying to walk the edge of a cliff.

Finn, still in costume, walked over to his front door and put his hand on the handle. This was his last moment of safety. He stepped outside.

Immediately, the world became fuzzy. Tentatively, Finn took another step. The world wobbled like jello. Finn took a deep breath, and he took another step. The world wobbled. Finn took a step. The world wobbled. He was almost off the porch. Finn took a step, and jumped back. He had stepped on glass! One of the milk bottles from the milk delivery must have broken. Immediately, the world melted. The world now resembled a painting someone had poured water over, smearing its lines and colors. Finn could barely make out where anything was. What had become clear were three hellhounds standing a few meters in front of Finn. They were staring directly at him. Without reason to be careful, Finn bolted.

The hellhounds followed suit. The direction they had Finn running in was the opposite of his basement door. Finn couldn't change his trajectory with the hellhounds trailing him. He kept running, frightened out of his mind.

Finn realized that he was headed in the direction of the Bainbridges' house. Maybe, he thought, he could escape the nether dimension by running inside. He knew that he could find refuge from the nether dimension in his own house, but he didn't know if he could in anyone else's. With the hellhounds close behind, Finn focused until he could see the Bainbridges' fence through the veil, and he vaulted over it. The hellhounds, being completely in the nether dimension, couldn't see the fence and ran right into it, buying Finn some time.

He ran up to the Bainbridges' front door, and tried the handle. It was locked. Frustrated, Finn forced himself to stay calm, and stepped back. He hadn't done this in a long time. He focused, then stepped forward, centimeters from the door.


Finn stepped through the door as if it weren't there.

No luck. The world inside the Bainbridges' house was just as smeared and faded as it was outside their house. He could still hear the hellhounds growling in frustration. This excursion wasn't for nothing, though. Now that Finn was inside this house, he had resources. He knew that if he could get to a mirror, he might be able to bring his form back into the Earthly dimension. He ran upstairs, down the hall, and into the Bainbridges' bathroom. A large mirror was mounted on the wall above the sink. Perfect.

Before Finn could focus on the mirror, the bathroom door slammed shut. Finn spun around, and came face-to-…where-a-face-would-be with a nether demon. It was a tall, black figure, without any discernable features, not unlike the Nazgûl from The Lord of the Rings. It reached forward…

"Stop!" Finn shouted. The demon, strangely enough, stopped.

"Do you know who I am?" Finn said.

The demon said nothing.

"I'm the Doctor!" Finn exclaimed. He reached into the suit-jacket pocket of his Tenth Doctor costume and pulled out his replica sonic screwdriver. "I fight demons like you every day! You have no power over me."

The demon, although it had no face, appeared confused.

Finn pushed the button on his sonic screwdriver, causing it to emit a high-pitched sound. He threw the screwdriver at the demon. Taken aback, it recoiled. Finn whirled around, focused on the mirror, and placed his hand on its surface.


The world wobbled and smeared back into place.

Finn sighed in relief. The demon was gone. His charm would last only a few minutes, though, so he had to get back to his house before the nether dimension became a problem again. He opened the bathroom door.

A bottle caught his eye on the bathroom counter. It was the hair gel.

"Huh," Finn said and picked it up. He walked out of the bathroom and headed down the Bainbridges' stairs. As he was about to open the door to go outside, Ms. Bainbridge came around the corner and saw him.

"Hey Finn! The gel is on the counter in the upstairs bathroom."

"Oh, I've already got it, thanks," Finn said and opened the door. He stepped outside, and ran back to his house. When he stepped inside, his mother was waiting for him.

"Did everything go okay? You took a while."

"No, I got the hair gel," Finn said, holding it up. He slipped past his mother and walked up to his bathroom, stepped inside, and closed the door. Facing himself in the mirror, he opened the hair gel.

"Steve, do you know what this is?"

Ms. Bainbridge stood in her house's bathroom door. She bent down, and picked up the sonic screwdriver.