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What's this feeling..?

Z knew full well what that feeling was.

Where am I..?

He got the feeling that he knew that as well. Everything in his vision seemed blurred, as if something was in his eyes. He was also aware of something warm and wet on his hands.

He managed to see through the blur to see that someone was laying under him, and said someone had a hole in their chest. He was using a black jacket that he recognized immediately to try to stop the bleeding.

But why was he trying to stop it? And what was blurring his vision?

Z watched something that looked like water drop from his cheek and onto the jacket, and he realized he was crying. But why? Who was he trying to save?

There was something about his hands. They were stained with blood, but they seemed different. They were a bit more pale and were shaking.

He was feeling a mixture of things. Grief, anger, frustration, terror, worry, but the feeling that was too familiar was what he could feel growing.

Something inside of him was snapping and breaking, and something was flooding in.

But why? Why did he recognize this feeling? He knew what it was. It could only be one thing, after all.

It was then that Z realized he wasn't himself. He recognized the jacket, the hands, and only one Project needed something like the death of someone or something that he couldn't identify to send them over the edge.

"X..." He couldn't recognize the voice either, but he saw a blurred hand reach up to him. It too was stained with blood.

Who was it? Who was reaching up to him? What kind of dream was this?

He found himself grabbing the hand and looking down at a blurred face. He said something, but Z couldn't hear it. He could only hear words from another source.

"Kill the Twenty Fourth Project."

"Kill Project X."

Chapter 16: Snap

Z awoke with a gasp, jolting up and feeling a weight falling from his chest. He could feel sweat dripping from his face and a racing heart in his chest.

"Ow..." Y slowly sat back up, rubbing her head. "Hey, Z! What was that abo-" Y stopped when he looked at her, his eyes wide. "... Z..?"

She'd only seen that look in his eyes once before. When they were released from the pods. When the whispering stopped. They glanced at each other, and she noticed his eyes.

He looked like an animal. Shrunken pupils, his iris's barely visible. He was a mad dog. "U-uh, Z..? You okay..?" Y scooted back slightly as Z's hands clenched into fists in the dirt.

"I am... Unfulfilled..." Z muttered, staring as the ground.

"Uh... Okay..?" Y laughed nervously, putting a hand on Z's shoulder. "Look, why don't we just chill out and-"

Z smacked her hand off his shoulder. "Don't touch me!" He looked as if he would bite her. Z looked as if he was going to say something, but after grumbling gibberish, he waved a hand dismissively and angrily. He then turned, bursting off into the air and leaving Y in the dust.

Y coughed, waving her hand to move dust away. "What..." Y coughed again. "Was that?"

"Looks like you really got screwed up, huh Pansy?"


"You really outta clean out your ears."

T's eyes opened, and they widened. Over him stood V. Hands in his blue jeans, slouching slightly and wrinkling his purple long sleeve shirt. A white circle hung over his head.


"I'm just gonna stop you before you try to punch another hole in me." He said, scratching his head. "You already got me, alright?"

"What are you talking about..?" T asked, sitting up and looking around. Everything was white.

"... You're dense."

"Oh, I get it. I've finally went off the deep end."

"Well yes, but that's not why I'm here. Well, it might be. I'm not really sure if I'm real or not." V looked himself over, seeming to be thinking. "But hey, it's better than going to hell, am I right?"

"Okay, putting aside all other questions that I have for you," T stood up, rubbing his head. "Why are you here?"

"Well you being a psycho is my favorite answer, but I'm guessing it's because the Big Guy either really likes me or really hates me."

"The Big Guy?"

"Or maybe he just owed me one."


"I mean, look at all the crap I, or we,"


"Have been through."


"I mean, I didn't even get another Project. Pretty lame, right?"


"Like seriously. You got S, X has A, Z has Y, where's mine?"


"Maybe that could have kept me sane... Pfft! Nah!"


"That Y wasn't bad though."


"WHAT?!" V said, finally acknowledging T.

"Where are we?!"

"Another good question." V poked T's forehead. "Up here."

"... So this is just a dream?"

"We'll see."

T groaned in frustration, slamming his palm into his forehead. "Do you have any answers?"

"The last answer I had got me this nifty halo."

"Aren't those just for Angels?"

"Hell has angels, don't cha' know?"

T sighed. "You've certainly got a response for everything."

"Well of cour-" V stopped for a moment, looking off to his left. "... Oh great, it's the serious one."

"The serious one?"

"Hey, sock him one for this, alright?" V said, pulling up his shirt. On his chest was a V shaped scar.

"V, what are you-"

"See ya!"

The white of the room over took T, and light filled his eyes.

"Hey, T, you alive?" X tapped T's face with his hand, attempting to wake him.

