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Chapter 1: The First Day

Beep Beep Beep

The alarm on my nightstand rang loudly although I already had another wake-up call going on. "Danny! Wake up, Danny! It's a special day! Momma says it's a special day!" My baby brother, Zac, yelled as he jumped happily on my bed. He had been doing this for the past half hour but I managed to ignore him. Silently, I was restraining from knocking him off my bed. I couldn't do that though. He was only four years old and too small to really know what he was doing. Plus, he followed me around like a little puppy anyway. I could understand that since I was his big brother and all but I will probably never understand why he chooses to be up so early in the morning. "Wake up," Zac yelled again as he jumped onto my back. I groaned as he started to shake me with his little hands.

"Give me five more minutes," I murmured as I pulled a pillow over my head.

"No! You said that last time! Time to get up!" I sighed into my mattress.

"Alright, alright. I'm up."

"All the way up." I rolled my eyes but turned onto my back and sat up. I rubbed at my eyes while Zac stared at me expectantly. He was a small child despite his age since he was just plain tiny when he was born. Then again, he also had a heart problem which the doctors suggested was the cause of his structure. They predicted that he wouldn't make it past two years old but so far, my brother has been keeping up with myself. He was a fighter, I'd give him that. He was cute though with his round face, hazel eyes, smooth skin, and his blonde hair that fell into a spiky bang in his face. I used to tease my parents about him being adopted since he looked nothing like either of my parents. He was just a mixture of the two though, something we all knew but I still liked to kid about it. "Why is today a special day, Danny," he asked as he tilted his head.

"It's my last first day of school. I'm a senior now," I told him before yawning. Honestly, I didn't even want to think about being a senior. Sure, I was done all of my college applications and my SAT scores were great and my mom requested early transcript release but I just wasn't ready to choose a college. Or at least not out of the ones my parents had me apply to. "Come on, little bro. Let's go get some breakfast," I said as I gathered Zac up into my arms. I carried him downstairs to our kitchen where my mom was cooking at the stove. My father was at the table with my younger sister but he was reading the newspaper while she was pouting with her arms crossed. Her emerald green eyes flicked to me as I sat down Zac in the chair next to hers. My sister was a mere 15 and the rebel child of the family. She's done practically everything you could think of that has gotten her into trouble but her brain prevented my parents from kicking her out the house permanently. She was smart, like me, but she just didn't make the best decisions. She was a slim girl with noticeable curves, elegantly structured face, and long voluminous brown hair that she wore in this weird one side style. I'm not sure how to explain it but she rocks it. "Good morning, Ashley," I told her.

"Morning," she said as she shot me a small smile. Both of my siblings looked up to me but Ashley and I were close. I mean, Zac and I were close too but he's only four so it's different. Ashley always came to me for advice or just if she needed to talk. I was like her best friend and her brother mixed into one person. I looked after her and didn't judge her. I only tried to help whatever she was going through because I knew my parents sure weren't going to help her.

"Have you heard from any schools yet," my dad asked me as I sat down at the table. He wasn't very burly but he was muscular enough for a man of his middle age. I took my looks from him with our dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and handsome facial features. I couldn't exactly complain since they did get me a lot of attention from the girls in school. My father was very demanding though. Since was the CEO of a huge business corporation, I guess his work traits just slowly translated themselves into his domestic life. He was also held very high expectations of people – especially his children. Ever since I was born, he had been riding on me to be the best I could be. He put me in all types of sports and placed me in a special private school. Sure, they sound like good things and they were beneficial to me but it only made my dad harder on me. I always had to be the best player on the team and the smartest kid in the class. Whenever there was an academic contest or a sports tournament, my dad threw me right into it. Most of the time I would succeed but when I didn't, I thought he might kill me. Even now as I'm the star of most of the sports team and number one in my class, I'm still afraid to slip up.

"Not yet. They just got my transcripts in the other day so they're probably just now starting to look over everything," I told him. My dad nodded in satisfaction. I had applied to seven schools. All Ivy League, of course. My parents refused to have me go anywhere else. So, I complied to their wishes and applied to Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. All of them had football teams so my parents were praying that I would get a football scholarship to go along with a tuition scholarship. I'm not sure what exactly they were hoping to get but I just did my best to make them happy. I was just wishing that I got in since they were the only schools I applied to. Both of my parents were rooting for me to go to Yale or Harvard because you know…they're academically famous. I, on the other hand, wasn't really sure where I wanted to go. Yes, I visited and loved all of them but I just wasn't quite sure where I was going quite then.

