See you soon.

Push me close, closed.
Skin, echo and loss,
punch a hole through
our chests, fall asleep
on the spot. Don't
look up.

Their frame echoes
of emptiness, it's
hard to tell if they
were ever whole at
all. Give me proof.

He bites and hits,
but doesn't feel, claws,
screams, but there's
nobody here.

She makes a place
out of nothing, blank
walls to stare at while
she fights to care,
and be.

We're like open wounds,
they mumble, we're only
waiting for the blood to
flow so we can close.

We're like open wounds,
they scream, we're exposed
to the bone, no one willing
to take a closer look.

It doesn't feel like
anything, no fire and
no ashes, all life and
secrets one step behind.

The strings that kept
everything together
were never held tight
on our hands, never
afraid of letting go.