Carl's POV narration

Carl Williams slowly backed farther into the shadows as he watched the bear rip his sister's throat out. The bear started in Carl's direction but then stopped, sniffed with it's nose in the air, and ran away. Carl sank to his knees as the simulator brought him back to reality. He looked to his left only to see his sister sobbing in her simulator. Carl knew whatever happened in these simulators would be put on their training records. They had taken aptitude tests and his sister had received 'Warrior' while he had received 'Healer.' His sister called out to him and he observed her for a few seconds, taking in all the facts he knew: long platinum blonde hair, deep green eyes, oval face, tight black leggings and leather boots with a matching jacket. He sighed. Adriana was perfect except for her aptitude test results. She was so gentle unless cornered and then she would lose all control and attack. Carl was to a point her exact was rough but would rush to anyone's aid, he had raven black hair with deep green eyes. He wore black jeans and converse with a black leather jacket that matched Adriana's. Adriana smiled at Carl as he approached. She began to talk about the Choosing Ceremony and all he could do was grow more and more anxious. Carl hoped they would be on a team, but even he knew the reason she would die during every simulation was because he was not her Twin's Pair, despite them being twins by blood. A healer was most effective with their Twin's Pair, the same went for a warrior. Carl paused in his strut and opened the Grand Hall Gate for Adriana and filled into his row of undefined healers while Adrian filed into her row of undefined warriors. Soon the ceremony was called to start and undefineds on both sides began to use their necklaces to try and find their Twin's Pair. The necklace would form a pattern on the shell pendant's inside and only your Twin's Pair would have the same pattern. Already pairs had been found and seated themselves. Even Adriana had found her pair, a girl with crimson hair, white eyes, and a red dress covered in rose petals. Carl stayed put. He didn't even bother searching for his Twin's Pair. In all his 18 years of living here his pair hadn't found him. Why would he even bother getting excited only to be disappointed? He was approached by many but none matched his pattern. Suddenly the gate burst open and a girl ran over to the undefined warrior's side. Carl couldn't stifle his laughter. She was tiny! She even had old librarian glasses! Her hair was greasy and her cloths were super baggy. She was what he considered the perfect symbol of a mouse. She turned to see who was laughing and upon seeing him on the healers side stomped over to him, about to give him a piece of her mind. She looked so funny when she was mad. "Woah there little mouse!" Carl laughed as she reached for his necklace. As soon as her hand touched his necklace a bright light burst forth from both their necklaces and engulfed both of them, stunned. The headmaster, who never showed much enthusiasm, lept up and began wildly clapping. The rest of the room began to nervously follow suit as they stared in shock at the new Twin's Pair. Carl smiled at the girl, he finally had a partner, but he knew there were a lot of things he was going to change about her, starting with her awful appearance.

Kyle's POV narration

Kyle Silverstone was supposed to be a guy, she acted like one tried to dress like one and got placed in the warriors class, worst of all she was tiny at a height of 5'3". She had honey brown hair, striking grey eyes, and a pale complexion, not exactly warrior material. But here she stood outside the gate that lead to the choosing ceremony. She had been moved to this school in the hopes of finding her Twin's Pair. She just hoped her partner to be would be capable for once. Because she hadn't ever had a Twin's Pair she was constantly being put with the healers that were still young to get them in shape, in a sense she was the initiative to find a Twin's Pair because of how hard she pushed them. Kyle tried to be ready for today, really she had, but she was so nervous she spent her waiting hours to prep herself pacing and not getting ready so in fact she was quite unready. She had even lost her colored contacts! The only thing she could do to disguise her eyes was to wear her old glasses that she didn't even need anymore. Why disguise her eyes you might ask, well simply put striking grey wasn't common and what isn't common is feared and she wanted a good start with her Twin's Pair. So now to top off her horrible experience of a day she tried to quietly open the gate to the Choosing ceremony but because of the glasses she lost her balance and ended up shoving them open and bursting into the ceremony! And then this stupid guy starts laughing. He might be hot but he sure lacked manners. So Kyle marched up to him and grabbed his necklace to compare and suddenly a white light illuminated everything. Everyone was clapping and the guy just said, "Sup Mousy, my name is Carl." Kyle stared. Did he just? No he did not just call her a 'Mousy'. Screw being Twin's Pair and all that stuff! Kyle swung back her arm and caught him in the jaw, hard. Instead of falling to the ground like he should have the guy just stared at Kyle smirking. SMIRKING! So be it kyle simply grinned back a new respect forming for him, "My name is Kyle but friends call Ky." This was going to be fun, not to mention the guy could probably take care of himself.

A/N second book that I started due to an English creative writing assignment. It had to be a narrative from 2 point of views so yeah I think I'll write in first person from now on though.