Kain's point of view now! It's in 3rd person

Kain Ságos had thought his morning would be a normal one. However, any feeling of normality flew out the window when he got to school and his friend Cassandra better known as Cass was practically bursting with energy. He wondered what got the Aero demon so excited.

"Kain, did you hear?" Cass asked. Her shoulder length hair was an inky black while her eyes were stormy grey. She wore mostly silver clothing and had a petite figure.

"What?" Kain asked amused.

"Apparently there's a new student coming today. Rumor is she's a Dhemon," a redhead female said. Cass pouted after the redhead had said that.

"I wanted to say that, Dianne!" Cass whined

"Tough," Dianne said amused at Cass. Dianne had waist length hair and fire-red eyes. Her skin was tanned slightly and she wore a red biker outfit complete with a red sleeveless top, red leather pants and biker boots.

"Don't mind her, she's just being moody because she hasn't gotten laid in weeks," a redhead male said humorously. Damon had short messy hair. He looked very alike to Dianne.

"Like you can talk. Your girlfriend broke up with you weeks ago and you're still moping," Dianne shot at him.

"It was a huge misunderstanding and she overreacted," Damon defended. Dianne raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

"Misunderstanding my foot! She dumped you and used an energy ball on you," Dianne said, "You may be my brother and my twin at that, but I'll be damned if I simply let that pass. If I ever see her, I'm going to burn off a few inches of that hair of hers off!"

Kain knew that the fire demon held a grudge against Damon's ex for dumping him because of a misunderstanding but he knew that they had never had been friends in the first place.

"Who used an energy ball on Damon?" a tall brunette female asked. Her hair had numerous violet streaks and was tied up in a spiky ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes were two different colours. The one was blue while the other was amethyst and a vertical scar lined her blue eye. Under her amethyst eye was a violet star birthmark. She wore a simple black outfit. She was about a year older than the rest of the group.

"Hey Rania," Cass greeted awkwardly.

"Hey Cass. Who shot Damon with an energy ball?" Rania asked again.

"His ex," Dianne answered


"Yes, her," Dianne cut the older demon off.

"Hey is that the new kid?" Cass said pointing to Regina who was heading to the office.

"Must be. I haven't seen her around here. She looks a bit like Rania," Dianne said. Said demon rolled her eyes.

"Oh please. There are very few similarities between me and that half-pint,"

"I wonder if she's Rania's long-lost sister?" Dianne said ignoring her.

"Well, she does have the purple streaks that are common in the Vasilikós clan," Kain commented.

"Ever heard of highlights?" Rania asked rhetorically

"Is someone jealous?" Dianne cooed.

"'Course not but I refuse to accept that someone in the family would just go knock up a woman and refuse to help take care of the resulting offspring especially not my father," Rania insisted.

"Ever heard of one-night stands?" Kain shot at the brunette.

"Yes. I'm the result of one, Kain," Rania said. "Even though he was already married at the time when I was born and he somehow managed to get custody of me, I don't recall Father ever talking about any siblings I may have had from that marriage."

"What if you do have siblings from that marriage?" Cass insisted.

"If I did, he would have at least mentioned it to me," Rania said.

"What do you feel from her?" Damon asked.


"Your aura reading. Use it on her," Damon clarified.

"She's out of my range. Kain, use that popularity and find out what you can from Willow," Rania said smirking at the younger.

"You're insane," Kain said.

"And that's why I asked you. Skedaddle now. Homeroom period is starting soon."

Kain rolled his eyes and took note of the time. With much reluctance, he headed to his homeroom noticing Regina by her locker on the way there.

He noticed that her eyes were an amethyst colour from what he could see. 'Yet another similarity between her and Rania.' Kain thought to himself as he entered the classroom.

Not another few minutes later, he heard someone or someones being slammed against metal. Most likely just Rania having had enough of the Vampire Trio blocking the hallway. He was surprised to see that when the new girl came in, the Trio were dropped from their purple hold.

He noticed that her gaze was on him and that she seemed to be studying him. The bell rang sending the students pouring in. The teacher came in minutes later and asked the new girl to come up to the front and introduce herself.

"My name is Raine Royals. I'm a Dhemon and if you have a problem, you can go shove it where the sun doesn't shine," she said before returning to her seat. Well, she had attitude, he could give her that.

He looked over again to where she was seated and saw that she was talking to Willow. Well, more like Willow was doing the talking and she was just listening.

After homeroom period was over, Kain approached Willow.

"Um, hi Willow. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, shoot."

"Rania is asking what you can pick up from the new girl's aura,"

"Well, from what I could sense, she's an Alpha demon and she doesn't feel like a Dhemon not to mention hers and Rania's auras are almost exactly alike."

"What do you mean she doesn't feel like a Dhemon?"

"I don't know, she's half-demon but there may be a chance that she's not half-human."

"And the similar auras?"

"Could be they're closely related like siblings or first cousins at the very least," Willow answered. "Look, I've got History now. I've gotta go."

"Thanks for the info," Kain said. Willow quickly left for her first class.

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