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"Who am I? Well, that's a tough one... I suppose for now you'll only know me as the narrorator of our story of human cruelty and lust for perfection. But I'm getting ahead of myself."

"Our story starts with a boy. I wish I could tell you his real name, but he didn't even know. I'm getting ahead of myself again. I do apologize for the late begining, if that sentence in itself makes any sense, but this is as far back as the boy could remember. Now then, let us begin with our little story."

A boy with pitch black hair stepped out of car, smilling and waving as the car drove off. He had just visited his friend, who's name he couldn't seem to remember.

The boy looked to be about seven years old, holding a small bag full of clothes and childrens toys as he turned and faced the house that the driveway he stood on lead to. The sun shun it's light on the house, but in all the goodness of this day, something seemed... Rotten.

A crow cawed from the tree looming over the house as the boy approached it. He looked over his shoulder, getting the feeling that he was being watched. There was nothing there.

Obviously. His mother had always told him that he had an over-active imagination. The boy walked to the door, and as he placed his hand on the nob, he got a strange feeling in his head, almost like a mental shock wave.

He pulled open the door, which creaked. Something smelled foul. "Mom must be making something gross for dinner..." He muttered, walking down the hall. The stench grew stronger as he reached the living room. His eyes widened.

The tan couch was thrown over, and throw pillows layed scattered across the floor. "What happened here..?" He asked himself. He'd seen his parents argue, but it was never something this... Violent. Just a few raised voices and a curse word here and there. No. This was no argument.

This was something very bad. The boy's eyes darted around the room. "Mom? Dad?" He called, getting no response. He ran through the kitchen towards his parents bedroom. Pots and pans were scattered across the floor.

He stopped in the dinning room, his eyes widening. On the floor laid his parents in a pool of crimson red. The foul odor mixed with the sight was enough to make the boy hunch over and vomit.

This wasn't real. This was just a bad dream. The child backed away from the scene slowly as shaded figures seemed to dart through the shadows. Tears filled his eyes, and he turned, running towards the front door.

Something, no, someone was chasing him as he burst through the door, throwing it open and running into the empty lawn. His family lived outside of the city.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone?" The childs voice cracked. "Someone... Please help me..!" He yelled, and the only response he got was the caw of the crows. There was more than one now. They lined on the trees and watched him with what almost seemed like amusment.

Suddenly, the boy was grabbed, a rag put over his mouth. The rag smelt funny, and his eye lids seemed heavy. He couldn't thrash. He couldn't cry out for help. And who would hear him? There were no neighbors. He was all alone.

His body was gowing limp, but he fought for the control of his eyelids. A light "Shhh" was whispered into his ear, and his eyes slowly closed. The clouds blocked out the sky, and all grew dark.

"Huh..?" The boy's eyes slowly opened to an eerie light and a grey room. He tried to move his hands, but discovered that they were bound to the operating table he was on.

"What the..?" The memories hit the boy like a semi-truck. He immediately began tugging at the bounds, and was met with a sharp pain as the IV stuck in his left arm was pushed on by accident.

"Where am I?" It was more of a frantic demand than a question.

"Well you are in the testing chambers." A voice said as a man stepped from the shadows. He wore a white lab coat and glasses, and had a grin plastered on his face.

"W-what? Who are you?! I wanna go home!" The boy yelled, struggling more.

"There is no home for you now. I'm sure you remember what you found there." These words made the boy stop struggling.

"You... You did it! You killed them!" He glared at the man. If he wasn't stuck to an operation table, he'd be throwing a temper tantrum the likes of which this world has never seen.

"My my, aren't we the sharp one?" The man laughed. "I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Doctor Jun, and you are going to be the Twenty Fourth Project."

"What? No! I don't wanna be some stupid Project! I just wanna go home!"

"Foolish child." The doctor rolled his eyes. "Why can't I ever get a good response from these children? Why is it always 'I want Mommy and Daddy' and 'Let me go'?" Doctor Jun sighed.

"I suppose it can't be helped. Now then, Project X, I'll see you after you forget a few things." The doctor pulled a lever, and blue fluid poured through the IV tube and into the boy's arm as the boy screamed.

His eyes widened as his veins were illuminated in blue, and his eyes widened and rolled back into his head. The screaming ceased.