"Huh..?" V's eyes opened, and he shot up, head-butting X and making him fall back with a blank 'ow'. "V!"

"Still dead, T." X said, rubbing his head while wincing.

"Oh... Right... It was just a dream..." T shook his head. "X, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing." X offered him a hand to help him up. "I heard and saw an explosion and got over here. I found you in the dirt." X said, placing his hands in his pockets after helping T up.

"Oh, right." T shook his head, recollecting his memories before his eyes narrowed. "Shadow Man..."

"Shadow Man?" X arched a brow at him. "Who's that?"

"You don't know? Man, they really didn't tell you anything. Then again, I only know about Shades because of V..."

"Explain. Immediately."

"Right after the bleeding stops." T said, holding his side. and leaning against a large rock. He seemed winded.

"..." X sighed, looking rather disgruntled. "If I get A to help you, will you tell me what you know?"

"And if I don't?"

"Bad times."

"Right, right. Let's go."

"Alright, you should be healthy in just a little while." A said, smiling lightly as she looked down at Wild Card, who was still unconscious. A almost seemed tired as she sighed, looking Wild Card over.

"Just... About... Done!" She said, smiling happily as she pulled her hands away from Wild Card.

A heard something rustle in the bushes and looked up. "X?"

Something, or really someone stepped from the shadows, and her eyes widened.


A grin came to the man's face. "Me."

"H-how are you still..?"

"I'm an important scientist, Princess. They wouldn't just let me die of old age." Kingsly pushed up his glasses, grinning as his lab coat kept most of his body hidden.

"Don't call me that..." A said, her teeth beginning to grit as she stood.

"Aw, you're mad at me?"

"You... You put me..."

"Not my fault you failed."

A suddenly roared with anger, shooting forward and grabbing for Kingsly. She was shocked to faze right through him.

"Just a projection, Princess. But please, I'm sure you can remember home. If you wish to find me, go there." Kingsly grinned, and the projection faded into shadows.

A's hands clenched into fists, one of which he slammed into a tree, sending cracks through the wood. "Damn him..."

"So the message has been given?" Kingsly arched a brow at the Shadow Man as they stood in what seemed to be the camera room that the Shadow Man had watched them all through. The camera's were all offline.

"Yes. But tell me, why do you want A?" The Shadow Man arched a brow at him.

"Come now, Shadow." Kingsly grinned.

"Can't I just want to see my daughter?"

"The trigger... She was the trigger..."

X landed at the campsite, looking around. "What the..?" He asked himself, helping T stand.

"Where is she?" T asked.

"She should be here..." X looked around a bit faster. "A! A, where are you?" He called out. He got no response.

His eyes widened, and he quickly let go of T, making him stumble. X shot off through the camp immediately.

He quickly got to the tent that Wild Card laid asleep in. X stared down at him for a moment before kicking his side.

"Hey, kid! Wake up!"

Wild Card grumbled, rolling over and away from X. "Five more minutes..."

In an instant Wild Card was picked up by the collar of his shirt. "Where is she you little bastard?!"

"Where! Is! Who?!" Wild Card said shakily as he was thrown back and forth.

"A! What did you do?!"

"What are you talking about?!"

X snarled, pulling a fist back. It was grabbed before he could throw it. He turned around, almost expecting A to be holding it. It was T.

"What would a kid have done to A?" He asked.

"This isn't just any kid..." X dropped Wild Card, who landed on his feet.

"Damn right I'm not just any kid..." He patted himself off. "I'm the Wild Ca-" Wild Card stopped as he saw T.

"Hey, Kid..."

The necklace... The blood... The cigarette...

"Are real families ever this messed up..?"

The Insane One...

"Wait, aren't you that kid from..." T couldn't seem to say what that battle had been named as.

"You killed him..." Wild Card said.

"You mean V, right..?"

"The Insane One, yes..."

"You know him well?" T asked, kneeling down to be eye level with Wild Card.

"I suppose I was his right hand man for awhile..." Wild Card had been looking at the ground, and when he looked up, one of his eyes was fully white, and the other fully black.

"I guess he imprinted on me a bit."

"..." T looked back at X. "You wanna explain this one?"

"He's the Wild Card." X shrugged.

A drove down the dark, empty hallway. "Sorry X..." She said to herself. "But I have problems of my own."

She saw something in the shadows before the headlights, and it was immediately lite up as she reached it.

"Is that?!-" She was cut off, the car being stopped by an outstretched hand, catching the car and stopping it in it's place.

An airbag exploded in A's face, and she could feel her minor whiplash fading along with the cracks in her teeth from gritting them from the impact.

She beat down the air bag, and she immediately recognized the man who had stopped her car.


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