"I hope you hear from them early. Then, you can just go back and visit again and really narrow it down." I nodded, trying not to think about it. All of the colleges were pretty far away and I wasn't ready to think about being too far from home yet. I was close to my younger siblings and leaving them behind didn't exactly sit right with me. "You ready to rule the school," my dad asked me with a smile as he referred to my new position as student body president. I guess I forgot to mention that I had been on student council ever since middle school and now I reached my goal of being president. It was already a lot of work though. I met with the rest of the council a lot during the summer in order to come up with new ideas to improve the school and new plans for fun that pertained to the students. I had a good group of other students with me on the council who were with me on being hell bent on making a change in the school. They all never knew it would so stressful either though.

"I guess," I said with a shrug. "I have to make some cheesy school spirit announcement on the morning television show today. I'm not looking forward to that."

"Why not, honey," my mom asked as she turned to set down a huge plates of cinnamon waffles on the table.

"Because it's going to be cheesy," I said. "What 17 year old wants to be cheesy in front of the whole school?"

"Hey, if I don't recall, you were pretty cheesy when you asked Melanie to junior prom last year," Ashley said before taking a sip of her orange juice. I rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm supposed to be cheesy for her. She's my friend."

"Girlfriend," Ashley coughed under her breath. I glared at her. Melanie and I had been friends since we were born. She only lived a couple doors down and we were practically inseparable at times. We talked to each other about anything and everything. She was my best friend. Yes, she did confess to me over the summer that she was in love with me but our friendship stayed stable throughout the awkward tension that lingered at first since I didn't exactly feel the same way. Melanie was absolutely beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, and everything else a guy could want in a girl but I just didn't see her that way. If anything, she was more like a twin sister to me. We were on the same level but I would still protect her no matter what the circumstances. My family didn't know about her feelings for me but they did think we liked each other. I never confirmed anything but Ashley does like to say what she wants.

"Ashley, leave your brother alone," my mom said before shooting me a smile. I returned it. My mother was a beautiful woman and looked a lot like Ashley with her chestnut hair, warm facial features, and slim body. She and my father were high school sweethearts and went to Columbia together. They got married a few years after they got out of college and had me a few months after that. You could say that they had the perfect relationship since they were still disgustingly in love. Or at least I thought it was disgusting since that technically still is my parents. But, a part of me felt relieved to know that there really is someone out there for everyone and that love really could last if it was genuine. My mother wasn't as hard on us as our father was but I could tell she still expected the same great things out of us. She owned a cosmetics line and traveled a lot though. None of us minded that part though because she always made time for all of us. Both of our parents did actually. I'm actually one of the kids who can say that my parents were rich and successful but made time in their busy lives to really spend time with their children. That's why our family was so close knit despite my sister's rebellious acts and my father's demanding attitude. No matter what, we were always there for each other.

I scarfed down breakfast quickly before taking a shower and getting dressed. I threw on a fitted short sleeved, navy button down shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. I ran a brush through my blonde hair and managed to get some cologne on. I always liked to look presentable when I went to school or just out in general. It was weird but my mom sort of taught me to always look good. Her being in the beauty aspect of the world probably made her pass it on to her children but none of us were complaining.

I was almost at the bottom of the steps when I heard a knock at the front door. Quickly, I walked over to it and opened the door for Melanie. We had always gone off to school together every day. When we were little, we would take the bus but when I got my license, we took my car. "Hey Mel," I said as I shot a smile at her. Like I mentioned before, Melanie was a beautiful girl. She had soft, porcelain skin, wide light brown eyes that complimented her pink cheeks and plum, red lips; and she was curvy. Today she was wearing a red, short sleeved dress with flats and her auburn hair left waving down over her shoulders.

"Hey Danny," she said as she gave me a hug. "Ready for the first day of senior year?"

"Don't remind me," I said a soft sigh. "I don't think I'm ready for all of these AP classes."

"Me either. I'm ready for prom and graduation."

"Amen to that," I said, holding up my hand for a high five. She returned the slap to the hand just as my sister came downstairs. She was wearing a short, fitted skirt and a tank top with a jacket over it and knee high boots. Her hair was braided on one side and it fell into curls on the other side. She smiled at Melanie.

"Hey Mel," she said.

"Hey girl," Melanie replied as Ashley gave her a tight hug. We all left out the house and got into my blue Lexus GS. I drove smoothly out the driveway into the streets and out of our gated neighborhood. Although, we still went to private school, it was about 15 minutes away from where we lived. It sat in the middle of the town and was a pretty big school. Although it was a private school, we didn't have to wear a uniform or anything. The school was more like a public school except for the fact that you had to pay for it and the education was a lot better. Some of the kids from the less fortunate part of town did get scholarships to come here but sadly, they were the ones who started most of the trouble. Even now as we pulled into the parking lot, we could see the kids huddled around each other smoking and doing other things. Sure, the rich kids did it too but they were more discrete about it. I drove around the parking lot for a couple minutes to find a spot before finally pulling up into a spot. Ashley immediately bolted out the car and ran towards her group of friends who were loitering near the front doors. Melanie and I took our time getting out of the car before making our way into the building. We had most of our classes together so it wasn't a long goodbye as I dropped Melanie off at her locker before going to mine.

