Chapter 1: Ole Tilder

I woke up by the sound of gunshots.I looked out the window of the room on the second floor of the saloon. I saw two men, with their hands on their revolvers, ready to draw any second. Dust was kicking up from the ground. I saw tumbleweeds rolling across the dirt road. I wanted to get a closer look. I ran down the old wooden stairs after i left my run-down room. I ran so fast that the lantern fell off the wall. I screamed, "Will Tilder in front of the salo…" That was all i got out of my mouth before i heard 5 shots come from a revolver. It was so startling that even the drunk cowboys at the saloon jumped. We all ran out of the saloon, and there laid the outlaw, Will Tilder. The sheriff cheered with joy. Tilder has been a wanted outlaw with a ten thousand dollar bounty.

As I stood next to Will Tilder, people still respected me, even though i didn't exactly kill him. The man who killed him was actually an outlaw himself. What got many people going was that Will died and James Lloyd, the outlaw, was sent to jail. This was a relief to everyone. Sheriff Petty and I took Will outback of the sheriffs station, where we would bury him, at least thats what they told me we would be doing.

Back in 1855, Will Tilder killed sheriff Bonker. Will was a tan, long-haired, no good outlaw. Everyone around knew his name for his bad, dirty deeds. He was about 5'11" and muscular. A lot of common folk were scared of him. Will was known to kill sheriffs. He killed a lot of them, from town sheriffs to county sheriffs. Tilder was last seen in Picher, Oklahoma. Then out of no where, he showed up here, Amarillo, Texas. The thing is, this was the last place he was seen also in public for all the eyes to see. Amarillo is where i am staying at the moment.

The sheriff sent a letter to Tilder's gang. It reached Picher, Oklahoma. We know this because it wasn't soon after, the gang showed up. The Slayers were known all in Texas. I, Doc Holliday, am known to be an outlaw, but i have changed for the better. Now, I am known to be an honor of this town and all throughout southern Texas. Some people even think i am part of the law enforcement because of how good my deeds are around here. The sheriff and i were playing Five Finger Fillet when The Slayers showed their faces in Amarillo. When they showed up in town with bullets firing, some folks ran and some folks started firing back. I was startled, and with that happening, i got distracted and stabbed my middle finger. This set me off majorly.

I got up and picked up the bloody knife. Ton Tilder, Will's brother, Showed his face first to me. He made sure i saw him. Ton was almost as disgusting as his brother was. Dirt filled his face, his clothes were ragged. The Tilder boys were known to wear long black leather dusters, even though a lot of outlaws did wear it. His hair went to the middle of his back, straight brown hair. His stallion stopped and Ton got off the horse. I knew he wanted trouble. "Not in my town. Ton!" I then threw my bloody knife right into his chest. He didnt even have time to draw his revolver.

I saved a lot of people from worries and even their lives that day. I was one proud man. It felt good to have a great deed done. I could feel the pride run through my body and proudness run through the other peoples bodies. It was a great moment. The Tilders were not a problem from here on out. One thing we still have to watch for is their gang showing back up. we dont want any more trouble being caused. People started to honor and respect me more and more. Sheriff Petty and I took Ton Tilder to the county jail, Where he belonged. He was placed right next to James Loid. James was a little nervous and didn't know what exactly occurred. Blood was running down Tons face. Ton was in shock. We all knew that the town was safer with James and Ton in jail, and with Will Tilder dead in the back of the sheriffs station.

I left the sheriffs station and went on my way. After walking through the screen door, The sheriff called my name. "Doc!" He yelled. I looked back at him, with metal badge shining and his cowboy hat in his left hand. "You forgot your reward." I didn't know what he was talking about. "What reward?" I said in shock. "Your five grand reward." His smile was worth a million bucks, he was probably thinking the same as me. I could feel joy flow through my body. My jaw then dropped a little. I didn't know exactly what to say. I stuttered, "I...I don't know if i should accept such a fine reward, sir." "Meet me at the county bank at 5 o'clock sharp." He said. "The money awaits."

5 o'clock arrived and i was at the bank. There was no sign at all of the Sheriff. The bank had a big white clock that rang every hour, on the hour. "Click…" I knew this sound from anywhere. It was the sound of a revolver being locked and loaded.