Chapter 7: The Manson's Ranch

I arrived at the Manson's Ranch entrance. I had a smile a mile wide on my face. The sign at the entrance was all broke down wood. I could barely understand what it said. It looked like Ma nsn Rach.. I knew it was the right Ranch though, I just read between the lines. As soon as I read the sign, I rode like the wind to get down that old dirt road to see Marilyn and Jack. I was excited more than ever. I reached the Ranch's house and screamed "Marilyn, Jack!" to the top of my lungs. I was just waiting for them to come answer. I was a little nervous, why aren't they answering me. I walked to the front screen door and the wooden door was open. the porch screeched as I walked upon it. I smelt an odd familiar smell. I didn't know exactly what to do, I knew the smell.

I smelt deadness. I was praying to god before I walked all the way in. "God, please don't have me come here to a dead family." I walked in to a surprise of a lifetime. I was dead inside. The worst pain came to me. I couldn't take it. Marilyn's face was shot in and Jack's chest was bleeding a puddle of blood. I couldn't take it. The white and blue rug on the floor was now red. I head a click behind my head. I prayed a short prayer to God that I wasn't about to die. I didn't get a whole sentence out. "What did you d..." That was the last thing I have ever said. The man was John Marston's brother, Haylor..