The morning passed by without anything too interesting happening. I went through the usual first day routine with collecting class syllabuses and listening to the same speech multiple times. My last class of the day was AP Chemistry which hopefully wouldn't be too bad. I took a seat at an empty lab table as the other kids filed into the classroom. Most of them were the other kids that were in the top of the class and whom I've known for years. But there was one kid that stood out to me. I'd never seen him before. He was tall, really tall, with messy black hair, and these piercing green eyes. His skin was really tanned and his muscles were outlined by his fitted shirt and his ripped jeans that hung low on his hips. He had a strong jaw; almond shaped eyes, long eyelashes, and slightly arched eyebrows. He walked quietly to the back of the room while we all stared at him. As soon as he realized the attention being given to him, he shot a deadly glare to all of us. All of us immediately turned around but the whispers started not to long after. I stayed quiet and listened in on what my classmates were saying. During the minute of gossip, I learned that the boy's name was Jayden Delgado. He was from the south side of town and had more than just a bad reputation. There were rumors that he was a drug dealer, a member of the Latino Bloods, and that he was a womanizer. Now, I'd never even seen the dude before so I didn't think I had a right to judge. I'm not sure who gave that right to the other bird brains I called classmates to judge so quickly. I'd bet they've never even talked to him.

"Good afternoon everyone," our teacher, Mr. Myers said as he walked into the room. He was a tall, scrawny, young man with a head full of honey blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and thick rimmed glasses. He was one of the new teachers here at the school. "I know that you're all tired and that you're going to be even more tired when the work really kicks in with your other classes but the only thing I ask of you in this class is for you to try your best and cooperate. Understood?" The class nodded in agreement. Mr. Myers smiled and clapped his hands together. "So, as you all know, I'm Mr. Myers. I'm 23 and I have a master's degree in chemistry. I know that you all may thinking why I choose to teach in a school when I could be making big bucks. Well to be honest, I love teaching! I first went to college for it freshman year and I loved it! I love teaching and I love chemistry. My whole mission for this class is to get you to love the topic and not hate on it too hard. I will try to make the material as elementary as possible as well as I will be as lenient as I can be. I want this class to be a challenge but not impossible. Now, time for assigned partners." The class groaned. Having an assigned partner was literally the worst thing in the world. Not only did you have to spend every day with them in the class but you would more than likely also do all the projects with them as well.

We all got up and let Mr. Myers put us in our seats. I was near the middle and I got partnered with the Jayden kid. It would be just my luck to be put next to him. He sat down silently in the seat, barely sparing me a glance. Mr. Myers finished seating us before starting to give out his syllabus. He told us to talk to our partner while he did so. I mentally groaned but turned towards the boy sitting beside me. He was leaning his head in one of hands while his other finger tapped slowly against the table top. "Hi," I told him. His intimidating eyes flicked to me. "I'm Daniel."

"I know," the boy said simply. His voice was deep but there was a strong Hispanic accent laced into it. "You're that smart guy."

"I guess you can say that."

"I'm Jayden," he replied. "Not that you care." His eyes drifted away as he said that. I raised an eyebrow.

"Why would you say that?"

"Look, I'm not here to be friends with you. I'm here to get my diploma and get out. So, you can stop pretending to be nice to me now."

"I was never pretending but it's nice to know that I can't be nice to you. Now, I don't have to waste my time." Jayden narrowed his eyes at me.

"Nice to know where we stand," he said lowly. "Watch yourself, pretty boy," he said, his voice taking a menacing turn. I looked away to the teacher who gave us a smile as he put the syllabus on the desk. We didn't talk for the rest of the time but I could feel his eyes on me. I dared to glance over once to see him staring at me, his eyes boring a hole into my head. Most of us upper class kids would be scared if one of the rough kids were looking at us like Jayden was looking at me. It was like I was a piece of fresh meat that he was examining before he pounced on it. The only thing was that I couldn't figure out whether it was a menacing pounce or something totally different. Either way, I knew it made me nervous but not in the sense that he would hurt me but instead a different type of nervous. One that I never felt before. Ultimately, I think that's what scared me. The tightening of my stomach as I met his green eyes again and I noticed his lips turn up just the tiniest bit in amusement. Suddenly, I knew what was going on. He was going to harass me for the rest of the year. Isn't that just great. I looked to the teacher and gave him a look that said "Shoot me now."

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