Students ran out of a burning building, intent on getting out as quickly as possible. On the ground, several figures wearing hooded red cloaks with a flaming lotus symbol on the back. They seemed to be laughing at the chaos they were creating.

People attempted to put out the flames but each time they did this, the flames were made even stronger by unknown means.

"Come. Our work here is done," the apparent leader of the group said to the others before disappearing in a column of fire. They hadn't seen the brunette, violet eyed teenager who had hidden behind a rock. She caught a glimpse of the leader's face before he vanished. The other members followed suit disappearing in the same fashion.

The teenager breathed in and out. She recognized the leader but the only question in her mind was why? He didn't seem to have anything against them so why had he hurt them?

"Regina…" a male said. The female looked up and saw someone that under other circumstances, she would have been happy to see.

"Stay the hell away from me," the female warned standing up using the rock as a support.

"I wasn't involved in this in any way. You have to believe me," the male pleaded with her.

"Stay away!" the female growled.


"I said: Stay AWAY!" the female said sending a ball of violet energy straight at the male sending him flying away from her.

"Regina, I swear-"

"Go! Just go!" the female said angrily holding a ball of violet energy in the palm of her hand.

The male finally relented and vanished in a column of flames. The female collapsed to the ground still in shock of what had happened.

"Regina, we need to move. NOW!" an auburn haired girl said moving the brunette female to a safer location. She didn't even resist.

The flames had finally been extinguished leaving the building partially destroyed.