"Now I suppose we'll have to skip ahead a bit. Sorry, but everything in the next few years is a little bleak."

A teen, looking to be about fifteen, stood in the middle what almost looked like an arena. He had pitch back hair, and wore what almost looked like a suit, having a white under shirt and black pants with a black jacket buttoned up.

His eyes were cold, and his face was expressionless. "Alright, Project X. The Combat Training will begin in a few seconds. I would like to hope that you are smart enough to utalize you resources." Jun's voice was heard over an intercom.

Project X gave no response as the robotic turrets popped out of the walls and took aim on the Twenty Fourth Project. Suddenly, beams of energy were shot from the turrets.

X simply stepped out of the way of each blast, his legs moving quickly and orderly as he moved no other muscle, evading each shot until one flew at his shoulder and he spun, hitting the blast with the back of his hand, which glowed a strange blue as the blast was deflected into another turret, which exploded.

"How is the Project doing?" A man asked, walking up behind Jun, his hands behind his back.

"How does he look?" Jun smirked, clearly proud of himself.

"Hm... Efficient. In fact, his movements are quite controlled. You just might have brought us to success with the Twenty Fourth Project."

"X. He is reffered to as Project X."

"Right, right. I forgot that you give the Projects these silly letter nick names."

"It's easier to pronounce." Was Jun's simple answer.

"Hm." The larger man stepped back, walking from the room as X brought down the last turret by lifting a piece of shrapnal from the ground with nothing but what seemed to be his mind, stabbing it through the barrel of the turret and blocking the energy blasts path, making them explode out of the sides.

"Well done, Project X. You seem to be doing well with regulating your brain power." The speakers said. X said nothing, walking from the room with his hands in his jacket pockets.

"So how was it?" Jun asked, standing in front of X with a clip board in hand. X stood at about six feet three inches, towering over Jun, who seemed to be only five feet eight inches tall.

"All went well. Zero malfunctions." Was X's answer.

"Good. But I wanted to know what it felt like." Jun seemed almost excited.

X turned, staring at the doctor with his empty eyes. "I am not supposed to feel anything. I am to be the perfect human. No feeling. No joy. Your test has failed." X continued walking, and Jun smirked.

"Clever." He commented. "He might succeed just yet."

X and Doctor Jun walked down a crome hallway, passing random doors. All closed. The approached a large door at the end of the hallway, which had no nobs, and was clearly big enough to hold something inportant.

"So this is the place?" X asked. He had grown another inch, and now looked about to be about eighteen years old.

"Yes." Was Jun's answer. He walked up to the key pad next to the door, and entered a certain code, followed by pressing his hand onto a pad, which scanned it.

The doors slid apart, and the cold air from the room flooded out. "This is where we hold all of the failed Projects."

X stepped into the room, seeing twenty three glass pods, each coated in ice on the inside. All were labeled with a letter. A to W.

X walked past each of the pods, starting at W. Each of them gave off a certain feeling. Some greedy. Some angry. Some insane. X stopped at A.

The feeling he got from this pod was not greedy, angry, or insane. It was something he wasn't used to. Kindness..?

"X? Is something wrong?" Jun asked. X gave no response, he only stepped forward to the pod. It was difficult to make out the body of the person in the pod, but through the iced glass, a face and upper body could be seen.

X slowly placed his hand on the glass, and the icy blocking of his vision slowly moved out of the way. The person was easier to make out.

Female. Autumn orange hair. Closed eyes. Pale skin, but that might have just been from the icy cold. She lacked clothing, but her long hair was placed with perfect censoring. Of course, such a fact wouldn't matter to X, as he was trained to not be bothered by such things.

"Each of these failures are in here for a reason. Why is she in here?" X questioned Jun, ignoring the doctors previous question and keeping his eyes on the person behind the glass.

"She was far too kind. She didn't want to kill, and quite frankly, she was much weaker than any other project. She was really just a test run. A rough draft, if you will." Jun explained. "Why do you ask?" Jun arched a brow at his expiriment.

"..." X looked down to the ground.

"Erm... X..?"

"... We're all just tools, aren't we, doctor Jun..."

"..." Jun remained silent for a moment, taking the sentence into consideration. There was no right answer, but then again, it was less of a question and more of a confermation.

"... Yes."

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